2015 Fall Fashion Forecast

In preparation for my 26 Days of Fall Fashion series coming up next month, I’ve been scouring the web to see what’s on trend this season and how to wear the current styles in a way that’s age appropriate and practical for us moms on the go. I thought it might be fun to write a post about the latest trends, and then in my future posts, I can show you how to wear them. These are the fall trends I’m most excited about.

2015 Fall Fashion Forecast: You will want to add these 6 wearable fall 2015 trends to your wardrobe this year!

2015 Fall Fashion Forecast: Trends You Will Want to Wear

1. Flared Jeans

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Flared Jeans

Yes, flares are officially making a comeback. I know some of you are saying, ‘I never stopped wearing them. I guess I’ll be in style again.’ Well, if that’s you, you’re in luck. Skinny jeans will still be popular, never fear, but flares will be taking center stage. The flares of 2015 will have a higher rise than the ones we were wearing 5-10 years ago (hallelujah!) and we will probably see some other slight changes, but I still plan to wear a pair I have sitting in the back of my closet. I never got rid of them because I loved them so much.

My only complaint about flares is that you need to be conscious of length and often need more than one pair to accommodate the different heel heights in your shoe wardrobe, but I’ll take that small inconvenience because I think flares are super flattering, especially with a heel. I will write another post about the proper length and how to create the right proportions to wear them well.

Shopping Suggestions: LOFT has a nice flare in both a dark wash and a mid-wash indigo. (And their jeans are all $20 off right now!!) If you don’t mind splurging on a higher end pair, Nordstrom has a ton to choose from. One of these days, I’ll take a run to the mall and try some on so I can give you some more specific recommendations. For now, I can personally recommend the Cindy slim bootcut from DL1961. (A slim bootcut is a nice alternative to flares if you don’t like the super wide bottoms.) DL1961 sent the Cindy to me last fall, and they are very flattering and comfortable. I haven’t worn them much because I haven’t been wearing heels, but I’m looking forward to bringing them out this fall.

2. Utility Jacket/Vest

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Utility Vest

These have been around for a while, but I’m seeing them everywhere this fall. Depending on your climate, you might want one of each. I picked up a utility jacket at Banana Republic a couple of years ago, and I wear it some, but it’s more of a jacket than an accessory. So when I saw this utility vest at Nordstrom Rack, I grabbed it, and I’m so glad I did. A vest is a great way to add interest to a simple outfit. You can wear it over a t-shirt and jeans, a top and shorts, or even a dress.

Shopping Suggestions: The one I got is still available at Nordstrom Rack in a few sizes. And here’s another option that isn’t too spendy. And one more. For utility jackets, I like this one at AEO and Nordstrom has this cute cropped one.

Fall 2015 fashion trends: utility jacket

Kohl’s has one that’s cute and affordable. I also really like this layered utility jacket at AEO. In fact, I just ordered it.

3. Stack Heel Style Boots

Claudine UGG Boots

I love the stack heel because it gives you height plus stability. It’s dressier than a wedge but not fussy like a stiletto. I’m really hoping I can get back into heels this fall. My foot and ankle seems to be healing well, and I’m running again, so I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

Shopping Suggestions: I’m totally drooling over the UGG Claudine knee-high boots pictured above. And the Reyes is a fantastic ankle boot. These boots would be fabulous under flared jeans. The stack heel is also popular on mules. I just ordered these from Kohl’s. Here’s hoping I can walk in them! That’s a 4-inch heel.

4. Fringe

Sam Edelman Paige Fringe Booties

Okay I’m not loving this trend, but I want to throw it in here because you might like it and it is super hot this fall. I could do a bootie like this one, but that’s about as far as I will take it.

Shopping Suggestions: The boots pictured above are the the one pictured above. I like this subtle take on the trend. Fringed bags are also super popular right now, and this Fringed Crossbody Bag at Kohl’s is kind of cute. It also plays into the 70-inspired trends like the flared jeans.

5. Structured Bags

Michael Kors Medium Selma Zip-Top Satchel

Whether it’s a satchel, a tote, or a crossbody, handbags for fall are more structured and ladylike — which I find interesting, because the fringe and flares are 70s-inspired, but I’m not going to argue because I like a structured bag for both form and function. They are ladylike and chic, but they’re also easier to set down and find things inside because they don’t collapse on you.

Shopping Suggestions: The one pictured above is perfection, but it’s quite pricey. If it ever goes on sale, I’d be all over it. This one is a nice budget-friendly option in taupe, and here’s another.

6. Sweater Coat // Statement Cardigan

jacquard cardigan

I’ve mentioned this before, but I wanted to make sure to include it here. I think these are going to be huge this fall. I’m still trying to find my perfect one. I’ve tried a few, but they make me feel frumpy. Maybe I’ll appreciate them more when the weather is colder.

Shopping Suggestions: The jacquard cardigan shown above is adorable. I really need to get to Nordstrom and try it on, though. I tried this striped coatigan from LOFT and it just didn’t do much for me. It might be cute on someone else, though.

Which trend are you most looking forward to??

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