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We aren’t Irish so this isn’t a big day in our house, and I realized this morning that I don’t even have an outfit with green in it to share with you today. In fact, I don’t even have orange. My family’s heritage and my husband’s are both primarily Scottish, so I usually try to wear some orange on St. Paddy’s Day. Major opportunity missed. Ooops!

Do you have any fun plans today, or is it business as usual?

In addition to being St. Paddy’s day, it’s also Day 15 of 27 Days of Spring Fashion — my spring style collab with Cyndi Spivey. Can y’all believe that it’s more than half over?? That’s not to say that spring is half over. Spring has hardly even sprung in these parts, and I guess the official First Day of Spring is this weekend. It’s been a fairly mild one so far, yay!!

Today’s outfit is all about pastel!

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pastel Yellow & White

Outfit Details:
Split-Back Layered Tee
Florence skinnies in Milk (or try the LOFT Modern Skinny Jeans in white)
Stuart Weitzman Elixir Wedge Sandals (see more wedge sandals below)
my Stella & Dot Cage Cuff, Double Wrap Bracelet & Studded Stretch Bracelet
my Stella & Dot Metallic City Slim Clutch & Maylee Ring
Gorjana 3-disc necklace

I’m styling another top from White House Black Market — the Split-Back Layered Tee in canary/ecru. This is similar to the Cross-Back Layered Tee I featured last weekend in this post, but I actually like this one better because the split back is a little less revealing than the cross-back.

Pastel Yellow Split Back Top

Both have a relaxed but fitted shape through the waist, and they lay nicely across the hip area. The hi-lo hem lands at just the right place. (I don’t like mine too long.)

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pastel Yellow Top & White Jeans

I’m wearing my Florence skinnies in Milk. These are not see-through at all, and they have a slightly longer and straighter leg than the Emma Legging jeans, if you’re comparing the two. These do go on sale from time to time, and I will give you a heads-up the next time I see one. I buy all my jeans on sale (or at least on a Nordstrom Triple Points day! LOL!!)

If you’re looking for white jeans at a lower price point, I hear really good things about the white jeans at LOFT.

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pastel Yellow with White Jeans

These shoes are my splurge of the season. I shared before that I have 2 other pairs of Stuart Weitzmans, and I wear them 10+ years. I’m not even exaggerating. My black suede pumps are at least 12 years old, and I have another pair of wedge sandals that are going on 6 or 7. They make an incredibly comfortable, quality shoe, and their styles are always on trend, but classic enough to stand the test of time.

That said, I realize the price point is steep, so here are a bunch of awesome wedge pumps at different price points.


If you like higher end brands, be sure to keep an eye on stores like 6PM.com, DSW, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack. You can score some great deals if you’re patient and check in often.

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pastel Yellow Split Back Top with White Skinny Jeans

I love this pastel color palette. I rarely wear yellow, so this is a fun departure from my typical brights and bolds.

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pastel Yellow with White Skinnies & Neutral Wedge Sandals

For accessories, I layered a few Stella & Dot bracelets, and I’m carrying the Metallic City Slim Clutch from my Stella & Dot boutique. The 3-disc necklace fills the neckline without being overwhelming, and the Alila Lace Chandeliers are fun and flirty.

WHBM Split Back Layered Tee

This outfit is perfect for a casual Easter brunch or a bridal shower or other spring event that doesn’t require dressing up too much. In fact, this is the type of outfit I typically wear to church for Easter Sunday, although this year I actually bought a dress! If you missed it, you can see that post HERE.

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pastel Yellow Split Back Layered Tee with White Jeans & Wedge Sandals

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Now be sure to stop by Cyndi’s Grace + Beauty Blog and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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38 Responses

  1. You convinced me to invest in white jeans and now I may have to reconsider my opinion on yellow tops!
    You look smashing!

  2. Jo-Lynne, you look so nice in this outfit, even though you normally wear brighter colors. We’re not Irish either, but my husband is Catholic and they celebrate St. Patty’s day bit time. We are going to a 55+ Club dinner and celebration at church tonight, which should be fun.

    I bought my white jeans at Old Navy and am very happy with them.

    God bless!

  3. Love that shade of yellow on you. Too, noticed your pastel nail polish-great color! I’m not a huge fan of higher wedges, and the lower healed wedges are difficult to find. I have no calves and they don’t look good on me. Any suggestions? Also, I bought a dress this season for Easter, and it is rather dressy. I sure hope it doesn’t look like a brides made dress, as i like the fit and color. We will be in Pigeon Forge, Dollywood, for Easter, nothing fancy. Any suggestions for packing? for Easter wear?? Thanks! Marti.

  4. This tonal outfit is sooo pretty! Love the pale yellow top.

    About shoes, my favorite discount shoe store is shoebuy.com. Low prices, free shipping, and great customer service.

  5. Wow, this is a great outfit. Makes me want to wear my white jeans again even though I wore them yesterday! LOL. The tonal look is so classy. I do monochromatic a ton. Don’t you just love mixing your metals? So fun! xx-s

  6. You look like a movie star, snapped by a paparazzi on her way to the shops. This outfit is a winner! Beautiful.

  7. It is a nice variation to wear a very light muted outfit. At first I though the shirt was ivory—but I love that’s it’s a yellow!
    Good for you for splurging on those shoes—-I still can’t pull the trigger for shoes over $150—I always want new ones (and the one in, one out rule applies) so I never feel like I get my money’s worth! jodie
    great pictures again—-loving that blurry background!!

  8. Looks great 🙂 We’re not really Irish either, but any chance to celebrate, we’ll take. This year, just traveling, but all wearing green. 😉 The funny thing is that I have some Irish (from Ireland) friends, and St. Patricks Day is not a big thing there. They think it’s funny that Americans celebrate it so much.

    1. Thanks Leslie, good to know. I have Loften jeans in denim, black & deep red. I’ll have to try white now.

  9. Jo-Lynne, I have a question for you – as you are a Mum of three I’m interested in hearing your opinion. I have two girls under three at the moment. It’s quite hard to find the time to shop, most of it I have to do online, but even time to browse online is limited. How did you do it when your children were younger? To be stylish, I mean. I am trying my best, and I never leave the house without a make-up and having at least tried to put an outfit together. But it is very hard work at times. Also, some things are just impractical, like certain types of fabrics, or certain styles of bags.
    I’m just interested in your experience, how you tried to be stylish when your kids were still very young. I now there are more important things in life than looking nicely dressed. However, as a Mum, I find it really cheers me up when I’m having a tough and very unglamorous (read spit-ups, tidying constantly, tantrum management etc) day with the kids, to dress up a bit.

    1. Well, I don’t know that I was all that stylish when my kids were little, lol. I always liked shopping, and I have always liked to push the limits a bit within a fairly classic wardrobe, but none of my friends would have ever called me a fashionista. I did find time to shop, though… I guess I fit it in where I could. There was a time when my kids would come with me, and I’d just try on stuff while they played and stuff. Not usually once I had 3 of them, though. By then internet shopping was becoming a thing, and I started shopping online more and more. I had a few “go-to” stores that I stuck to, so I could go in and try a bunch on and leave within a fairly short time frame. My “me time” was usually shopping. Anytime I could get away, I’d go to the mall. 🙂 It’s always been my “happy place”. Haha!

      You’re right, there are more important things in life than fashion, but dressing nicely and feeling good about how you look definitely impacts your outlook on life, and I think makes you a better mom and wife and friend and all that. So it’s a balance, and every stage of life provides different challenges. Right now, getting to the mall is too time consuming so I do 90% of my shopping online. Even though my kids aren’t home all day, I am truly working during those hours – or getting my workouts in or doing doc appts etc. I HATE going out at night, so I fit it all in during school hours if I can. So the mall is kind of a last resort, even though it helps support my job.

      That’s partly why I do what I do. Whether you work outside the home, have young kids at home, or whatever it is you do, most women are too busy to spend the amount of time that I do following trends and shopping, or some just plain don’t enjoy it. So I try to bring it to you and make it easy. 🙂 Thank goodness for the Internet! 🙂

      Does that help at all?

      1. Hi Jo-Lynne. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply at length. It’s good to hear that you had to fight to fit it in too… And taking your kids with you-wow! That stresses me out too much, but I admire the spirit, LOL.
        Yes it does make me feel tons better when I ‘dress up’. I’ll just keep trying my best and look to you for inspiration. I read your blog each day, with a nice cup of coffee, it’s become a bit of an escape from mummyhood (not that I don’t love being a mummy but a break every now and then is needed)… And it helps that you do the hard work of researching wearable fashion for me! Thank you!

  10. So pretty, and I am loving those Wedges! You look great in pastels. Makes me excited for the warmer weather.

  11. WOW!!!! This is one of my favorites so far!!! I totally love the top, but i just don’ t look good in yellow!!! Do they have other colors??? I’m so enjoying your blog!!!! Just Lovely!!!

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