5 Ways to Wear a Suede Moto Jacket

I’m starting a new series, and we’re kicking it off with 5 Ways to Wear a Suede Moto Jacket.

I purchased this suede moto jacket last year, and it is by far one of my best wardrobe investments. I’ve worn it so much. And while I happen to love this shade of taupe, you could recreate these outfits with a grey, camel, or even black jacket.

5 Ways to Wear a Suede Moto Jacket

5 Ways to Wear a Suede Moto Jacket

#1. Taupe Moto + Burgundy Sweater

I wore this outfit to go out to dinner with girlfriends last weekend. I kept it sleek with no necklace, and instead I wore

suede moto jacket // burgundy turtleneck // black skinny jeans // black suede d’orsay pumps // taupe crossbody // necklace

This is a more casual take on the same look, with the same burgundy sweater. This time I wore blue jeans and taupe booties, and I added a leather layer necklace. I love how the brushed silver pendants and the leather cord necklace coordinate with the jacket with.

suede moto jacket // burgundy turtleneck // similar blue jeans // similar booties // layer necklace

And yet another variation on the theme — when I find a combo that works, like this burgundy sweater and taupe moto, I wear it over and over again.

suede moto jacket // burgundy turtleneck // black skinny jeans // black suede mules // bucket bag // hammered double ring pendant // hammered circle drop earrings

#2. Taupe Moto + Off-White Turtleneck

You could easily sub another neutral bootie for this look if you don’t have snakeskin, but I do think the snakeskin booties add a nice bit of pattern and texture to this look.

suede moto jacket // ivory sweater // skinny jeans // snakeskin-embossed booties // bucket bag // necklace // earrings

And again, I’ve also worn this taupe jacket and ivory sweater with black jeans and pumps.

suede moto jacket // cream sweater // black skinny jeans // black suede d’orsay pumps

#3. Taupe Moto + Black Top

This outfit demonstrates how a structured moto jacket looks just as good with bootcut jeans as it does with skinnies. I know not all of you like wearing skinnies, and I also realize that they’re not ideal for every body type, so hopefully this outfit shows you that you can pretty much swap out skinny jeans for bootcuts (or even a straight leg style) in any of these outfits.

suede moto jacket  // black tank // bootcut jeans (TTS) // red booties // black satchel // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I’ve also done a similar look with a black sweater and blue jeans. This time I kept it all neutral by repeating black in the booties, and the turtleneck sweater and distressed jeans give it a more casual vibe.

suede moto jacket // black turtleneck // similar blue jeans // booties (budget option) // crossbody

And another look with my taupe moto and a black turtleneck… I swapped out the black leather booties for black suede loafers, and I’m wearing a different necklace. And actually, this is a different black turtleneck — this one is a donegal knit, which adds a subtle pattern.

suede moto jacket // black donegal turtleneck // similar blue jeans // black suede mules // taupe crossbody // pendant

#4. Blonde Moto + Off-White Cami

I like a silky woven cami with a suede moto and pumps for a date night look. Unfortunately the blonde color of this jacket sold out, but the taupe moto (or any other color) would work just as well. I also found this leather option.

similar jacket // similar cami // skinny jeans // similar pumps // clutch // similar pendant

I’ve also worn this jacket with a pale pink t-shirt and perforated open toe sandals.

22 Days of Spring Fashion | Spring Outfit Ideas | BlankNYC suede moto jacket with AG raw hem legging ankle jeans, Vince Camuto Kensa peep-toe booties, and Loeffler Randall minimal rider leather satchel. Jo-Lynne Shane

similar jacket // similar pink tee // skinny jeans // peep-toe booties // satchel // necklace

#5. Pink Moto Jacket + All Black

And this was a Valentine’s date night look. I love the pink suede moto over the all black outfit. I wore a black tank with coated skinny jeans and suede pumps.

pink suede moto // coated black jeans // black tank // black suede pumps // two-tone necklace

BONUS: I also have this outfit, with a floral blouse and jeans and pumps. The blouse is sold out, but it’s another idea for you to recreate from your own closet. So cute for fall!

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29 Responses

  1. These are my favorite posts! I screenshot the looks and then improvise with that I have. I have a black Moto jacket that i wear all the time. These outfits have given me some great ideas! Thank you 🙂 

  2. Thanks for indulging us on these types of post. I think we just love to see options and you got to love our consistency 😉. My favorite option is wearing the jacket with the burgundy sweater. What a beautiful combination. Unfortunately I don’t own a similar jacket because they are hard to find in petite (how I hate my short arms) and also I worry about keeping it clean? I remember back when I did have one many moons ago, it had to be dry cleaned. 

    1. Gloria, I also need a petite and found an olive green jacket that I love like this at the Banana Republic outlet in petite and it is still available online. I think most of the outfits here would work with the olive green! 

  3. I love these types of posts. I think these help us think out of the box a bit more with our own wardrobe vs. feeling like we have to have exactly what you are styling. I also think it would be interesting to see a post or two where you have the same or similar outfit on but just change your boots or booties out. There are so many colors and styles that sometimes I’m undecided on color or style. Or even which I think would be best to buy. Do I go knee high or bootie? Do I go brown, black or taupe? Why do you think one works better than another? Or does it even matter? Not sure if anyone else feels that way, but just a thought.

  4. This was SO helpful! I have a cute black moto that I don’t wear enough, and I’m feeling stuck in my skinny jeans rut. Your moto + bootcuts outfit is a nice way to switch things up and it looks great on you – I will totally copy it by shopping my own closet. Love these kind of posts! Thank you!

  5. These kinds of posts are so inspiring! I love that you go from wearing a sweater under your jacket, to a tank.  So many options! I don’t have a moto jacket, but I do now have a couple of similar jackets and this gives me some great ideas of things to wear with them.

  6. Excellent post! I am at a point in life where I really just want great quality items that I can wear over and over because they feel and look fabulous. I love all these outfits. I just got an outside job after 25 years as stay at home mom/ babysitter and this post provided a lot of great ideas.

  7. As always your post is very helpful. I am wondering, is there a way to wear a traditionally cut port colored velvet blazer after the holiday season? I’d love to continue wearing mine….

      1. I saw themomedit post also, but your style reflects mine a bit more than that particular mom. 🙂  So I was hoping you could do one of these too. 

  8. Thanks for these posts. I like to see the different color combinations and how you pair them with what footwear. I can always substitute dress pants in for jeans and wear a lot of these to work!

  9. Oh I love these type of posts they are so helpful. I actually did this in the fall when I purchased a leopard print blouse. I tried it on with a variety of items at home( olive green pants, black jeans, blue jeans etc) to realize how versatile it actually was and kept it…  This was also perfect timing as I got a black leather jacket as one of my Christmas gifts 🤗. Looking forward to more of these. 

  10. Thanks for this post!  I too have been “blessed” in the chest department, and I tend to shy away from moto style jackets as I don’t think they do much for me… so this was helpful!  Was wondering if you might consider a post on how to wear velvet after the holidays?  I have a black crushed velvet blazer I’d love to get more wear out of…

  11. This was very helpful–thanks! While I don’t dislike moto jackets, I’ve never really been drawn to them. I’ve always viewed them as an edgy wardrobe piece to wear mostly with jeans, and I just don’t have a need to expand my wardrobe for that look. But now that I see how you’ve styled them so many ways with simplicity and even with class, I kinda want one! You’ve opened my eyes to them!

  12. I too, love the 5 ways to wear an outfit.  It is easy to take your ideas and make them mine!  You do a great job!  Thank you!   

  13. One of the things I really like about this type of post is that it shows us that you too repeat pieces.  I hate that I missed the Instagram poll, but I am glad that you are going to show us 5 ways to wear a particular item.  Thank you!  I hope you had a great day!

  14. I love it when bloggers post more than one way to wear an article of clothing, instead of several of the same. It helps us put together more outfits from one purchase. Can this be a regular thing? 

  15. Great post— but then I love all your posts! 😉 I purchased the burgundy version of the jacket you’re wearing & I love the color. Do you think i could wear this jacket  for work with a skirt, blouse & boots?
    My area is business casual.  I’ve been perusing Pinterest for ideas! 

  16. I really enjoyed this post! Been debating a moto jacket for awhile. You have the Madewell Inland sweater in two colors and referenced in two different sizes. Do you prefer the burgundy in small or the ivory in medium? That will help me decide. It’s a great price right now!! Thanks in advance!

    1. It kind of depends on how much I weight, haha! The small is good when my weight is where I like it, but I got the ivory in a size larger so it wouldn’t be clingy, and I like it better – especially in the lighter color. I think you can go either way, depending on how fitted you want it to be.

  17. Hi Jo Lynne
    Thanks for this post. I do have a question…is the jacket worn as outerwear, or like a blazer that you keep on (office,restaurant etc.) as part of the outfit? Thanks!

    1. Good question! It depends, but I usually take it off when I’m in a restaurant, and I’d definitely take it off in an office environment. If I go to the mall or somewhere that I’m going in and out of buildings, I keep it on. I hope that helps!

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