Coffee Talk

Good morning! I know, it’s late for me to be writing this post today. In fact, I was going to skip it until I realized I’ll be home all morning. (I’ve got a kid who’s feeling under the weather so we kept her home from church.)

Since I’m here, I thought we could chat.


I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee, how about you??? It’s a cold, blustery day, and I’m tempted to refill my coffee cup every time I drain it. I’ll be climbing the walls by noon if I don’t slow down.

We didn’t get any snow last night, but I know some of you did. Yikes!! I am so not ready for that, but I have to admit, today’s cold weather is definitely making it feel more like Thanksgiving. It’s hard to believe that yesterday was 70 degrees and sunny.

It’s been a busy few days. I’ve hardly been home, so I haven’t been able to respond as quickly to comments and emails. I have a lot of loose ends to tie up, but I also hate to do work on Sundays. Not that responding to emails and comments feels like work, but it’s easy to get caught up in that and not be “all here” for my family.

Yesterday my husband and I made spontaneous trip to the mall. He had a couple of things to get altered, and I had alterations to pick up. We ended up meandering a bit and doing some early Christmas shopping. It’s early for us, anyway! When do you start your Christmas shopping?

Anyway, it was fun to get out by ourselves for a bit. (My youngest was away at a retreat, and the two older kids decided to stay home.) It’s nice when your kids become old enough to leave alone for a few hours.

In addition to the trip to the mall, we were able to get 3 outfits photographed yesterday. I was trying to take advantage of the mild weather, and it feels good to be ahead. (For now, at least!)

Because early morning light is the best, I neglected my run and went out this morning instead. It was bitterly cold at first, but I ended up shedding my coat after the first mile, and I made record time. I always run faster when it’s cold. I’m still debating the Turkey Trot on Thursday and trying to rope a few friends into meeting me there.

The comments on yesterday’s post were great! There were so many that I can’t reply to each and every one, and a lot of what I have to say would be redundant, but I really appreciate your feedback. I’m so glad I went upstairs and took that picture of the reindeer sweater with jeans to show you how cute it can be. The only reason I didn’t photograph it with jeans to begin with is because I’ve shown so many jeans outfits lately and I was trying to bring some variety to 25 Days of Winter Fashion.

I do like that jean skirt with the tights and riding boots, but it definitely needs a different top, and maybe that whole look is just too dated. I think I like it because the proportions work well for me, although it didn’t help that the jean skirt is a little too big, making it hang longer than it should. Oh, well… live and learn!

In my attempts to have more variety to feature, I ordered a couple of dresses from LOFT that came yesterday, but I don’t like them so they’re going back. I took a mirror selfie of one to show you why I don’t wear trapeze dresses. I feel like it adds 10 pounds!

LOFT Cowl Neck Dress, Size Small

And that’s a small. I also ordered the medium, so you can imagine how I was swimming in that! I think this style dress is more flattering on women with more of a pear shape? Correct me if I’m wrong. I can barely dress my own body type, let alone the others, but I’m trying to learn about others so I can be a better resource.

If you’re interested, it is the LOFT Cowl Neck Dress in Deep Space Blue, and all dresses at LOFT are $25 off today.

I didn’t photograph the other one, but it was this Striped Lace Dress. It’s more of a shift style than a sheath, and it didn’t have enough shape through the waist so it made me look boxy. I like the blue lace over the black slip, though. It’s probably really cute on someone, and it makes a great holiday party dress.

I did get one dress that I do like, and we photographed it yesterday so it will be coming to the blog sometime in the next week or two. Otherwise, I think my winter fashion is going to be a lot of jeans and pants. Truthfully, that is what I wear most of the time. It’s just too cold here for skirts and dresses, and I hate tights, but I’m going to try to do some bootleg jeans and dress pants so my looks aren’t all skinny jeans.

So today is the day! If I can twist my husband’s arm, we’ll get the artificial tree down from the attic and decorate it. He thinks we should wait till we get our area carpet, but I don’t want to wait. I think we can work around it.

My son is adamant that we do not put any Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving, so we definitely have some dissension in the ranks. The girls are on my side, so we’ll have to wait and see who wins… stay tuned!

UPDATE: I forgot that I promised to share pix of my wood floors. This is pretty lame, but it’s all I have because we are in the throws of tree decorating right now (yes! I won! did you doubt!?! haha!) and the living/dining room is a bit of a mess at the moment. I am only sitting here because Paul just ran out for more lights, bless his heart.

I took this picture the day the floors were installed to send to my mom, but you can’t really see the dining room. You get the idea, though. I’m planning to get area carpets, but right now, this is how it looks. I really love it and almost hate to cover it with a rug, but it already has a few scratches, so we do need to protect it.


This is a “before” picture from a few years ago, for comparison’s sake. This is before we got our new couch, so we had a cover on the old one. The portraits of the kids were each taken when they were 5 years old. If our house is ever on fire, I will take those pictures and run. Ha!

living room after6

We plan to replace the checked chair (it’s falling apart) and the little table (we need something larger with some storage.)

So that’s the latest! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!