Coffee Talk 12.17.17

Greetings, friends! How is your weekend going? Ours has been amazingly uneventful considering it’s the weekend before Christmas. Yes, I realize Christmas isn’t actually until NEXT Monday, but next weekend is going to feel like Christmas Weekend so this is really the last weekend to do all the things that need to be done if we’re going to enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

Our middle child has a birthday on Christmas Eve, so the few days before Christmas are always a little more exciting and chaotic than they would otherwise be, and we will be traveling so add that to the mix. I’m trying not to dread it, but really, it’s a lot. I know that once I get to my parents’ house, I’ll be so happy we did it. I just have to get there. My mom always goes all out decorating for Christmas, my brother and his gang will be around too, and it will be so nice to enjoy her home and be with my family.

All that to say, this weekend truly was our last weekend to tie up loose ends before the festivities begin.

My girls were asking to go shopping yesterday, so against my better judgement, I obliged. We started at Panera for sustenance. I always get their Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken, and the girls love their mac-and-cheese.

Then we did a Target run for various and sundry items, and I was able to tie up a few last minute Christmas gifts.

After that, we hit up Payless and struck gold for shoes to go with their holiday dresses for next weekend. Shopping with tween and teenagers for dresses and dress shoes should be a punishment for crimes against humanity, just sayin’.

Either the dresses are too skimpy, they look cheap, or they are dowdy and the kids don’t want to wear them. They are all too old or too young or too flimsy or too . . . something. And why are the dresses in the children’s and junior’s departments all so short!?!

We finally resorted to the women’s department at Kohl’s for my older daughter. After placing three consecutive orders, yes, THREE, we found something that works for her.

My younger daughter is the hardest because at 12 years old, she still gravitates to kids’ styles, but she’s the size of an adult. We couldn’t find a thing for her this year that we both agreed on. Not. A. Thing. So she’s just going to wear a sweater dress from last year. It’s kind of small on her, but she wears leggings with it, and it works. I know, it sounds crazy, but since we had that option, we just gave up on finding something new. Thankfully she was happy with that solution.

So then. Once you find that needle in a haystack — the one dress you can both agree on — you’d think your ordeal should be over, but no. Because then you have to find shoes . . .

They’re used to living in boots and sneakers, so to find a dress shoe they deem comfortable and attractive is quite a tall order. And of course they always want the heels.

I was shocked and delighted when we were able to satisfy both of them in one location. AND we actually all agreed on the purchases. It’s a Christmas miracle! #thankyouPayless

No, this is not an ad. I used to work with Payless, but it’s been over a year since I had any work from them. Payless has been my go-to shoe store for the kids since they were in children’s sizes. (They both wear women’s sizes now!)

Thank goodness my son is easy. I just ordered him a new sweater from Gap, he already has khakis and loafers, and he’s set.

We finished off the excursion with a quick stop into CVS for things we couldn’t find at Target, and then I got my car washed on the way home. That was a necessity because after 3 back to back snow events, I couldn’t see out of my backup camera, my rear view window, or my rear view mirrors.

I always feel like a new woman when I have a freshly washed car. It’s almost as good as opening a new pair of pantyhose. Ha!

It was actually a really nice day, and I’m glad we girls got to spend some time together, even if we were just doing mundane errands.

I always think we should try to do more festive activities this time of year and take advantage of the events our area has to offer, but we’re always so busy doing the stuff we have to do that we don’t make time for fun stuff. Does anyone else feel that way?

Maybe we should go out one night this week and drive around looking at Christmas lights. We used to have fun doing that.

We do have my son’s holiday band concert to look forward to this week, and that’s always nice. They play lots of traditional music and end the night with the Hallelujah Chorus and invite us all to stand and sing along. I love that.

So anyway, I’m sure that is way more than you really cared to know about my life, and now it’s time to get ready for church. I’ll be in the nursery today so I’m not getting too gussied up, but I suppose it would be nice if I put on makeup and did something with this hair.

What I’d really like to do is go for a nice leisurely run, but my ankle is still on the mend. I haven’t been running in over a week, and I’m starting to get antsy. I’ve really had a hard time getting back into routine this year. First I had that vertigo for a month back in the summer, then I had the whole wisdom tooth debacle that had me out for another couple of weeks in the fall, and now this ankle is acting up. (I’m on steroids and anti-inflammatories, and I’m definitely starting to feel some improvement, but I don’t dare go running on it just yet.)

I tell ya, getting old is for the birds. But, as they say, it beats the alternative! That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and all that.

No, seriously, I know of so many people going through really tough physical issues, and I’m sincerely grateful for overall good health and well-being. It’s such a blessing to be strong and active. I know I may not always have the benefit of that, but I try to appreciate it while I have it.

So on that sobering note, I’ll wish you all a happy and very blessed Sunday!