5 Ways to Style a Camel Coat

Everybody seems to love a 5 Ways to Style post, so I figured I’d kick off 2024 with 5 Ways to Style a Camel Coat!

Now, maybe you are thinking… Style a coat? I mean, coats are just coats, right? You throw them on top of your outfit to stay warm and take it off as soon as you get where you’re going… assumably.

But I want to challenge you to think of your coat as part of your outfit.

After all, it’s the first thing people see when you arrive, and depending on your plans and where you are going, it may be all people see.

Leveling up our outerwear and making it an intentional part of our outfits is essential to presenting a polished appearance, especially as we get older. If you don’t do that already, try it, and see if you don’t feel more polished and put-together.

Shop Camel Coats

A camel coat is a classic winter staple in many women’s wardrobes. If you don’t have one, and you’d like to add one to your closet, I love and highly recommend the J.Crew Daphne Topcoat I’m wearing here. It plays into the current coat trends, which are longer and boxier, but it still has a classic silhouette that won’t be out of style next season.

J.Crew Daphne Boiled Wool Topcoat (6) // Jenni Kayne sweater (option) (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // LØCI sneakers (8) // rag & bone belt (M)

This coat has been going in and out of stock lately, but it’s currently 25% off with code NEWYEAR and stocked in most sizes, including some petite options. It runs big, so I recommend sizing down, if ordering.

If you’d like a less expensive option, Gap Factory also has a Long Topcoat in a camel color that is currently 50% off. And if you prefer a shorter version, I also have a few outfits with the J.Crew Cocoon Coat in Sandstone, which is also 25% off with code NEWYEAR.

Don’t wear wool coats? You can substitute a beige trench or even a puffer coat or teddy coat for any of these outfits. The Gap Icon Trench is a nice one, and Mango always a lot of nice coat options.

Shop those and more below:

5 Ways to Style a Camel Coat

Here are 5 ways I like to style my camel coats, which are basically just color combinations that I like to pull together from wardrobe essentials that I always keep on hand. You can certainly recreate these looks with items in your own closet, but of course I’ll include shopping links in case you’re interested in adding any of these items to your winter wardrobe.

And if beige and camel just don’t appeal to you, you can always wear black or grey and alter these color combinations a bit. Either way, I hope this post gives you some winter style inspiration for leveling up your everyday outfits with outerwear.

#1. with ivory and denim

J.Crew Daphne Topcoat (6) // Jenni Kayne sweater (option) (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // LØCI sneakers (8) // rag & bone belt (M) // similar bag

This outfit was actually inspired by these sneakers. My first instinct is always to pair camel with black, but the camel and white sneakers caused me to pull this look together, and I love it!

Especially this time of year, when it’s dark and drab outside, this combination of light neutrals looks bright and clean and light and fresh.

Here’s another outfit I wore in a similar color palette, this time with a neutral fair isle sweater and UGGs.

J.Crew Daphne Topcoat (6) //  Gap Factory Fair Isle Sweater (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // UGG Ultra Mini Classic Boot (8)

#2. with a camel sweater

J.Crew Cocoon Coat (6) // Equipment sweater (S) // PAIGE denim (29) (option) // Tory Burch boots (8) // similar bag

I used to go out of my way to wear coats and sweaters in contrasting colors, but then I saw this tip to match your sweater to your coat for a more cohesive look, and I like it!

You can always liven up the look with a coordinating scarf.

J.Crew Cocoon Coat (6) // Equipment sweater (S) // FRAME denim (29) (option) // Marc Fisher boots (8) // plaid scarf – Black Dusty Ivory Light

I also like this similar look with white denim… It’s hard to see here, but I was wearing the same camel sweater underneath.

J.Crew Cocoon Coat – 25% off (6) // Equipment sweater (S) // MOTHER denim (29) (option) // similar Aquatalia boots (8) // plaid scarf – Black Dusty Ivory Light

The idea here is to match your coat to your sweater, and then add a contrasting color on the bottom.

For footwear, I kept the boots the same color as the jeans when I wore black jeans, for a cohesive look on the bottom, but I like how the camel boots bookend the look with the white jeans. Try both, and see which you like best!

#3. with shades of blue

J.Crew Daphne Topcoat – 25% off (6) // Rails stripe sweater – on sale! (S) // PAIGE denim (29) (option) // Vince boots – on sale! (8) // Coach bucket bag

Camel and blue are a match made in heaven, which is why I love wearing my camel sweaters with blue jeans, but camel also pairs beautifully with navy.

This navy and camel stripe sweater makes it easy, and it’s a great price at Bloomingdale’s right now! I actually wore that exact outfit to church on Sunday.

And this next picture is from fall 2020, thus the medical mask. (They were required here in Pennsylvania for many months. Such a strange time to look back on… How far we’ve come!)

J.Crew Cocoon Coat – 25% off (6) // Naadam cashmere scarf in Peacock (options here, here, here and here) // AG Jeans // Vince boots (8) // similar bag

I still have this scarf, and I need to remember to wear it with my camel coat now that we’re getting into the dead of winter.

#4. camel with red

J.Crew Cocoon Coat – 25% off (6) // Good American jeans (8) // Vince boots (8) // similar scarf // Michael Kors bag

Well, this photo is certainly a blast from the past, but I wanted to share it because I think this is such a pleasing color combination, and red is a trending color right now. I wore black and camel and accented it with a red scarf and red bag.

#5. camel + black

J.Crew Daphne – 25% off (6) // Vince sweater (S) (option) // PAIGE denim – on sale! (29) (option) // Sam Edelman boots – on sale! (8)

This is probably the most obvious color combination in the world, but you can almost never go wrong with camel and black, as long as your fit and proportion are on point. It always looks sophisticated and chic.

I like the column of black shown here, and these PAIGE jeans are on sale at Saks, and fully stocked! (Always use code FREESHIP when shopping at Saks, to get free shipping.) They’re one of my current favorites; I love the welt pockets and front seam with the trouser-like fit.

My Sam Edelman booties are also on major sale; they come down to $83 in cart after all the discounts are applied. You can’t beat that price, and they are so comfortable yet also elevated and chic.

I added a black scarf to finish the look. This is a color combination I fall back on time and time again, especially when I’m struggling with fall or winter outfit inspiration.

J.Crew Daphne – 25% off! (6) // Vince sweater (S) (option) // PAIGE denim – on sale! (29) (option) // Sam Edelman boots – on sale! (8) // scarf

But camel with black and denim is my all-time favorite way to style a camel coat.

This outfit is pretty much the same as the one above, except I swapped the washed black denim for blue jeans in a classic mid-indigo wash. (My exact wash sold out, so I’m linking similar.)

J.Crew Daphne – 25% off (6) // Vince sweater (S) (option) // PAIGE denim (29) (option) // Sam Edelman boots – on sale! (8) // Frame belt (M) // Jenny Bird earrings

I probably should have also swapped out the boots for a higher heel; I don’t care for how the jeans are landing almost on the floor, but otherwise, this outfit is absolute perfection, in my humble opinion!

The black cashmere sweater is so luxe and soft, and these flares give you legs for days! The camel topcoat is the perfect finishing touch, and it looks so much more elegant than wearing a basic black puffer or anorak.

As I said above, these are basically just various color combinations with wardrobe essentials most of us already own. If you are inspired by any of these looks, I encourage you to carve out some time in the next few days to play around with what you have in your closet, and see what new outfit combinations you come up with!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. JoLynne—Do you find the Daphne coat itchy since it’s wool and unlined? I’m always leery to purchase a coat unlined for fear of it feeling like it’s sticking to my clothing and not laying smoothly. It’s a shame that manufacturers have to cut corners in order to make it profitable for them and reasonably priced for the consumer. I need a petite coat so that in itself is difficult to find. I like the style of the coat but hesitate to purchase because of no lining. What’s your honest take on the coat? Thank you . . .

    1. I thought I would hate the fact that it’s unlined, and I really didn’t expect to like it much at all, so I was surprised that I really love it. I don’t find it scratchy, and it also doesn’t really like stick to the clothes, like I assumed it might without a liner. It’s really easy to throw on and go. I will just say that it’s not super warm, so if you need a really warm coat, it might not be the one for you, but it works fine for me here in Philly most days.

  2. Thanks for all the styling ideas. I love camel anything. That’s one of my colors. I have a classic camel coat and can’t wait to try these styling ideas.

    1. Blondes tend to look gorgeous in camel. It’s all about finding the right shade and tone that works for you. I try to find cooler tones and lighter shades because of my coloring, but you may prefer a warmer one?

  3. Jolynne your timing is impeccable! I just got it camel coat for Christmas. these idea are helpful especially the coat with scarf combos. Thanks keep being awesome at what you !

  4. This post was a great idea, Jo-Lynne! I appreciate all of the ideas. I am looking for a camel coat, preferably a cool-toned camel or beige. I do have a longer black, as well as a shorter black, and a gray coat. I hadn’t worn the short gray one in years before this year; I don’t know why. I am loving all of the wool coat ideas!

    This just goes to show that it’s good to always evolve! Thanks for your hard work keeping us current!

    1. I wasn’t quite finished with my thoughts and that published 🙈! I have a camel coat from a few years back from gap factory .I don’t think mine has wool as I can’t wear wool at all! Itchy itchy!! I also just got an off white coat from Banana Republic Factory for Christmas! Our winter’s are cold so our coats are pretty much all people see when we’re out! So definitely need options!!

  5. I got a camel “coatigan” for Christmas and love it. It’s the perfect layering piece and the right warmth for here on the west coast. All your camel coat outfits are great. I’m ordering the Gap navy trench with your link because I’ve been looking for a navy trench for awhile and this one has good reviews. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. It is not camel coat related but I wanted to remark that I like how your collage of photos at the beginning of your posts looks. I don’t know the appropriate term, but you’ve started using photos that are cut-out pics of you and it looks very fresh and pleasing. Happy New Year

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure how I felt about them at first, but it does make it easier to see the clothing, I guess. That was one of the ideas that the graphic designers at NARI Creative came up with.

      1. I’ve been meaning to compliment that as well, it looks very professionally done. Do you do it within your blog software or use another program?

  7. Ha! Guilty! I was one of those that viewed coats and jackets as protection from midwest weather. I have learned from you to think otherwise. Thanks for the learning opportunities you present as you analyze and discuss the components of outfits. So helpful! I now wear my camel wool coat even with jeans getting a better value with the cost per wear. Also, my morning took some detours not planned so we roll with it and continue on. That’s real life. Thanks Jo-Lynne for being informative, educational and real!

  8. A camel coat is a favourite of mine!!!Not to say it’s My Favourite!!!Of all the looks you styled in this post,my favourite is hands down, the one with blue jeans.And you’re absolutely right, navy blue and camel is almost perfection.In fact, I usually wear my fine whale navy blue cords with a camel Montgomery coat.I love,love, Montgomery coats.

  9. This post contains such great outfit ideas for us, even if we don’t have a camel colored coat. It is amazing how the coat takes an ordinary outfit up a few notches.

  10. Love this post. I have a gorgeous black coat I’m obsessed with right now but am thinking of adding a camel one as a second option. In any event, I agree coats are part of the outfit and need to be coordinated with everything else, not just thrown on like it doesn’t matter.

  11. This post couldn’t be more timely. I am heading to Paris next month (not an optimal time to go, but my daughter will be there for work). I got the camel Lauren Ralph Lauren wool blend coat in November, and was wondering how to incorporate that into the mostly black wardrobe I will be taking. I haven’t found a black coat that fits as well, or is as warm. This post gives me so many ideas and options. Side note, my daughter sent me the link for the same J Crew black and tan scarf that you had on 🙂 Thank you so much!

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