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5 Wearable Winter 2023 Fashion Trends to Try

The votes are in, and it was unanimous! You all want to see more winter style inspiration, so let’s discuss the latest winter fashion trends.

(If you are finding this post in the fall of 2023, you might also like this one: Fall Fashion Trends: What’s In and What’s Out for 2023.)

As you probably know, the big seasons for new fashion trends are Spring and Fall, because that’s when the Fashion Week runway shows happen. But there are always some micro trends and new colors that pop up in the off-seasons at the mainstream stores where most of us shop, and that’s what we’re talking about today.

I did some Google research to see what the “experts” are saying about Winter 2023 trends, but this list of wearable winter fashion trends is more or less what I’m seeing from our favorite retailers like LOFT, Evereve, J.Crew and Nordstrom.

As always, I have to make this disclaimer when discussions fashion trends: At the end of the day, you should wear what you love, no matter what the “trend reports” say. Just because it’s trending doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Be selective with trends, and try the ones that align with your personal style, body type, lifestyle, etc.

That said, don’t automatically disregard something because you don’t like it at first. Being unwilling to try new things is a sure-fire way to end up in a style rut, so try to be openminded, and consider how you can interpret one or two of these trends to work for you before deciding to pass on all of them.

5 Wearable Winter 2023 Fashion Trends to Try

Here are 5 wearable winter 2023 fashion trends you may want to try this season. These are either new to the fashion scene or fall trends that are still going strong.

#1. Bold & Bright Hues {Especially Blue & Green}

photo credit: Ann Taylor

We saw bold and bright colors taking hold last fall, and “dopamine dressing” is still a thing in 2023. (Dopamine dressing is dressing in bright, statement colors that boost your mood.)

But while fall was all about pink and red, and those colors are still out there and very much on trend, what I’m noticing now is all the blue and green! If you click on just about any mainstream fashion website, or walk into their stores at your local mall, you will notice this shift in color palette.

If you’re a fan of these colors, now’s the time to stock up! If they aren’t your favorite, you may still want to consider how you can incorporate one or two pieces into your wardrobe… or maybe go for a different bold or bright hue. (I wasn’t feeling it so much in the fall, but I’m loving pink right now!)

Shop Bold & Bright Winter Trends:

If you don’t care for bright colors, feel free to sit this one out. I also saw one trend report saying that 90’s minimalism and simpler silhouettes with muted tones like browns, grays, creams, and black are making a bit of a comeback at the moment… Go figure!

photo credit: AYR

The nice thing is, there’s something for everyone out there right now, and more than one way to be in style. Authenticity trumps fads any day of the week!

Okay, moving away from color trends, here are some of the shoe and clothing styles that are popular right now…

#2. Puffer Boots

photo credit: Madewell

Yes, puffer BOOTS! Puffer coats and vest are also going strong, but puffer boots are one of the micro trends we’re seeing pop up for winter 2023. Think 80’s moon boots reimagined for 2023.

The nice thing about this trend is it’s so practical and comfortable. If you need snow boots, that’s the easiest way to participate, but you can also find fashion boots that aren’t too far out there, if you’re not sure you want to go full on 80’s moon boot.

Shop Puffer Boots:

If you don’t love this look (and I had a hard time finding a pair I can actually see myself wearing), consider a chunky lug sole boot. I’m seeing a lot of these right now, and I feel like they have a similar silhouette to the puffer boots, but look a little more refined. Also, any snow boots with all the wrap-around laces are very on trend right now.

Shop More 2023 Winter Boot Trends:

#3. Wide Leg Silhouettes

photo credit: Madewell

Puddle pants were on several of the winter trends lists that I read, and while I don’t see the women who are reading this blog going quite that far, wide leg silhouettes are where the pant trends are going this season, and they’re more wearable.

I expect we’ll see a lot more of these in the spring, so you may want to start trying them now. I recently ordered these Good American palazzo pants to try, and I rounded up some more denim options below.

Shop Wide Leg Pants & Jeans:

#4. Leather

photo credit: Ann Taylor

Leather was a big trend for fall, and it’s sticking around for winter. Leather blazers are on almost every winter trends list I read, and I’m also seeing a lot of leather dresses and leather tops at my favorite retail stores. Of course, faux leather pants and coated denim are always an easy way to participate in this trend.

Shop faux leather for winter below:

#5. Big Scarves

photo credit: Free People

Go big or go home is the motto for scarves in 2023, as we discussed at length in my post answering the popular question, Are scarves in style?

This is a trend pretty much anyone can enjoy… as long as you live somewhere with real winter. I usually wear mine with a coat, but you can put yours on over a sweater to keep you warm indoors, if you like. The traditional long, oblong shapes are the most current.

Shop oversized scarves:

In Summary

For me, I’m shopping for some bold and bright colors to liven up my neutral wardrobe. I just ordered this Rails sweater (it was on sale when I ordered it) and this cute thermal pullover. I can see myself wearing these next year, as well. I’ve also ordered some blue, but it’s the bright pink tones that are calling my name.

I recently realized that I don’t have any casual flat boots, and that’s definitely a hole in my winter wardrobe, so I’ve been shopping for some that aren’t too chunky but still play into the current trends. I’ll share some of those in tomorrow’s try-on haul.

And I’m not sure I can pull off the wide leg pants and jeans, but I’ve ordered a few to try because I think they’ll be going strong into spring. I’m also being mindful of tops that work with that silhouette, and ordering those when I see them. So far, I’m falling a bit short in that area.

I have coated denim jeans that I like and plan to keep wearing, but I don’t see myself adding a leather blazer to my wardrobe because I don’t wear blazers. I love the idea of a faux leather dress or top, though, so I’m keeping my eye out for one of those.

That said, dresses are hard for me, and faux leather tops sound cold, so yeah… not sure about that! I do want to wear my leather bomber and faux leather puffer more this winter, though.

And while I love the chunky scarves, I haven’t ordered any bold colors. I tend to stick to my neutral favorites because they feel more elegant to me.

How about you? Are you planning to add any of these winter fashion trends to your wardrobe this season?

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26 thoughts on “5 Wearable Winter 2023 Fashion Trends to Try

  1. I am loving the wide-legged denim trend. I think I’ve mentioned in comments before, that the Mother Tomcat Roller is my absolute favorite. I’ve ordered a few pair since it’s all I am reaching for these days. This is amazing and the length is perfect for chunky boots, flats or a heeled boot…..even retro sneakers! Cannot wait to see Good America ones you’ve ordered. We are currently having a very odd off season thunderstorm here in Ohio….could be heading your way for later.

  2. Great article about colors and styles trending. I have a pair of wide leg jeans that I purchased in the fall, but struggle to find a way to wear them that does not add pounds to my 5’3″ rectangle/straight shape. I just folded and put them in the donate bag this week, so will pull them out and keep trying. I do have a couple of the long thick scarves that I wear with a leather jacket and it warms the outfit up and makes the grocery shopping more stylish. Thanks for all your work with these articles. Have a blessed week.

  3. I think I will wear the bright colors and probably big scarves. If I find a wide ( not TOO wide) in a petite length, I would be willing to try it, but I don’t have high hopes for that. Puffer boots—no, but I have several lug sole that work for me. I even ordered a white Dr. Martens to try, but not the lace up. My granddaughter wears those, and I need to be careful. But I am willing to try new things. That’s what helps to keep you from looking frumpy. Thank you for this winter style update!

  4. None of these trends go with my casual lifestyle (I am retired). And since I live in the south a scarf is off the table. Sometimes I don’t even wear a coat. I am 61 years old I don’t think the wide-legged denim trend is for me. But it’s cute on young people. I saw one young woman wearing them with a crop top and sneakers. She was looked cute.

  5. Great post! I actually have those TNF “puffer” boots, but in black/w white sole. I actually bought them two winters ago and they still look amazing! Super comfortable and warm, too. I walk my dogs in them almost daily. I also have those Sorel Joan II in that color you posted arriving today to see if I like them. I have some original Joans that I’ve all but worn out! Such a great boot. I’ll probably add a bright blue or pink something to my wardrobe for the blahs of February. 🙂

  6. Great post! I love pink and am looking for a true cool pink, not that hideous pink/peach/beige noncolor that I often see. But I don’t want fuchsia either! I have been finding more purple, my favorite color. I like green too, but avoid blue (except in jeans) because I wear blue scrubs at work and that’s enough for me!

    I have 2 leather jackets, a leather coat (a great find at a thrift store!) and coated jeans so I’m good there. I’m intrigued by the puffer boots. I’m not sure about wide-leg jeans but I will keep an open mind. I do have an oversized oblong scarf that is several years old so I’m good there.

    I agree that a leather top would probably be too cold for me! 😄

    1. I’ve owned a couple leather tops before. One was a very lightweight natural deerskin leather and the other a faux leather. The were both WAY too hot once you wore them for a very short while. They never felt cold.

  7. I ordered the Rails Bright Pink Sweater when you shared the link a few days ago. I have it on today, gorgeous bright color (my 31 yr old son, even commented on how bright it was), material is soft, it does run a little big, I ordered a size down and fit is perfect.

  8. Maybe these winter trends are a glimpse into Spring? Maybe the wide leg jeans will shrink for warmer months? Hmmm, as an “hourglass” shaped woman I find that wide leg anything can be hard to pull off but I LOVE the look. I feel a self imposed tantrum coming on when I see other woman wearing wide leg pants with ease, but I am still going to try. I can’t wait to see what you’ve ordered! The Rails sweater is super cute. Why don’t you do blazers? I would think you have a perfect “blazer” foundation (I really want to try a Veronica Beard Dickey Blazer but I am not sure I can justify the cost). As for the puffer shoes/boots – I have a pair of Sorel from 4 years ago and I love them! They’re navy blue with a velcro closure strap. They are extremely warm and I reach for them when I need something quick to throw on but then I live in a very cold and snowy climate so fashionable footwear sometimes takes a backseat for warmth and waterproof ease. Cheers – Happy Thursday!

    1. I’m with you on the wide legs being hard to pull off… I’m going to try a few but I can’t see myself embracing them. I could be wrong, tho.

      Blazers just always feel too restricting and/or too corporate for me, even when I try to dress them down with a t-shirt and jeans. Plus with a short neck and broad shoulders, they always make me look bulky.

  9. Well I’m definitely on board with some of these winter trends as I already have some in my closet! I don’t have a lot of bold colors though and as we move into February and March we still have a lot of winter left but I would like to add some color to beat the winter blahs… Avara has a nice red and pink sweater I’ve been eyeing so I may pull the trigger on that! I wish Evereve shipped to Canada as I love the thermal you’ve ordered. Thanks for the update!

  10. I have to say, the bog scarves with just a regular outfit looks so weird to me. But to each their own. I agree,I would be so cold in a leather top LOL.
    I love the wider leg pants, its a nice change. I think you could do the rails sweater with a wide leg jean or pant.
    Love all your posts! Thank you! 🙂

  11. My granddaughter wears wide leg pants with fitted cropped tops. She is thin and they look great on her. I tried a pair on but they made me look bigger than I am so I’m going to stick with straight or bootcut. Those Madewell jeans don’t look very wide though. 🤔

    Puffer boots are a definite no. I like a more stream lined look, besides in the PNW we get more rain than snow.

    I have a few leather jackets but will pass on tops and dresses. Too stiff, I would think. I like soft materials against my skin.

    I’m trying to introduce more color into my wardrobe. I’m a neutral loving girl, both in clothes and decor, but decided color would give me a boost. So, I’m here for all the colors!

  12. I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find my two leather shirts were actually warm and cozy on the inside. They are not the same leather inside but are soft and really warm to wear! So don’t rule them out.

  13. While I like the wide legged jeans, I don’t wear fitted tops, so I guess that I will have to sit that one out. I already have some bright pink and blue tops in my closet, so I will try to wear them, if we have more cold temps.

  14. Thanks for an excellent post! I already have a leather blazer, which I love, wide legged pants (trousers and jeans), and chunky boots, which I wear all the time. I love bright colors on others, but just don’t wear them, so I have stopped wasting my money. I would love a chunky scarf, but I can’t wear wool and don’t care for acrylics…I’ve been looking for a cotton scarf, but haven’t found “the one” yet.

  15. I just came back from a trip to Europe and saw many wearing puddle pants and scarves similar to the Free People Skye Stripe you linked. We seem to always be a year behind the French and Italian!

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