Coffee Talk 04.30.23

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Good morning! It’s been a quiet weekend over here with no high school music events, no appointments, and no travel… well, not for me, anyway. Paul went out of town to visit a friend, so there are just three of us puttering around the house.

It was a busy week after a whirlwind trip to Boston last weekend, so I was ready to slow down and take it easy for a few days. The weather’s been dreary and rainy, so I just stayed home and made a big pot of homemade chili and caught up on laundry and a few computer projects that have been hanging over my head.

I spent some time preparing my Bible Study for Tuesday, and I finally got around to putting together our 2021 family photo book. I hope to tackle 2022 this afternoon, since I’m on a roll with that. I also took a nap yesterday!

It felt really good, but I can only do a day or two of puttering around the house, and I start to go stir crazy. I’m ready to get dressed up and go to church this morning.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of April! Soon Caroline will be home for the summer, and David’s college graduation is just two weeks away. I know he’s ready to be done, and honestly, so am I. I thought his college years were going to fly, but with the disruption of Covid, it feels like he’s been in college for ten years, not five, haha!

He’s been applying for jobs, but not very aggressively, since he’s going to do summer camp one more year and then we have our trip to Italy. He’ll figure out his next steps after that.

Becca, on the other hand, is not so ready for her school year to end. She has so many good friends who are seniors, and she’s going to miss them, but hopefully they’ll get together a lot over the summer. They still have a couple more fun Jazz Band events this spring, so they’re not done yet, but things are definitely winding down for her too.

I’m kind of bummed that my arm isn’t getting better. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for active release therapy, which usually works when this happens, but he thinks I might have a tear in my rotator cuff this time. I tell ya, if it’s not one thing, it’s another, am I right?

I have an appointment with an orthopedist in a couple weeks, so I’ll just baby it until then and try not to do any further damage. It sounds like there isn’t much besides surgery that can be done for it, if that’s what this is, and no way do I have time for that! I know, I’m getting ahead of myself. I just need to wait and see what the doctor says,

In the meantime, I’m going to start practicing my talk-to-text skills. Or maybe I’ll start dictating my blog posts to Amy, haha!

Have a blessed Sunday, and stay dry out there!

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24 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 04.30.23

  1. I have the same question as Melissa! Will you tell us more about your photo book? I still have photos in albums and need to get going on that project. My eldest son has suggested I give all photos to a local company to scan.

    1. You can do that. I had that done for some of my old photo albums. I take most of my pictures with my iPhone so they’re already in the Photos app. I’ve been using the photo books from Photos (formerly iPhoto) for years.

      1. Thank you! I use my iPhone for photos and have many that I could take care of by year now. I must take care of the photos that are in albums and bins. It should have been my 2020 project! Thank you for your kind response.

  2. I ended up with a broken wrist and surgery on it this year! I really didn’t have time for the surgery but in the end my wrist works better than ever! There are so many possibilities to work around these things! Good luck! Summer will be great no matter what!

  3. I tore my rotator cuff…actually both of them Eventually, as soon as one healed the other went…I was lucky and it was a minimal tear but still very painful but…I didn’t need surgery, just physio so maybe hopefully you will be as lucky.
    Also as a tip for other readers who maybe don’t have an iPhone…I use picaboo for my photo books and have also used shutterfly in past and they both produce great books.

  4. I feel your pain. I had rotator cuff surgery last year. I’ll keep you in prayers that you will heal quickly.

  5. Have you tried Physical Therapy for your shoulder? Also you can find exercises online that may help.
    I hope it feels better.

  6. Can you share more about how you go about preparing your family yearbook? Do you use a particular company like Shutterfly, Walmart?

  7. Hi Jolynne, I was diagnosed with a partial tear in both rotator and bicep and PT definitely helps. But it takes a long time and consistency (2 months 2xs/week and doing exercises on my own too) but anything to avoid surgery. Sending prayers!

  8. Did you do yearly photo books when your kids were little? I have so many photo albums and thought maybe I should do something different. Who do you use for it?

  9. I feel for you, I tore my rotator cuff during a wake board incident (no surgery just pt), very painful hopefully it is just inflamed and not a tear which is still painful & surgery is the absolute last thing they want to do. I would do ice & heat daily (get the blood circulating) and a really great guy to look up on YouTube is Dr. Kelly Starrett, he has several videos for shoulder injuries (free). If you don’t know him, he is a famous cross fit trainer and doctor of physical therapy, has written several books all specializing in mobility and his website is the Ready State

  10. It is good for us to slow down every now and then. Good luck with your arm/shoulder. I’ve had the full blown rotator cuff surgery, as well as a clean up on the same shoulder. IF a torn rotator cuff is the problem, surgery is the only way to correct it, followed with grueling therapy. It’s worth it though! With your upcoming family trip to Italy, all of you have something exciting to look forward too this summer. Have a blessed day!

  11. I had the shoulder stuff going on, so I can identify with your discomfort. I don’t know the exact nature of your problem & am not a doctor, but physical therapy fixed my situation & it’s now in the rearview mirror. Keep the faith that you’ll get better!

  12. Jo-Lynn, talk to a sports medicine specialist about Stem Cell Injections in your rotator cuff. I’m a very active 63 year old, Both of my knees were bad, and I was looking at total knee replacement on one and surgery on the other. I had stem cell injections on both in June 2022 and am about 80% healed. They inject blood cells taken from your stomach area and mix with your own bone marrow into the injured area. It is an outpatient process, performed with just numbing in your shoulder, and you go home as soon as you’re done. The healing process is a longer time frame as far as complete results, but currently I can definitely tell major improvement. I was advised I will continue to heal for 2 years, and if I continue with the strengthening exercises, the results should last several years. Before Stem Cell I could not take stairs, even small steps onto a low porch. Now I am back to walking 2-3 miles a day and stairs are nothing to take. Plus I no longer ache at night to the point I couldn’t sleep. I have some friends that had stem cell on their rotator cuff and it helped them tremendously. I highly recommend Stem Cell. Maybe google it and gets some information. The doctor that performed mine was amazing and will only take you if he is 100% certain it will be a success. The only downfall your insurance probably will not cover the cost. Just a suggestion, and I’m glad I listened to the ones that told me to look into it. Good luck

  13. Don’t despair yet! I had a mild but painful rotator cuff tear that was treated with a single cortisone shot and exercise, and it’s been fine for several years now.

  14. I tore my rotator cuff and rehabbed it. Weight lifting specifically for my shoulders worked wonders. Good luck. It can be very painful.

  15. I’m so sorry about your shoulder. This is just for your info and it may not relate. My friend who needs knee replacement but doesn’t want it, got ozone therapy for the pain. She could barely walk but is now walking with no bad pain. She did have two treatments. It’s done by alternative medicine doctors. A doctor here in my town is a MD but practices outside insurance companies. My friend had her treatment at her house. Maybe you can research it at least for the pain .🙏

  16. Oh no….just read this….I’m behind reading and hearing about your arm. I sure hope its not torn. I don’t know how you’d do your blog. That would be a challenge huh? We can’t do without you. But, like you said one day at a time and see what the doctor says. It does seem like when you get older its one thing after another. I can’t believe David has already done 5 yrs. crazy.

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