Catching Up

I’m DYING to dive into my Bloglines feeds and catch up with everyone.  I feel so out of touch.  But I also am out of touch with life here at home, and that has to take priority of course. 

I can’t wait to go to church tomorrow and see everyone.  We’ve missed the last two Sundays.  I have plans this week to get together with friends who I haven’t seen in weeks.  And I have to get my act together for fall.  I have three birthdays (my kids were born in October, November, and December) as well as all the major holidays on the horizon. 

My first fall project is to catch up on my scrapbooks.  I have never been further behind, and I think I’m starting to twitch.  Therefore I am designating this coming week as Scrapbook Catchup Week — anyone want to join me? 

I have spent this evening going through my digital pictures from the last few months, and I’m going to place a very large order with Snapfish before I go to bed tonight.  I already have a stack in my closet waiting to be cropped and pasted in albums, and I plan to get started on those as soon as the baby goes down for her nap on Monday afternoon.

I also intend to get back on track with my 8 Weeks to Optimum Health commitment this week.  And besides that, I just need to resume reasonable eating habits.  The waistbands of all my pants are straining from the gluttony of the past two weeks, but ironically my stomach aches have abated for the time being.  I have to wonder if it is the Activa yogurt I have been eating.  They swear your stomach pain will disappear if you eat it daily for two weeks, and it is remarkable, considering my eating habits over the past two weeks, that I have had no gastritis or gerd symptoms at all. 

I have been enjoying my daily cup of coffee immensely, even though I feel like somewhat of a failure for taking back up the habit.  At least I can rest in the knowledge that I did beat it.  I got over the hump and wasn’t dreading living the rest of my life without it, and now I know I can kick the habit if I need to.  But life sure is more pleasurable with it, I can tell you that much.

The last item on my agenda this week is to reenact the No Frivolous Spending Policy of the first three months of this year.  It’s not going to be easy this time of year — with three birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas in the next four months — but I am determined to do it.

So.  Back to my original point about feeling behind and out of touch on everyone’s blogs.  I will be coming around to visit again.  And if you are a new commenter, I will be visiting you too.  Just not tonight.  Or tomorrow.  But soon. 

And in the meantime, all I have to do is lose five pounds, stop spending, catch up on scrapbooking, get my kids ready to go back to school, and get our family into the school routine.  That’s all. 

Piece of cake, right?