26 Days of Fall Outfits: Day 26 {Tunic + Leggings}

Well, here we are! Day 26 of 26 Days of Fall Outfits! We made it!!! I’ve got to say, this has been so much fun. I mean, how many women get to play dress-up and call it a job!?! LOL!!

I’ve learned through this series that there are a LOT of women my age who are looking for practical outfit ideas and fashion advice for their daily lives. I’ve also learned that splitting my time between so many topics was wearing me down and stealing the joy that I used to get from blogging, so I plan to focus primarily on the fashion and beauty topics for a while. I’ll still post an occasional recipe and share our family travel adventures, and of course my Coffee Talk posts are a permanent fixture, but I think having a more narrow focus is helping me be more efficient with my time, and it seems to be resonating with many of you.

I feel like my 26th outfit should be something truly fantastic, worthy of much fanfare. Ha! I should have saved that mustard sweater and leopard scarf, huh?? I actually have several outfits in my queue, so I went through them this morning to decide which one to post today, and this won. I’m not sure that it’s worthy of fanfare, but I do like it a lot.

Fashion Over 40: Tunic + Leggings

This is the roll tab sleeve tunic from Day 11. It’s such a versatile piece. I got it on the #NSale back in August, but full price is $48, which is still pretty good. For those asking about sizing, this tunic runs pretty true to size. This is a medium, and it fits perfectly through the shoulders and back. I couldn’t wear a size smaller.

If you recall, I wore the tunic first with grey coated jeans, wedge boots, and silver accessories.

wm-merlot tunic - 4

This time I wore it with my favorite Hue leggings, black riding boots, and gold accessories. I wore this outfit to church one Sunday a few weeks ago.

Fashion Over 40: Tunic + Leggings

Because the tunic is so low-cut, I wore a black tank underneath. I actually like how it looks with the black peeking out, and it was nice not having to worry about giving anyone a show when I bent over. Ha!

I like this top with a layered necklace — something shorter to fill the neckline and something longer to break up the expanse of burgundy. Longer tops tend to look best with a long necklace.

This Aria Pendant Necklace is a great choice. Layered necklaces are great because they take the guesswork out of putting several necklaces together. I’m all for taking the guesswork out of fashion! LOL!! The nice thing about this necklace is, you can wear the short chain alone or leave as is for a long, layered, cohesive look, so you can get a lot of wear out of it. It’s a great piece to have in your arsenal if you don’t have anything like it.

Fashion Over 40: Tunic + Leggings

Since the necklace has a lot going on, I just wore studs for earrings. Then I added a gold cuff bracelet and my two-tone chain link watch. The black quilted clutch was a freebie with a R Minkoff purchase, but this (budget) and this (splurge) are similar.

Fashion Over 40: Tunic + Leggings

When I wore this tunic with the jeans, I did the front-tuck, but for leggings, I left it hanging, of course. If you struggle with styling leggings, this post on How to Wear Leggings is always popular. Feel free to peruse. I plan to update with current product links when I get a spare second.

I can’t recommend the Hue ‘Ultra’ Wide Waistband Leggings highly enough. They have a nice wide band around the waist that helps smooth out anything that might need smoothing out.

Hue 'Ultra' Wide Waistband Leggings

In case you don’t know, Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns (no minimum purchase) so you can’t go wrong by trying these. I find that they run true to size. Mine are size Medium.

If you want a thicker, more pant-like legging, the Solution Ponte Leggings at White House Black Market are fabulous. Similar to the Hue leggings, these have a wide band, but they go a step farther. These actually have a shapewear band at the tummy AND inner panel down the leg’s outer seam. These are fabulous leggings for women needing a bit more coverage.


These, again, are the Hue leggings. I didn’t have my Solution Ponte Leggings yet when I wore this.

Fashion Over 40: Tunic + Leggings

And finally, the boots. I could have worn my higher heeled wedge boots with this, but I chose to take it down notch (both literally AND figuratively, haha!) with my riding boots. Either one would work, but I wanted to keep this look different from the one back on on Day 11. These were sent to me last year from Naturalizer, and they are discontinued, but these are similar. These are also nice, and a little less expensive. These are cute and well under $100, if you don’t care about having leather. And these are a major splurge, if you’re looking to invest. You can’t go wrong with Tory!


So here’s the entire outfit from head to toe, once again.


Outfit Details: Lush ‘Perfect’ Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic in Tawny Port | Hue Wide Waistband Leggings | Black Riding Boots (similar) | Aria Pendant Necklace | gold cuff bracelet (similar) | black quilted clutch (similar here and here)

If you’re sad to see this series coming to an end, never fear! I have more fall outfit ideas in my queue, and I plan to do a series of “How to Wear” posts in October so we can discuss various trends and how to style them in a way that is practical and age appropriate. I’m open to ideas and suggestions for that, so lay ’em on me! You can always leave a comment, or send me an email to [email protected].

Plus, Cyndi and I are already talking about a 25 Days of Winter Outfits series. We’ll be sharing more info on that when it gets closer.

Thank you guys SO much for tuning in and for all of your kind comments throughout this series. It’s been so much fun.

If you want a recap, you can see all of my 26 Days of Fall Outfits here.

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  1. I really love this tunic and the outfit as a whole! May be the perfect thing to pair with my new black leggings! Can you comment on the sizing of the tunic please? I have never purchased a lush top and it looks pretty roomy!

    1. Surely! I just added this to my post: this tunic runs pretty true to size. This is a medium, and it fits perfectly through the shoulders and back. I couldn’t wear a size smaller.

      Hope that helps!

  2. I bought that same Nordstrom top in the dark grey and I think I can wear it with multiple color pants. The material feels sooo good and the fit is perfect. I was wondering how to style my jewerly and here you have given a great idea! Thank for the post. I love it when I have similar pieces that I can work with as soon as the fashion idea clicks!

  3. Love the tunic and the color looks stunning on you! I see many women wearing tunics like these with skinny jeans but for me personally, bootcut jeans are so much more flattering on my 5’7 somewhat pear-shaped frame. Can I wear my bootcuts with these tunics and do my usual front tuck? Thanks!

  4. You can never go wrong with leggings and riding boots! That is my fall and winter uniform. I love the color of that top and the gold compliments it perfectly.

    I love your style, I’m glad to see you’ll be focusing on that a bit more in the future.

  5. I have so enjoyed your 26 days of fall outfits. I’ve never subscribed to a daily fashion blog like this– thank you so much, Jo-Lynne. I love clothes, but I hate to shop, and living in a rural area (Southern Delaware) they’re aren’t a lot of choices. I love mail order, though and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to start shopping at Nordstrom online. I can’t wait for your winter series!

  6. Pretty top and outfit. I’ve really enjoyed the 26 days of fashion! Thanks to you I’m shopping new places, have gotten ideas for outfits and accessorizing, and been reminded that everyday life is worth dressing well for. Thank you!!

  7. Hi there! I am relatively new to your blog, but am happy to have found you! I have about a MILLION questions, but the one topping the list is this: You say you have other outfits in your “queue”, what does that look like? I will spend a whole day planning outfits, and then, when it comes to dressing, I can never remember what goes with what and what would be so cute for the day….suggestions for this issue?

    1. LOL. Well, my queue is my blog’s Draft Folder. I meant that I have already photographed a few outfits that I haven’t shared yet, so I’ll be sharing those in the next few weeks. But in answer to your question about remembering what you want to wear, I have a private Pinterest board where I pin outfit ideas and make notes as to how I would make them my own. When I feel stumped, I peruse that board. The other thing I do, when I travel, is lay out my outfits, right down to the accessories, and take pictures on my smartphone so I can reference them later. This might be a good idea for you, if you want to take the time. Hope that helps!

      1. Thank you! I actually had thought of taking iPhone photos (but I LOVE it for traveling…hadn’t thought of that!) I actually may have my friend come over and take iPad photos of me in a few outfits so I can refer to them when I’m at a loss…my problem with Pinterest is that I don’t usually look like the girls whose outfits I like, ha, ha!

  8. Those autumnal colors are such a beautiful palette on you, my friend. Love both ways you’ve styled this and appreciate the tips on the tummy-taming leggings.

    I happen to love Marika yoga pants – not too spendy, and definitely have that tummy panel that i need. They are a bit higher waisted than some other yoga pants, but I like that fit. I suppose that part of my comment was pretty random. LOL

  9. Love this outfit JoLynne! It is definitely one of my favorites and I will be copying it sometime in the near future. Thanks for the legging suggestions. I was just looking for new ones and I could always use one with tummy control. Loved this series and looking forward to more fall ideas and the winter series as well. Thanks for all of the great suggestions!

  10. I LOVE this outfit thank you for sharing! I’ve been wanting to get some of the HUE leggings but wasn’t sure how I would style them. This look is perfect.

  11. Love these outfits! I have this tunic in white and black (planning to buy more soon) and the first time I wore it, didn’t realize it needed a cami underneath until late in the day (YIKES!).

  12. After being inspired from your original post wearing the tunic with the gray pants, I went shopping to find something similar because I loved the look.

    I found a very similar tunic, color merlot, (designer Ellen Tracy) at a Ross Dress for Less store, for $22.99 (MSRP$69.50), it has gold bling on it (zipper) & is very silky feeling. This tunic does not look quite as long as yours. They have a lot of beautiful deep fall colors & I wish I had bought more! I also bought some stretchy black Chaps pants, although not considered “skinny,” they look better for my pear-shape. I’m much older than you, so don’t wear boots with mine, but wear dressy black patent leather buckled ballet flats from Payless.

    Here’s a similar top like the one that I bought, only mine does not have the roll-up sleeves and mine is a polyester/spandex blend, not linen:

    I’ve enjoyed this series, it has given me a lot of ideas!

  13. I have a couple of shirts with sleeves like that, and they’ve been great for the in-between weather we’ve been having. I almost always have to wear a tank top or cami under shirts. I’m short and have narrow shoulders, but I don’t like the feeling of shirts around my collar bone. Anything with a v-neck is too low cut, so layering is the way to go. I’m usually cold, though, so the extra layer helps keep me warm. 🙂

  14. Really enjoyed this series, thanks so much. And actually took some inspiration from it to make a bit more of an effort in trying to look put together, though not as often as I would like, ha!. Love love love the olsen pointy flats, they stole the show for me! OMG, they are such a fantastic take on my favourite new shoe trend, but the cold weather has already set in where I live, that they will be more of a spring shoe for me.
    Nice decision to narrow your focus. Looking forward to more fashion and beauty from your blog. But also keep us updated with the running/feet:-)

  15. I have really enjoyed this series. Rare is the day I don’t wear a Snug (brand) tank under my top. I am always interested in more work-appropriate outfits (although I realize that’s not really your jam).

  16. This outfit is very pretty and very flattering. And this color is perfect on you! I’ve enjoyed following you through this series and am looking forward to more this fall.

  17. Hi Jo-Lynne, I’ve really enjoyed your blog, and I’m glad to hear you’re narrowing your focus to fashion and beauty — I found your blog when looking for fashion over 40 tips. I have a couple of ideas for future posts: 1. Update us some items you’ve featured on the blog (the Payless Dex Flex flats come to mind) and how they’re holding up. What’s held up well? What hasn’t? 2. What are some items you’ve purchased or worn that you now regret? Why do you regret them? These kinds of posts might not be possible given sponsor relationships, but would be of interest.

  18. I’m so glad to hear you’ll be focusing more on fashion and beauty. I love those type of posts, and really enjoyed this series. Looking forward to more fall looks.

  19. I like these black boots better than your wedge ones. These look great with leggings!

    For this whole series I’ve been getting to your blog via Cyndi’s link everydyay. I was excited to read what you have in store over the next while–I think I”ll just have to get you in my inbox!! 🙂

    And random, but has anyone ever told you you look like Patricia Heaton?

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