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I hope everyone’s having a good weekend. It’s been a strange one for me because my son is away on a school trip, and I always feel like I’m missing an appendage when one of my kids is gone overnight.

It’s been a good one, though, despite the rain and gloomy weather. We bought flowers and got them planted in the front yard yesterday morning before the weather took a turn. I was so glad to rip out the yellow pansies that have been there since early last fall. They were all overgrown, and I prefer to have an assortment of colors so I was ready to get something fresh in there. I got hanging plants, porch planters, and a couple flats of annuals for the flower beds. It finally looks like summer out front!

summer flowers

Last night we went to dinner with friends. It was raining pretty steadily by then, so I spent about 30 minutes trying to decide what to wear. I realized that I have almost all open toed shoes for summer. Besides sneakers, I only have 2 pairs of closed toe shoes, and they’re both pumps. I cannot walk in the leopard ones at all. I just keep them in my closet to put with an occasional outfit for the blog and because I love them so much I can’t bear to part with them. I can barely walk in the nude ones, so I’m only  keeping them until I find something better. I need to remedy this situation.

I also realized that I don’t have a neutral rain coat. I didn’t want to wear my bright pink one last night. It seemed like overkill, and I didn’t want to wear my sporty one out to dinner. What kind of fashion blogger am I, anyway? So I’m on the lookout for a neutral all-occasion rain coat and a pair of pumps I can walk in. Those are my shopping goals for this week.

So anyway, I settled for this outfit. I did go ahead and wear sandals even though it was cold and rainy. Fortunately our restaurant had a car port so I didn’t get too wet, and they do have a decent sized platform to keep my feet off the ground. I was chilly, but I made do.

spring date night outfit featuring Lush Woven Tee and White DL1961 Florence Skinny Jeans in Milk

Lush Cuff Sleeve Woven Tee ($20!!!) // white DL1961 Florence skinnies // Lexington wedges (similar)
Fitbit Bracelet // similar tassel pendant // Pave Sphinx Cuff & Ring (my Stella & Dot)

I’m also aware that 22 Days of Summer Fashion starts in 10 days, so I need to get the rest of my summer clothes out of the attic and take inventory and start planning outfits. I didn’t bring everything down when I switched out winter clothes for spring back in February because I knew I wouldn’t need my summeriest stuff for a long time and I didn’t want the visual clutter in my closet. I really like having a closet for each of the 4 seasons, rather than just 2 general seasons. It’s easier to decide what to wear when everything in my closet is something I can wear right now, but it is extra work, so there’s that.

I was discharged from PT (again, lol) so I suddenly feel like I have more hours in the day. It’s amazing how time consuming it is to go to therapy 2x a week, and it doesn’t help that my PT of choice is almost a half hour away.

It feels good to be running and working out regularly again, and I finally got my Fitbit set up so I can hold myself accountable to moving on the days that I don’t run. My doctor and PT agree that the only reason I keep having issues with my ankles and knees is because I get stiff sitting at my desk so much. I can easily sit at my desk for 5-6 hours without getting up. I am my own worst enemy, I know this. I just hate to be interrupted when I’m in the zone! So I need to be diligent about moving and stretching regularly so I don’t get re-injured. I also want to pick up a yoga class, but I keep procrastinating.

On the work front, I’ve been going back through my blog archives and updating/deleting everything. It’s quite a job, but I know when the kids are home from school this summer, I’ll have a lot less time to work so I’m trying to get this done now while I have some extra time on my hands. It’s supposed to improve the quality of my site and make it perform better and also help it rank higher in Google search results — all that techy stuff that I don’t really understand but I have to keep up with if I want my website to stay “healthy.”

As the school year winds down, we are starting to plan our summer vacations and firm up the kids’ camp schedules. I’m debating whether or not we should join our pool again. I felt like we hardly used it last year, and the cost per visit was pretty staggering if I calculate it out. Still, I like having the option, so we shall see. I need to make that decision soon!

That’s about it for me. Pretty boring stuff. I like boring, though. Boring means no drama, no medical crises, no anxiety, and no angst. I’ll enjoy the lull because we all know how life has a way of changing things up on you just when you get comfortable with the status quo.

I’m excited to get my son back later today, and I’m looking forward to going to church this morning. Between travel and sick kids, I feel like I haven’t been there in months. And maybe I’ll find a way to fit in that nap that I never got around to taking yesterday. One can always hope, right?

Enjoy your Sunday!

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12 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. Jolynn been wanting to tell you, you look great! It looks like you have lost some weight. Anyway…love the outfit…have a great day!

  2. You made me laugh when you said—what kind of fashion blogger am I? And I’d say, a normal, real one! I’m the same way with open toed summer shoes—because that ‘s what I Iove when it comes to summer! Luckily we don’t have many rainy days—but when we do, I’ll let my tootsie get wet, just for the sake of looking good (but I’ll throw on a jacket!!)
    I would have totally worn the pink coat—-I love pink & olive green together!!
    Happy Sunday Jo-Lynne!

  3. Oh, you have shoes you don’t chuck out but can’t wear too! Do we all do that? I try my can’t wear shoes now and then in the hope they’ve stretched or shrunk but the shoe fairy never visits. Still I don’t donate them but keep them cluttering my shoe space.

  4. You are so right about not having closed-toed shoes for spring! I’m in Delaware so it’s been cold and rainy for . . . weeks? Months? I feel dark and clunky in my fall/winter booties, but my feet are cold (and wet) in my open-toed sandals. And it seems silly to be running through the rain in sandals. If it’s just one rainy day, I’ll often go with the casual athletic look and wear sneakers, but with day after day of rain, what DOES one wear on their feet in April in May? I changed outfits 3 times to go to church this morning because of the cold and rain.

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    It’s nice to hear that you too, have things missing in your closet. ???? Reading you and a few other bloggers for more than a year now, I’m trying to get better at shopping and fill the gaps that have meant I only wear a fraction of my closet. In definitely improving, but still have lots to learn. The biggest ‘game-changer’ for me was finding a great pair of skinnies and buying several pairs, in denim and off white/cream. (I used to stick to boot cuts). That was totally inspired by you and your outfits and advice. It has changed how I wear a lot of things, I look so much more current, and I am having so much more fun with fashion. In not at the saving money stage yet as I’ve got gaps to fill, but I’m getting a lot more use out of what I do have.
    The other great change was updating my jewellery-have a few pieces from Stella and Dot now. Thank you! I read you daily!
    PS-any views on Ralph Lauren jewellery? Been online surfing and quite like it, but have never tried any or seen for real.
    Oh, and I hope you manage to close those gaps invyourxwatdrobe ????

    1. I haven’t worn much Ralph Lauren jewelry, but I do love their dresses! I’m so glad I converted you to skinnies! I still love a good bootcut, but skinnies and straight legs are so much more versatile. 🙂

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