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Good morning, and happy Monday! Today I have a look I’m calling a New Year’s Eve party outfit, but it would work for any type of holiday event that calls for a festive sweater, black jeans, and pumps.

New Year's Eve party outfit with White House Black Market plum sequined pullover, black AG skinny jeans, and suede d'orsay pumps.

I was immediately drawn to this sequin pullover when I saw it on the White House Black Market website. It’s elegant but also wearable. It seems like so many holiday tops this year are difficult to wear — whether they’re off the shoulder, one shoulder, or sleeveless (brrrr…)

This is just a simple pullover, but the flattering cut and the addition of the sequins make it extra special.

New Year's Eve party outfit with plum sequined pullover and black jeans

The back is plain, but the sweater has metallic threads throughout that keeps it looking dressy and festive from all angles.

I also like how it has an even hemline with a slightly banded waist — not too tight, but it allows you to place it where you want it and flatters the waistline. For size reference, I’m wearing the small.

You may notice my skin-colored bra is showing through the sweater. I had no idea until I started editing these pictures! #ooops

The sweater doesn’t seem thin, and I doubt it would show in real life, but sometimes the camera picks up on that sort of thing. All that to say, I will definitely wear a darker bra next time, and I’d recommend doing the same.

New Year's Eve party outfit with plum sequined pullover

This sweater has been 40% off for a few days, along with the entire White House Black Market website, but that ended last night. I woke up this morning, and it is now 50% off!!!

If you ordered it at 40%, I apologize. I had no idea it would go on a deeper discount, and WHBM doesn’t do this deep of a discount very often.

At any rate, if you like it, grab it . . . although now I also see that sizes are extremely limited. #igiveup

New Year's Eve party outfit with plum sequined pullover

Oh well, the show must go on!

For this New Year’s Eve party outfit, I paired my sequin pullover with black jeans because I’ve already done holiday looks with coated denim and black dress pants, but this sweater would be gorgeous with either of those alternatives, depending on the look you’re going for.

If you want a more conservative look for a company party or maybe an event at church, go for the pants. If you want an edgier vibe, the coated denim would really take this look up a notch. My favorite DL1961 Emma coated jeans are 45% off now at Nordstrom!

New Year's Eve party outfit with plum sequined pullover, black jeans, and suede d'orsay pumps

I have a pair of pumps that are almost the exact color of this sweater, but I thought that might be too matchy-matchy so I went with these d’orsay pumps with the ankle strap. These are an old favorite from Lucky Brand, but I’ve linked some similar options at the end of this post.

I love pumps with an ankle strap because I find them so much easier to walk in than traditional pumps. Plus, a d’orsay pump is super flattering, and then add the pointed toe, and you’ve got a winning combination!

D'Orsay pumps with black skinny jeans

As far as the black jeans go, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been wanting to find a new pair of go-to black jeans that don’t slide down, and I finally bit the bullet and ordered these AG ankle legging jeans in super black. Normally I wait for a sale, but I had some Amazon bucks to spend and I’m really tired of hiking up my Frame skinnies that I usually wear when I want to wear a dressier pair of black jeans.

These fit like all of my other AG ankle legging jeans, and I love them. The black wash is very dark and inky, perfect for when I want a dressier look with the comfort of jeans.

New Year's Eve party outfit with plum sequined pullover, black jeans, and suede d'orsay pumps

I wore these Kendra Scott earrings with the bordeaux tiger’s eye. I thought they were fun because they coordinate so well with the sweater, but a bigger, more glitzy earring would look great with this.

It all depends on your venue and the look you’re going for, but generally the dressier you want to be, the bigger and shinier your accessories should be. With a New Year’s Eve party outfit, I’d probably go with something a little more glam.

New Year's Eve party outfit with plum sequined pullover and Kendra Scott Lyn Drop Earrings

I also wore 3 gold bangles that aren’t super dressy, but I felt like they worked since I was toning down the look with plain black jeans and my earrings aren’t that sparkly. I wanted something gold since the earrings are gold, and I don’t have many dressier options to choose from.

I also switched to a more delicate watch than the one I normally wear, but it’s an old one that is no longer for sale… just something to consider when doing a dressy look. Sometimes I just opt for no watch.

New Year's Eve party outfit with plum sequined pullover and black jeans

I’ve said before that I often leave accessories to an afterthought, and that’s not really the way to do it. Accessories can really make an outfit, and in this case, I think I could have found something better if I’d shopped for it, but I just used what I had.

It works, though, and this sweater is exactly the kind of piece I tend to keep for years and wear once or twice a season — changing out the pants and accessories as needed depending on the formality of the event.

New Year's Eve party outfit with White House Black Market plum sequined pullover, black AG skinny jeans, and suede d'orsay pumps.

sequin sweater (50% off) // AG legging ankle jeans in super black // similar d’orsay pumps; also at Nordstrom (other options with ankle strap here, here, here, and here) // similar clutch // earrings // assorted KSNY bangles

Because this sweater sold out and it was the hero piece for this post, I’m rounding up some other festive tops that are also on sale today. Any of these would look smashing paired with black jeans or pants and pumps. I hope it’s helpful if you’re still looking for something for one of your holiday events this week!

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today.

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16 Responses

  1. I really like this sweater, jeans, shoes…the whole outfit! lol, about the nude bra showing. This is just another example of why we love you. You are keeping it real, and always showing us what works, and what doesn’t. I continue to learn so much from your commentary about outfits (why you like some things and don’t like others, etc) , and find I’m doing that with my own looks as well.

  2. What a great outfit for a casual NYE. This is the sort of thing I wear every year. I’m seriously thinking about ordering the coated denim DL 1961 jeans, Jo-Lynne. Thanks for the heads up. I bought a pair of black coated denim jeans last year after seeing you style them and have worn them so often. But they were a less expensive brand and they actually look a little worn structurally now. I like how the coated denim adds a little edge to an outfit.

    Happy Monday before Christmas!!!

  3. Jo-Lynne: you look so pretty in this outfit! The sweater is really cute and shoes are classic! Love the versatility and but am happy I no longer have the work cocktail parties to contend with. Used to buy a similar outfit every year. Guess I am just a homebody! Julie 

    1. Ha! Nothing wrong with that. I don’t relish the work parties, but I do enjoy a gathering with friends, and I will often throw on an outfit like this even if everyone else is casual. Why not? 🙂

  4. Very nice!   One of my favorite colors on you!  All around great holiday sweater.  I just checked the website & it’s comes up sold out…..I really don’t need anything else for winter, but I’m tempted to call my local WHBM store, to see if they have it there.   I did purchase a few T’s you styled in the XL and they fit well.  Its a sweater that I can see having for a few years!  Once again thank you!  And good luck in your preparations for your trip south for the holidays.  Always so much to do when you travel!  We used to leave the day after Christmas & head to Maine until New Years Eve.  So in addition to hosting our family of 18-22, I had to pack.  It finally got to be too much for me.  Now we just enjoy the aftermath at home!  

  5. That plum/purple color looks fantastic on you. I would like a sweater this color but not with that sparkles so I can wear it more often. But this would be an amazing outfit to wear in NYC…just need to talk my husband into going there someday. Lol 

  6. Another great and very practical holiday outfit!  Thanks for keeping it real about your bra showing.  One thing I will do when I’m in doubt about any part of an outfit is – I take a selfie then study the photo.  Doing that has saved me from  discovering an issue when it’s too late to do anything about it.
    Have a great day and keep pampering your ankle!

  7. What a beautiful sweater! Love the neckline, the color and the embellishment. That’s a keeper, for sure.

    fyi, I own the Merry Happy Bright sweater. It’s a fun sweater, and I love the color. Runs a bit big; I bought Extra Small instead of my usual Small at Loft.

  8. You look beautiful as usual.  I love everything about the sweater but I wouldn’t want the shorter sleeve length for me.  I like long sleeve during Winter months. Just me.  

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