Cause It’s Never Too Early To Think About Christmas. Or So I Thought.


I used to be one of those annoyingly prepared people who had my Christmas cards bought and addressed and stamped by September 30 and mailed out on December 1. 

And then I had three kids. 

And now I’m lucky if I get a decent snapshot of the three of them or the five of us and stick it in an envelope and mail it out by December 23.  Every year I stress until I get The Picture.  Last year I remember posting here on the blog a series of photos that was the result of our third Christmas card photo shoot effort.  I think we had three photo shoots with approximately 50 shots from each until we finally got The Picture.

That was stressful, yall.  And that is stress I do. not. need.

But guess what?  This year is gonna be different.  You wanna know why?  Come on, I know you wanna know.

This year is different because it’s not even the end of August and I ALREADY HAVE THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!

So you know I’m all about organizing my life and getting my affairs in order for fall, right?  So I thought, wouldn’t it be AWESOME if I ordered my Christmas cards and got them all addressed and everything before the end of September??  And I’d be DONE!!!  Wouldn’t that be GREAT!?

So I clicked over to Snapfish to make up my photo card, and would you believe they do not have any Christmas card designs available right now?  I mean, I know it’s August and all, but seriously, the stores already have Halloween candy for sale.  And you know the malls will be decorated for Christmas by the end of September.  It’s not too far-fetched to order my Christmas cards, is it? 

But evidently it is.  Because there are NO Christmas designs available.  I checked out the Kodak Gallery, and they don’t have any available either!  Unbelievable. 

But then I scored Christmas photo cards when I visited Shutterfly.  Unfortunately there isn’t a design I’m really crazy about, but I think I’m just gonna bite the bullet and order them anyway. 

Because what do you wanna bet that if I wait, I will procrastinate until it’s December 20, and then I’ll have to pay extra to rush my order, and I’ll be up till 2AM one night addressing Christmas cards so I can get them in the mail before New Years Eve.  You KNOW that’s what will happen. 

So I’ll just settle for what’s available and then I can sit back and relax all nice and smug and self-satisfied.  And then I’ll be laughing and pointing at the rest of you when you’re scrambling in December to get ready for Christmas.  Because I’m a supportive friend like that.

UPDATE:  Jennifer got me to thinking, with her comment on this post, about family pix versus pix of just the kids.  Personally, I much prefer to receive photos of the whole family, particularly when the card is from someone I don’t see regularly.  I used to send photos of just my kids, but now I send them of the whole family.  What is your preference?  Just kids?  Or whole family??