5 Wearable Winter 2024 Fashion Trends to Try

Now that cold weather is upon us and the stores are running all their holiday sales, it seems like a good time to discuss winter 2023/2024 fashion trends.

Of course, spring and fall are the big seasons for new trends, but there are always some micro trends and new colors that pop up in the off-seasons, and it’s fun to see what’s new!

I definitely find my wardrobe evolving as fall turns to winter, both in the way I dress and the colors I gravitate to, so it’s a good time to reassess what looks current so my wardrobe stays up to date.

I did some Google research to see what the “experts” are saying about Winter 2023/24 trends, but this list of wearable winter fashion trends is more or less what I’m seeing from the mainstream retailers where most of us typically shop.

At the end of the day, only YOU can determine what looks current and feels authentic to YOU, so as always, wear what you love, no matter what the “trend reports” say. As we get older, it’s best to be selective with trends, and only wear the ones that align with your personal style, body type, lifestyle, etc.

That said, don’t automatically disregard something because you don’t like it at first. Being unwilling to try new things is a sure-fire way to end up in a style rut, so try to be open-minded, and consider how you can interpret one or two of these trends to work for you.

5 Wearable Winter 2023 Fashion Trends to Try

Here are 5 wearable winter 2023 fashion trends you may want to try this season. These are either new to the fashion scene or fall trends that are still going strong into the winter season.

#1. Monochromatic Dressing

photo credit: Banana Republic

Monochrome dressing isn’t new, but it’s really coming into the mainstream this winter. Almost every website I visit is styling monochromatic outfits right now.

Wearing a head-to-toe look in one color almost always looks chic and put-together, and it’s a great way to make some of your old favorite wardrobe items look fresh and modern.

I had a hard time sourcing this shopping widget because I was looking for outfit ideas more so than product picks, but hopefully you’ll find it helpful just the same.

Shop Monochromatic Looks:

#2. Silver Everything

photo credit: Evereve

There are a lot of color trends going at the moment, but silver seems to be the most prominent one.

This goes for everything from shoes to handbags, jewelry tones, as well as articles of clothing. I’m even seeing silver jeans!

I’ve always loved silver jewelry, and metallic shoes, so this is definitely a trend I’m excited about.

Shop Silver:

#3. Fair Isle & Stripes

photo credit: Evereve

Yes, these are two trends, but I lumped them together because they’re both pattern trends, more or less.

Fair isle & stripes are still going strong into winter, and the options available are plentiful. Since these are also classic styles, it’s fairly easy to incorporate them into your wardrobe, if you like them.

Shop Fair Isle & Stripes:

#4. Darker Denim Washes

photo credit: Anthropologie

We’re going to start seeing darker washes in denim — not necessarily the dressy inky dark washes, but more of a deep medium indigo wash that still reads fairly casual but can be dressed up, as well.

Shop darker denim washes below:

#5. Chunky Winter Boots

photo credit: Nordstrom

I struggled with choosing a 5th trend. There are so many, it’s hard to narrow it down to five. I wanted something that is decidedly winter, as most of the other trends could really be for any time of year, so I’m going with chunky winter boots.

Of course, if you don’t get a lot of winter weather, you may not need these, but if you live in a climate that gets lots of snow, this trend is as practical as it is fun.

The styles I’m seeing are lower shaft, puffy boots and sneaker-inspired styles, many with shearling or sherpa accents. Style them with leggings or straight leg jeans.

I’m also seeing them a lot with sweatpants, but I’d tread lightly there. It really has to look intentional on women of a certain age, or you’ll look like you just rolled out of bed and threw on boots with your pajamas.

Notable Mentions

As I said, it was really hard to narrow down the 2024 winter fashion trends to just five, so I also wanted to mention the color trends of black and gray. Not that these are unusual colors to wear in the winter, but they’re definitely having a moment this season. And I think we’re going to continue to see a lot of bold and bright colors.

I’m also seeing sherpa details on everything from boots and coats to handbags and accessories. Fuzzy coats (faux furs and sherpa) and oversized scarves are still going strong this winter, and abstract animal prints are popping up everywhere.

As far as jewelry trends, sculptural hoops and teardrop earrings are still having a moment, and as I mentioned above, silver tones are making a comeback.

In Summary

As for me, I just added this silver puffer coat to my winter coat wardrobe. I kind of want silver pumps, but I haven’t ordered any yet. I’ve been feeling bored with all my black shoes, especially paired with black jeans, so maybe silver is the answer.

I’ve been shopping for some bold and bright colors to liven up my neutral wardrobe, but I still find myself gravitating to neutrals when I go to get dressed. I’m not sure why; I know I look good in color. Neutrals just feel more elegant to me, and aligned with my personal style.

I’m excited to experiment with some darker denim washes, and I’ll continue leaning into stripes. Fair isle is a little trickier for me, as it feels rather busy, but I’m not opposed to adding another less festive option to my closet. I don’t know that I’ll want to wear my green one after the holidays.

How about you? Are you planning to add any of these winter fashion trends to your wardrobe this season?

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  1. Enjoyed this post. I also gravitate towards neutrals. If I wear a color, it has to be sort of neutral-ish and not too bright… maroon/berry/plum, teal or olive green, most shades of blue aren’t too loud or bright for me. I’ve stopped buying other colors as I’ve learned I won’t reach for them. Dark jeans and stripes are classics I always love, as is monochrome head to toe black (nyc!) So maybe I’ll be on trend by accident, lol. Have a great day!

  2. You have said several times that you get your jeans hemmed. Do you have them retain the original jean hem or not. I had a pair hemmed recently, and they just feel hemmed to me.

  3. For me 1, 3 and 4. I have those in my wardrobe. Silver doesn’t look good on me as I’m an autumn. I still like my silver jewelry. Have you noticed longer tops and skinny jeans are being offered by retailers like Loft and Old Navy? There were more skinny jeans on old Navy website than other type. Like you said we should just wear what works for us. The older I get the less I really care about trends. I just want to be able to buy what I like.

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