Army Green and Black

One of my favorite color combinations is army green and black. You can probably tell that from my blog design. It has a edgy chic vibe that I love.


You can tell how cold it was the day we took these pictures — my eyes were watering, and my nose is red! Haha! So this outfit is actually from my winter capsule. We photographed it a few weeks ago. I figured I better get it posted because everyone is thinking spring, and winter clothes are starting to sell out.

These high-waist skinny utility pants are from LOFT, and they are really comfortable. They’re currently on sale for $41. My black and white striped top is old, but this one is similar and only $10!!

My black vest is pretty much sold out, but if you’re an XXS or an XL, you’re in luck! It really is a great vest. I am so glad I discovered it. It’s warm but not bulky, and it lays nicely in front, a combination that is hard to find in a down vest.




I accessorized with gold and carried a grey bag with gold accents. My Dalton Pendant is a great piece that goes with so much.


My ankle boots are sold out, but these are similar.


LOFT High Waist Skinny Utility Pants on sale for $41 | similar striped tee $10 | J.Crew Quilted Down Vest $99 | similar booties $159 | R Minkoff Mini MAC $198 | Dalton Initial Pendant $76 | Nails: CND Field Fox

It’s a balmy 41 degrees here in Philly this morning, so I’m going out for a run! I haven’t been out in over a week, so this might be a rough one. I’m eager to get back on track. Heh. See what I did there??

But seriously, my physical AND emotional health need it. Weight-lifting is awesome for building strength and bone health, but cardio is food for the heart and soul.

Have a great weekend!!

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11 Responses

  1. Love the black and white paired with the army green. And, they look great on you. I hear ya about getting outdoors. We have had some mild days this week, however I am stuck in with a nasty cold. UGH!!

  2. “Cardio is good for the heart and soul,”…I couldn’t agree more! Precisely why I ran this morning rather than take the day off like a typical Satuday! Hope your run was a good one too! Cute outfit, as always! 🙂

  3. Jolynne,
    I love your posts and look forward to yours and Cindys. I loved your winter clothing capsul. Do you have any suggestions/ thoughts on coats? I live in Massachusettes. I feel like I need 25 different coats in my closet. Does anyone else feel this way? How many coats are in your closets girls? I’m trying to simplify my winter coats!

    1. Hey Karen. I have like 10 coats! LOL. I have 2 peacoats (grey and red.) Admittedly, the red doesn’t get worn a ton, but I do like having a pretty color coat. I have 3 long puffer coats – black, grey, and silver. I wouldn’t have bought the silver but it was gifted from a brand this year. The other two – one is lighter and I wear it most of the time. The black one is super heavy duty, and I save it for the coldest days. So those are my main winter coats. I could get away with 1 peacoat and 1 puffer if I had to. Then I have a leather jacket, a casual rain coat, 3 dressy raincoats (2 are super old and probably should be given away.) All that to say, I think when you live in a climate like this, you do need a variety of coats. I also have an old (like 15 years old) LL Bean parka that I could also part with. It’s casual – like a ski coat. But I don’t ski. 😉 I also have a couple fatigue jackets – one heavier than the other – that I wear mostly in fall. Phew!! You are not alone. 🙂

  4. Very cute outfit! I love the pop of gold from the pendant and the color combo is great for the season. Here in the midwest where the weather is constantly changing a variety of coats are a must. Yesterday it was 65, today 45. Spring is coming! Thanks for posting.

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