2024 Fashion Trends to Watch For

On Monday, we talked about fashion trends that are OUT, and today I want to talk about some of the fashion trends that are going to be IN for 2024!

I didn’t do a whole lot of “research” for this post. I’m going mostly based on what I’m seeing in the mainstream retail stores that most of us shop at. I feel like when it comes to trend reports, all of us fashion bloggers start to sound alike, and it’s probably because we google all the same articles!

Not that I don’t also take a look at the stores when I read other articles, but this time I’m going pretty much solely based on what I’m seeing out there at the moment.

Before we get started, I want to mention that Evereve is having a denim sale! This is a rare occurrence for them, and it includes a lot of my favorite premium denim brands (PAIGE, AG, Citizens, etc.) as well as KUT from the Kloth and their in-house Evereve brand, as well. I did a roundup of my favorites. The prices shown are the full price; click through to see the sale price.

11 Wearable Fashion Trends to Shop in 2024

As always, take trends posts like this with a grain of salt, and remember that the idea of styles being “in” or “out” is becoming an outdated concept in and of itself. Personal style trumps trends any day of the week, so take posts like this with a grain of salt.

Also, this list is not meant to be all encompassing, You may be noticing other trends taking hold, depending on where you live and where you like to shop. But these are some of my predictions for 2024 style trends, and what I think of each one.

#1. Denim with Big Cuffs

photo credit: Evereve

I like big cuffs, and I cannot lie… Sorry, I had to.

This is definitely a fringe trend at the moment, but it’s one that is cropping up all over the place, from LOFT to Anthro and everywhere in between, so I had to mention it. Plus, I really like it.

I see this trend playing out like the denim maxi skirt trend. There was no more polarizing topic from my trend reports over the past year. You all have strong opinions about denim maxi skirts, and that already seems to be true for the big denim cuffs. You either love them, or you hate them. There’s no middle ground on this one.

For that reason, and because it’s a rather dramatic look, it probably won’t take off in the mainstream 40+ crowd, but if you like to play around with trends, this one is practical and wearable for the everyday woman.

If you don’t care for the big cuffs, you might like some of the other types of exaggerated hems that are trending, like the released hem and the big trouser hems.

Here’s a few options at various price points:

#2. Dark Wash Denim

photo credit: LOFT

Sticking with denim for the moment… I love light wash denim, and there is still plenty of it out there, but I’m also noticing darker washes popping up more and more. I’m seeing everything from the classic mid-indigo washes (my personal preference) to the deep inky blues.

In other denim news, wide leg silhouettes are still going strong for 2024. I’m seeing even more exaggerated styles, plus just a lot of more moderate options at all of the mainstream stores. If wide leg styles aren’t your jam, you can still find plenty of flares, bootcut, straight and even skinny styles.

NOTE: The skinnies that look current to me have more of a classic look with finished hems and little in the way of distressing.

And while we’re here, let me just say, I’m starting to see a lot more mid-rise options (in that 9″ rise range) available in all denim silhouettes!

#3. Silver Shoes & Accessories

photo credit: Capital Z

This is a carry-over trend from 2023, but it isn’t going anywhere. Silver shoes, bags, and jewelry are only becoming more mainstream as we head into 2024.

I feel like a lot of women of a certain age are willing to dive into this arena because we wore it before, and it might feel a bit like coming home. I always loved wearing silver and pewter shoes, and I’ve missed them since they all but disappeared from my favorite retail stores, and I’ve always preferred silver jewelry.

Silver bags are a little more of a stretch, but still a fun way to update your look without having to deal with new proportions and silhouettes. Belt bags and half moon styles are especially on trend this year, but you can also find more classic shapes, if that’s what you prefer.

Shop some of my top picks here:

#4. Denim Dresses

photo credit: Madewell

Wow, I can’t get away from denim, can I? I’ve noticed more denim dresses cropping up lately, so I thought I’d mention it as a 2024 fashion trend to watch for.

I like a denim dress in theory, I mean, you all know how I love my denim, but they can be hard to wear on those of us who are very short waisted. I’ll have to try a few and see if I can find one that works for me.

Here are some denim dresses I have my eye on…

#5. Polo Neck Tops & Dresses

photo credit: Madewell

This is another carry-over trend from 2023 that I’m seeing more and more. Polo necks and johnny collars are popping up on shirts, sweaters, dresses, etc. I love the added interest, and it’s a fairly classic look, which makes it easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe.

Here are some I have my eye on:

#6. Stripes

photo credit: Evereve

Stripes as a spring fashion trend isn’t particularly groundbreaking, but they are very popular at the moment, even in the dead of winter. I expect we will be seeing even more of them as warmed weather approaches.

I’ve been embracing this one lately because it’s a nice way to add pattern to an outfit without looking fussy.

Here are a few options for you to consider:

#7. Utility/Cargo Details

photo credit: Evereve

Cargo pockets and utility-inspired details were popular not too long ago, but they sort of faded into the background over the past few seasons, and for whatever reason are suddenly everywhere again this year. In fact, I feel like they’re more popular now than they were the last time they were trending.

I like how utility details add an element of interest to an otherwise basic wardrobe piece, but it can also be distracting. I prefer seaming details and patch pockets to the cargo flap pockets, personally.

Here are some examples of what I’m seeing out right now:

#8. Non-Denim Jackets

photo credit: Madewell

Denim jackets are definitely still out there, but the fitted styles that we’ve been wearing for the past 10+ years are starting to look tired. Modern-looking denim jackets are longer and/or more relaxed.

But I’m also noticing a lot of non-denim jackets lately, and I they’re always nice to have, especially during transition seasons. They always go fast in the early spring, so if you like any, I’d grab them now. Bomber styles, utility details, safari jackets, and blazers are all trending right now.

#9. Metallic Fabrics

photo credit: Frank & Elieen

This one is a little “out there” but it can be surprisingly wearable, and it’s an easy way to update your look without re-structuring your entire closet around new proportions and silhouettes.

And no, wearing metallic clothing wasn’t just a 2023 holiday trend! You can totally wear your silver (or preferred metallic color) throughout the rest of the winter and into spring.

I think it’s the easiest to do with jeans, but you can also incorporate metallics into your wardrobe with a coat or even a blouse. The secret to making metallic fabrics look more winter than holiday is to go for a matte texture rather than sparkle and shine.

#10. High Top Sneakers

photo credit: Evereve

I’ve been noticing more high top sneakers recently. It’s not a huge trend, but it’s definitely a fun way to change up your denim + sneaker combos. One of my friends just got this pair of LØCI high tops, and they look super cool on her.

High tops pair nicely with straight ankle jeans and kick flares, or you can wear them with leggings and chunky socks. They’re warmer than low tops, which makes them great for this current wintry weather we’re all having!

Here are some options to peruse:

#11. Bows on Everything

photo credit: Madewell

This one is coming in at #11 because it’s my least favorite of these 2024 fashion trends, but it cannot be ignored, and I think some of you will probably like it.

I’m talking about bow blouses, bows on shoes, and also bow earrings and even images of bows on articles of clothing. If you like bows, this is your season!

Here are some examples:

Alrighty then! These are by no means ALL the trends I’m seeing pop up for 2024, and I realize many are not that new, but I think it’s a good place to start if you’re looking to update your winter closet with a few new pieces… or if you just want to know what to look out for when you’re ready to think about the next season’s wardrobe.

Keep in mind, monochromatic looks are still very popular and a good way to keep your outfits looking current, and I’m seeing more trousers worn in casual ways as an alternative to jeans. Not my cuppa tea, but something to keep in mind, if you’re not denim-obsessed, as I am.

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32 thoughts on “2024 Fashion Trends to Watch For

  1. I’m glad to see dark denim coming back, especially on the wide leg pants! Easy to dress up with heels, reminds me of trouser cut denim back in my younger days (the Lorelei Gilmore era!). Also thanks for the baby got back pun, great laugh to start the day!

  2. Noticed some really cute denim 2024 trends you posted. I have my eye on the cuffed straight leg denim Evereve jean pictured. Although I am familiar w/ the brand, I do not have any denim from them. IYO, is that brand true to size? I am a size 29/30. Thank you!

      1. I tried on several pairs of jeans at Evereve and purchased the ones that looked best on me, Evereve straight leg jeans!:) I’d buy another pair in their brand, for sure! They run TTS.

  3. I’m eyeing those Kut Reese utility jeans. Love! I like the big cuff look, also; in fact, I’ve folded over a pair of full-length straightlegs I already have, to achieve the look. I got several compliments! I wore them with chunky loafers.

    I love silver also, so I will check out some options. I will skip the polo collar look…I just don’t like it. I have already been checking out high-tops; I like that they’re not the extremely high ones I wore in high school.

    And stripes are always a good idea!

  4. I love them all!! Haha!
    I’m sharing cuffed jeans in my post tomorrow. My favorite pair are the dark denim Veronica Beard pair, but you know those are too pricey for me, but they are adorable!

  5. I love your trends post, and think there are some that I will try. I wore the neck bow back when I worked in public accounting in the 80s, and I most definitely will be skipping them this time around!

  6. Love pewter shoes. I’m going to be getting a pair. Any more ideas like the Dolce loafer? I’m not sure I want such a long toe area. But might order to try. Sometimes makes me feel like bigger feet than I have. I’m only size 7. I don’t like ballet flats. Too precious as you say for me. lol. Great post.

  7. thank you for your post, I’m excited about cuffed denim, loved that look the last time around so although I don’t usually do trends, this is one I will definitely buy, also love denim dresses (already own) and silver which I personally consider a classic, been wearing for years, and here in LA – the younger crowd (my college kids) have been doing the bows, polo’s and high tops for about the last 8-9 months, as always depends where you live

  8. I’m really surprised that you like the cuffed jeans. To my eye it cuts the leg into another section and creates a short leg.
    I’ll look forward to see how you style them..

  9. Could you please send the link of post where you are styling the pewter Benny loafer? I believe you have it? Do they run true to size? Thank you.

  10. Ugh, those huge cuffs are hell for those of us with short legs. Definitely a pass for me. Liking the darker wash denim though!

  11. Last fall I saw an old TV show from the 70s. A woman is wearing flares with big cuffs just like above. I don’t remember cuffs like that back then. Anyway being short cuffs will just make me look shorter even though I think it can be cute. I’m not into bows either. I wore those bow blouses in the 80s. I don’t like anything up to my neck anymore. I like stripes on the upper body only on me. I bought utility pants from Gap and Old Navy last year that I will keep wearing. One thing I have seen on YouTube is belting loose jackets and tops because they’re saying that the oversized look is going out. You’re right about mid rise jeans. That’s the majority on the websites now. It means I won’t be ordering much. It’s fun to read or watch what trends are coming. Some I think are funny like if I was to wear silver pants around here. I do like silver shoes and purses. I do take it with a grain of salt because even though I want to be modern I don’t want to follow every silly trend like I did when I was young.

  12. Thanks Jolynn. These are some things I can live with. Not crazy about the bow trend at my age, but that’s the thing about Trends. It crosses generations at times. Thanks for this update. Stay warm.

  13. Thank you for the 2024 Spring Trends report. I always get most of my trends info from my favorite influencers and you are always on top of it! Although I will also sit out a few of the newest trends, it is always fun to add a few to help feel more up to date and modern. Thanks for all your hard work and your view on fashion does and don’ts.

  14. It’s fun to look at new trends. Cuffed jeans? Bows? No thanks. More dark denim jeans? Non-denim jackets? Yes, please! I’m neutral on the other trends. I’m intrigued by the idea of metallic fabric in a matte. I think a t-shirt with light-colored jeans might be fun for a casual night out.

    I feel like the cuffed jeans cut the line of the body off in a weird way. I know that cropped jeans can do this, too, but I like that look with the right shoes. The silhouette with cuffed hems looks off to me. Of course, it takes time to adjust the eye. We’ll see how long the trend lasts– we’ve seen it before.

  15. Funny, I bookmarked those Kut utility jeans the other day. Thank you for letting us know about the Evereve sale—I went ahead and purchased them. I don’t think I would wear the large cuffed jeans, but it could grow on me. The Veronica Beard ones are cute. Thank you for giving us a look at 2024 trends!

  16. I’m glad to hear the cargo pants are still trending as I ordered a new pair for spring! I’d actually like to find some denim ones! I’m all in for the silver too! I’d like to see how you style the high tops! I think I might a bit too old for that one although I don’t shy away from trends because of my age! As for the large cuff I’m not sure! At 5’2 I’d have to be careful to not have them swallow me up or look like I’m going to the farm lol. Most of these I’m excited to carry on with or try!

  17. I like the cargo pants and dark wash denim, especially the trouser style. It feels fresh & new. I like the high tops but think I might be too old for it. 🤔
    I thought utility jackets were out. If they are back in that is good as I have a khaki and a beige one that I still like. But the new shorter jackets really appeal to me. Seems they might look better with straight leg styles.

  18. So happy to see the trends are going back to my favorites and styles I’ve been wearing…mid-rise and darker denim!

  19. I’m not a fan of the bows (except on my new TB flats!) I’ve been seeing grown women wearing big bows in their hair lately and it looks juvenile to me. I’m sure they’re much younger than I am but it’s still a no. Love the return of silver! Do you remember the Brighton obsession in the 90s?! I think my coloring probably looks better with gold jewelry, but I still love silver. Thanks for this round up!

  20. How fun! I had to giggle when I saw denim dresses. I took my engagement pictures almost 21 years ago in a denim dress!

  21. Definite no to bows for me… they feel too juvenile. I really prefer gold jewelry to silver but I do have like 2 silver pieces (gifts) and 2 mixed metal pieces. I’ll try to break them out more often in the near future!

  22. Your style is so impressive but always youthful! Your predictions & suggestions are spot on!! I live in Southern Calif but have Penn. & Michigan blood( and love visiting there)and your styles are fit always for coast to coast! I buy and sell clothes continuously, big vintage fan also! Your blog/ website is always my Favorite!

  23. I’m late responding, but have to chime in about bows! I NEVER wore them in my youth but like this trend for some reason. Madewell has had them for a few years. I’ve have a pair of Madewell bow earrings for a year, and just gave a (Madewell) sweater to my 25 year old daughteer that is ecru with tiny black bows all over it. I bought it 2 years ago and only gave it to her because the color isnt good for me. Anyway… also love the Kut Utility, they are in my bag (although light denin – what to do?). Have a great trip to Austin, I was there with my daughter last weekend , where I passed off the bow sweater, LOL.

  24. I live in South and I bought the wide cuff boyfriend jeans back in the Fall. I don’t know why we had them earlier , usually we get things last. ha!

  25. I have silver pants leftover from Talbots from a few years ago. (And they aren’t frumpy!) Wearing them into spring. I’m skipping bows. Some of us did bow blouses many years ago. I’m skipping the bows at least for now. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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