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Last year at the BlogHer in San Diego, I was introduced to the skincare brand, Mama Mio at a quiet after hours party hosted by my friends Nicole and Andrea. For some reason, while I liked the story behind the products, I didn’t end up using them.

This year, I entered the CAbi Style Suite (one of the best off-site events I attended this year, by the way — and also hosted by Nicole and Andrea) and after trying on some clothes (and picking out a few new pieces for my fall wardrobe, thank you, CAbi!) I headed straight up to the room where they were providing hand and arm massages. Cause I’m nobody’s dummy!

They took one touch of my skin and exclaimed, “Wow, you are DRY!”

Yes, even in the dead of summer with 110% humidity in NYC, I have aligator skin. Lucky me.

They were demonstrating their OMega Body Oil and Super-Rich Body Cream by applying one to one arm and one to the other. After spoiling me with a lovely hand and arm massage, she insisted that I take a Body Oil with me because my skin is so super dry.

I loved both products, but I was particularly taken in by the fresh scent and the coolness of the body cream. Nevertheless, I happily slipped the proffered Body Oil in my bag because I’ll take any dry skin help I can get.

Since I had left home without body lotion, I dug the Body Oil out of my bag and used it the next day. It was the day I wore my shorts, so I definitely needed lotion. I couldn’t stop touching my legs all day, I’m so serious! It is an oil, but it isn’t greasy. It immediately soaks into your skin and feels great all day long. I’ve been using it daily ever since, and I am in love.

Best of all. THIS.

I’ve been wanting to work more natural skincare products into my life, and this seems like a great place to start! Mama Mio’s OMega Body Oil is definitely going to be a staple in my bathroom closet from now on!

This post was not sponsored, and I am not affiliated with Mama Mio in any way . . . unfortunately! I’m linking up with All Things Chic and their Best of Beauty blog linkup.

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