Yellow Rollneck Sweater

Greetings, friends! It’s another… wait for it… rainy day here in Pennsylvania. I know, I have no reason to complain considering what people in the Carolinas are dealing with right now, but it’s getting almost comical around here. I seriously cannot remember a year that we got so much rain.

In fact, I was curious so I looked up our rain totals for the year. According to this site, 2018 is Philadelphia’s 6th most rainy year to date in the past 150 years, and it’s just a couple inches away from being the 3rd. In fact, yesterday it was 9th, and today it is 6th because we got a big storm in the night. I’ll be curious to see how it ranks when we get to the end of the year.

Nevertheless, the show must go on!

I met with Alison yesterday to shoot some more fall looks, and it only drizzled for 5 minutes, so we considered that a win. She got all the pictures back to me last night so I’m able to share this outfit today.

I was so excited to see that J.Crew brought back this rollneck sweater for this fall season. The eighties are baaaaack!

I had their striped one last year, and I wore it a ton, but it was wool and cashmere so pretty pricey. This year’s version is a cotton/nylon blend that is priced well under $100. Because it’s so popular, it’s often excluded from promotions, and I went ahead and paid full price because I wanted to get my hands on one before they start selling out.

I love the fit, it skims the body without being clingy, and the details in the knit are so pretty. It comes in a slew of gorgeous colors, but yellow is trending this fall, and I love this shade they call golden straw. It reminds me of hayrides and apple cider donuts!

Here’s that bag I was talking about in my email yesterday. I cannot believe the price tag! If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was genuine leather. All it’s missing in the smell, ha! (I am such a sucker for the smell of real leather… but with this bag, I don’t even miss it!)

Seriously, it has a really high quality look about it, and it’s unlined (which I prefer) but it does come with a zipper compartment if you’re concerned about keeping your contents secure. It’s a great everyday size too.

The tortoiseshell handles are what really make it, though. They add such a great contrast and texture, and that really ups the style quotient. I love this cognac color, but it also comes in black, if that’s your preference.

To keep the outfit on trend, I added leopard mules.

Mine are from last year, and I’m shocked at how hard it is to find similar styles to recommend. The ones I was linking to have suddenly sold out. I did find these and these, and here’s a great loafer option for those who don’t care for mules. Also don’t forget about these loafers that I styled a couple weeks ago.

My AG raw hem legging ankle jeans are several years old, but they’re still going strong! I actually got mine on Amazon because I had a gift card, but they’re currently 20% off at Bloomingdale’s with code SAVEMORE.

For jewelry, I wore this initial pendant and my double circle drop earrings, although I think I might prefer silver with this sweater to provide some contrast against the yellow. Either works, but my advice is to wear a necklace that is lightweight so it doesn’t mess up the neck of the sweater.

roll neck sweater // raw hem skinnies (sale option / budget option) // similar leopard mules here and here (loafer options here and here) // tortoiseshell handle tote // initial pendant // earrings

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi to see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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64 Responses

  1. Hi.  I have been getting your daily emails for years and all of sudden they stopped.  Saturday was the last one i received.  Can you please check and see if you can tell why as i really look forward to you emails,  Thanks.

  2. I just love yellow for fall. You see that color in so many fall leaves, it’s hard not to think of it as a fall color! The sweater looks so comfy and cozy too. 

  3. Great color on you:) love the purse and of course the leopard print always finishes an outfit nicely… hope you see some sunny days soon.. we’ve been the opposite. All sun and no rain hardly since spring.
    Enjoy your day 

      1. Great memory:) Yes I’m in Canada. On the east coast were we have access to the ocean in about an hours drive… I’m 7 hours to Maine and we visit there quite frequently… usually route 1 through wells .. kittery and Freeport. Our summers have really changed over the last few years with more heat and humidity.. our rainfall is at record lows right now which is unusual … I think by later this week we are going to see more fall like temps as it’s been 80-90’s here.. this summer the humidity wouldn’t go away… rain suppose to come tonight… let’s see. However next summer could be totally different as we never know what we are going to get lol…  seems like we get a lot of everyone else’s systems as they pass through. For now I’ll take the nice weather as who knows what old man winter will have up his sleeve for us I think we may pay for this ha 😉

        1. Ah, that’s right. Interesting that we are also getting the heat and humidity but also all this rain when those to the north and south of me are saying it is so dry. I didn’t settle in Pennsylvania because I wanted to live in the tropics!!! If I wanted that, I would have moved to Costa Rica, lol.

  4. GM and hope your feeling better today? I few weeks ago I was feeling more tired than usual and doing my exact same workout so I went to the doctor and sure enough, I was low on vitamin D and Iron. So pls have some bloodwork done soon because it’s an easy fix with supplements 😃
    I’m glad you can wear yellow as it’s not one of my good colors but looks great on you. I will check out the other colors in this cute sweater. I’m so glad I got those MK leopard mules last year and look forward to wearing them again this fall. 

    1. Hey Gloria, I’m pretty sure I need some supplements. I made an appt for a physical and bloodwork but I couldn’t get in till November. I should probably start taking Vit D now that summer is over.

      1. I started taking vitamin D and probiotics daily years ago and what a big difference it’s made in gut and overall health. I just had a couple rounds of blood work done and my b12 was quite low so dr. Started me on B12 supplements which I  now take daily. I was re- tested and has gone up dramatically:) funny thing is I had to ask for my b12 to be tested and other’s as well .. doesn’t seem to be part of the regular blood work done. That explained some tiredness for me 

          1. Yes true… my mom and sister both had to have B12 shots.. I was lucky and the supplements did it… I was feeling tired for a long time and thought it was just life ( and sometimes it is) my number was 83 way below the norm and is now 230

  5. I just love how you elevate a classic look and make it fabulous and trendy without being over-the-top…. the color of the sweater, the leopard slides, the shade and style of that bag… you make it possible for me to walk out the door feeling confident and calm. I used to fret about putting an outfit together and it would take so long that I would feel completely frazzled by the time I left the house. That rarely happens now, thanks to you. ( my husband is also pretty thankful..no more meltdowns from me lol)

  6. Jo-Lynne, Macy’s ships beauty for free. As a matter of fact, I never pay for shipping at Macy’s when I order clothes or shoes on line. I just add something from NYX or Burt’s Bees and my whole order ships free.

  7. I really like this look!  It is definitely a great Fall outfit.  And sweet Savannah got to be in a picture. While you are having record rainfall, we are having record heat indexes and temps in the 90’s.  It is dangerously hot for this time of year, so they are issuing cautions like they do in the heat of the summer, for outdoor activities.  The highs in September are usually in the 80’s.  I’d much rather have the rain!  I hope you are feeling better!  

  8. I love looking at the fall outfits, especially since I couldn’t wear a long sleeved anything until around January. Lol.  It’s still fun to see how other parts of the U.S. dress!!

  9. Those JCrew rollneck sweaters were my go-to when I was in college in the early 2000s. I think I might still have a navy one and a cream one in my closet. I love the update with the side seaming.

    JCrew used to do a “pop-up” tent sale at Wake Forest every year before “pop-ups” were a thing and I would buy so much of my wardrobe there. All that I need to do is shop at Abercrombie and American Eagle again too and I’ll be a co-ed all over again. Think I can get that metabolism back again too? HA!

  10. Such a pretty color yellow! I wish I could wear yellow but it’s awful against my skin tone and blonde hair. That’s so generous of you to give away a 50.00 prize every month. Is there a particular way to enter the drawing or just be an email subscriber?

    1. While I love the yellow (that bright sunny color would always be a mood-enhancer), I was pleased to see that it came in quite a few colors – bet one of them would be good for your coloring.

  11. I wore this sweater (quite a few years ago) and loved it; so happy to see it’s return. Most definitely a fall purchase!

  12. Your outfit looks awesome! Question: I usually get my last name initial. Is there a reason you get your first name initial for your necklace instead? I’ve been eyeing this necklace after seeing you style it and not sure which initial I want to get. 

      1. I always get my first initial too. It’s one that stays with you for life (single, married…) and it’s who you are to everyone, if that makes sense? 

  13. Love this so much, probably my fave of your fall series so far! I was just looking at these sweaters the other day and just could not picture the yellow in an outfit. Now I think it’s my favorite. Not sure I could pull it off, but this may be the one pullover sweater I try this year (if it doesn’t sell out first!).

  14. What a fun Fall look!  This color looks great on you.  This is a perfect combo – sweater, jeans and cute shoes.  My kind of outfit!  I haven’t quite talked myself into leopard print shoes yet, but you have given me the courage to branch out to other colors.  Baby steps!  😊  

  15. Thanks for the beauty buys tips today. I just bought several of the Naked palettes for Xmas gifts. I have two teenage daughters. BTW- Your hair looks great in your post today.

    1. I love the Alex and Ani monogram necklace and really want one for fall. I’ve been waiting for them to put them on sale to no avail so far. Keep us updated on the sales!

  16. Oh, that looks cozy and cool weather is not that far off. I love yellow but it’s not a good color on me. It a great color on you with your dark hair. 
    Cute puppy! 

    1. I generally wear a small in stores like Loft and in brands like Caslon and Halogen, so I guess I would say it is true to size. If anything, I sometimes go up to a medium. hope that helps!

      1. Thank you!! Went to order the small, sold out in the navy 🙁 Have been looking for a cozy thicker navy sweater all over. I’ll have to keep checking back see if they restock. Love your blog BTW found it through Pinterest looking for an outfit idea. You do a wonderful job of creating outfits that are just my style. Thanks for all the ideas!!

  17. Hi Jo-Lynne, Is the bag a golden tan or brown tan? It looks golden in your pics and on the Nordstrom site, but I wanted to double check. Thanks!

  18. Great outfit – colors are gorgeous! Could I get away with black pants vs jeans for office wear or would it be too bumblebee-like? If not black, then….

  19. Yes.

    YESYESYES. All the yesses. Love this so much…..I bought a Forenza one in 1984 at the Limited and would wear it today. Speaking my language with this one 😉

  20. Hi JoLynne, great sweater – you look adorable. Curious to know if it fits TTS? The JCrew website’s reviews indicate that it runs large. I’m curious to know how much….? Please advise. Thanks.

  21. I love your outfit! You look absolutely beautiful. I bought the leopard mules last year when you style them and absolutely love them. 

  22. I love your blog! I absolutely love how you encourage your readers to try something new such as experimenting with different colors. We all have the perfect colors that look amazing on us. The golden straw compliments your skin tone well. The best color in the whole world, is the color that looks good, on you.” – Coco Chanel

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