Reindeer Sweater & Denim Skirt Outfit

Good Saturday morning! I finally have a skirt outfit for you! Don’t faint. Ha! I’m not a big skirt fan, but I picked up this denim skirt at Nordstrom back in the summer, and I pull it out occasionally.


Oh, and hey. The 1980s called and they want their sweater back!!! I cannot quite believe these styles are back in vogue, but sure enough, the stores are full of these whimsical throwback animal sweaters. I ordered this reindeer sweater from LOFT.


I’m actually not sure if I like this outfit or not, to be completely honest with you. The proportions work and all, but I do feel a little outdated with the overall look. I think the key to styling these sweaters is to pair them with something a little more ironic. Maybe I’d like it better with my black skinny jeans and black booties or even suede pumps for a casual holiday party. Or I could go the other direction and dress it down with my favorite distressed bluejeans.

Instead I wore a denim skirt, brown tights, and cognac-colored riding boots (my color is discontinued, but these are close and also 25% off!) I finished off the look with my burgundy suede bucket bag.


Paul said I look like a schoolteacher in this outfit, which is kind of funny because I WAS a third grade school teacher for a few years. (Not that there is anything wrong with dressing like a teacher. The teachers at my daughter’s elementary school are adorable and dress quite trendy, but this definitely reminds me of something I might have worn back in the day.)

I loved this skirt when I got it, but unfortunately it’s a little large on me now. There are a few left, but not many. It’s hard to find a denim skirt these days that isn’t a mini-skirt, but I’ll try to round some up and link them at the bottom, in case you’re in the market for one. It really is a great year-round wardrobe essential.


Whenever I post tights with a skirt or dress, I get asked two questions:

  1. What tights do you recommend? I love and adore Spanx Tights. I discovered them a few years ago, and it’s all I wear.
  2. Doesn’t your skirt stick to your tights when you walk? Yes, and it drives me batty. I really need to invest in a good old-fashioned half slip, and I recommend you do the same if you plan to wear tights and dresses/skirts this winter.

This sweater is whimsical and cute (and also $25 off at the moment!) I think it will be fun to throw on for the holidays — I think I’ll try it next with my distressed jeans to counter balance the cutesy in the top. For size reference, I’m wearing the small.


What do you think? How would you style this sweater? Or would you wear it at all?


reindeer sweater // denim skirt (another options here and here) // riding boots (another cute style; less expensive) // brown tights // burgundy suede bucket bag // similar earrings // assorted Alex and Ani bangles

UPDATE: After I published this post, I decided to try the sweater with my distressed jeans. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to style it with them before. Take a look. I think it’s super cute. I also love the burgundy suede flats with it.


What’s everyone up to this weekend? Last night I went out for drinks and apps with a girlfriend. It was fun to get a change of scenery. I wanted to set up the Christmas tree today, but I promised R I wouldn’t do it without her, and she has plans today, so I am hoping to do that tomorrow afternoon. It’s fun when your kids get big enough to help with the holiday decorating.

Otherwise we don’t have a whole lot on the agenda, which is nice. I definitely need to shoot a few looks this morning because the weather is going to take a turn for the worse tomorrow, and it will be kind of crappy all the way through the holiday weekend — cold, windy, rainy, maybe even some sleet and snow! Crazy, considering the mild fall we’ve had. I can’t complain, though. It’s been absolutely gorgeous for the most part, and that definitely makes my job easier.

I chatted with Cyndi on the phone yesterday, and we were commiserating about the shorter days and the challenge of getting outfit pictures taken with the weather that’s on its way. We discussed a lot of other things too, and it was fun to talk in person since we communicate so often through email and blog comments.

My job has many perks, but the best by far is the friends I’ve made that I never would have met if I hadn’t impulsively started this blog one afternoon over ten years ago. I was bored and wanted a new project. If I had only known what I was getting into. Ha! Seriously, though, I’m so grateful that God placed her in my life.

Speaking of Cyndi, be sure to click on over to see the winter outfit she’s styling today, and have a great rest of the weekend!

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67 thoughts on “Reindeer Sweater & Denim Skirt Outfit

  1. JoLynne,

    I wouldn’t worry about this outfit. It looks great for casual errands or weekend activities. Because of the whimsy and the denim skirt it is youthful but still appropriate. I live in Miami and rarely get to wear a sweater. I miss the winter fashions!! By the way, I visited the
    R Minkoff sale and chose some of the same favorites you did. Following your blog must be influencing me!! In a great way. Keep them coming!

      1. Sometimes I find myself asking, “would Jo Lynne wear this?” That’s how I noticed we picked the same Minkoff gray hobo…….great minds think alike? Lol.

  2. I saw this last time I was at loft and wanted it but didn’t have my size. (I also liked the fox one but that wasn’t in my size either 🙁

    I can’t remember the last time I wore a denim skirt. I like the idea of black distressed jeans/ cute boots .

  3. Hi jolynne
    I understand what u mean about it looking dated and maybe if u tried it with distressed jeans it maybe a better look for you. I dont like animal sweaters. Hope you have a great weekend !

  4. I have that skirt and love it! I’m with you in that I think the sweater would look cute with distressed jeans to “counter balance” the cuteness. However, it also is cute with the denim skirt????.

  5. I think the sweater is cute and I wasn’t even into the trend the last time it came around. Maybe with distressed jeans, as you said, or leather or coated pants? I have faux leather leggings from White House Black Market that I wear all the time to get a trendier look. Of course because they’re leggings, I have to have a longer top. Bought a pair of coated black jeans from Nordstrom and I am LOVING them.

    I have a fake tree and a live tree each year and since my first grandchild was born 6 years ago I’ve made a point to have my fake tree up by Turkey Day. And it’s up! The 6-year-old spent the night and we put it up together. Yes, there are lots of ornaments on one side, but I love it, anyway. I can see it from where I have my morning tea and it makes me smile. Have a wonderful weekend, all!

    1. LOVE the idea of the leather or coated pants with that sweater. Bingo! I actually have some faux leather jeans on order. Crossing fingers that I like them b/c the first 2 pairs of faux leather leggings went back.

  6. Love that sweater and it’s perfect for the Christmas season. So glad we got to chat yesterday!! Wayne has been on vacation this week and he asked me who I was talking to for soooo long. Ha!!

  7. Adorable! You really pull it off. It is hard when we see styles we wore years ago come back around. Some things I just can not wear again.

  8. Oh, I love the sweater! (Sorry; I know that may scare you since you know I’ve been an elementary teacher for 37 years!) haha. It is actually “tame” compared to some I wear. ???? I just never quit after the 80s when it came to Christmas attire at school. I’m not sure what year I realized that people were wearing what I wore daily to “Ugly Sweater Parties”! One year I let the third grade team at my school each borrow a sweater, and their team won the “Spirit Stick” for the gaudiest Christmas attire contest at school! Oh, well…the older I get, the less I worry about such things. If I like it and feel happy wearing it, world events aren’t going to change because I’m outdated. ???? And children love it. That has to count for something. And the world has so much sadness, I say spread some joy when you can – even if it’s by wearing cute sweaters!

    And, yes, a half slip is worth it’s weight in gold! I’m so sorry those fell out of style and can’t help but notice that women need them! If teachers could see what I can see in warm weather when clothes are thin when they’re standing at the end of the hallway in front of an outside door with the sun shining in…It’s really a shame that slips seem to have gone out with panty hose. There are times when they’re needed! Okay, I’m off my soapbox now. Thanks for your post!

    1. I love your comments Suzanne. I love it that you enjoy wearing Christmas sweaters because the children enjoy them. ????And I love it that you are so good natured about your colorful sweaters winning a contest for the “gaudiest” Christmas attire!!

      I have to admit that I had lost my only half slip somehow in the last year or so. I didn’t wear it often, and I have a feeling my daughter, who recently graduated from college and moved across the country, took it with her. So when I wore a corduroy skirt to church a couple of weeks ago I had to deal with it constantly riding up as I walked. it drove me crazy! I left church and drove straight to our nearest department store to buy one!! Yes, a slip is still a necessary garment!

      1. Thank you, Kay! And I’d.say you raised your daughter right if she felt the need to take a slip with her to college! ????

        A few times my love for the whimsical and children almost caused a problem. Once, my husband and I were hurrying to make the hour-and-half trip to hear our daughter’s college choir perform. It was Children’s Book Week, and I looked down on the way and realized I was wearing a sweatshirt on which I had appliquéd a huge Arrhur face from the children’s book series. Yikes! I couldn’t embarrass my daughter by showing up in that, so we made a super-fast stop at Walmart where I bought a plain sweater to go with the black pants I was wearing. Now that’s a fun memory…????

    2. I love the sweater story Suzanne! My daughter, who runs her school’s Early Childhood Education Program, asked to borrow one of the sweaters that I was currently wearing & use it for their Ugly Sweater Day! So whats that tell you?!

    3. Suzanne, you crack me up. I think fun seasonal sweaters are totally appropriate for teaching kindergarten. 🙂 And pins and crazy earrings and all that stuff. The kids love it, and that’s what matters. Now if I wore that to Bunco with the girls, I might get some strange looks. Ha! And I am so right there with you on the slips. 🙂

  9. Love this sweater with the distressed jeans! Half slips are a great staple. You can also try rubbing a dryer sheet on your legs to help combat static.

  10. Cute sweater; I definitely like it with the jeans! (As a former teacher, I definitely get Paul’s comment! Lol) Have you considered shortening the skirt to just-above-knee length? Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Barb, it was shorter but it sort of falls down now. LOL! I actually meant to pull it up for the pictures, and I forgot. I think I need to just order the 28, but I’m not sure how much I’ll wear it so I held onto this one. Maybe I’ll see if I can have it tailored. That’s a good idea.

  11. Only because you asked, I have to say that I would not wear the sweater! But you have inspired me to wear my denim skirt (a little shorter than yours) with tights and boots, so thank you for that!

  12. JoLynne, I think I see what you mean about the look not being quite what you wanted. I think that sweater would look adorable with a faux leather skirt and heels or a chiffon skirt and booties. I think it would work great with skinny jeans too and maybe adding an edgy jacket or a pretty scarf would make it seem less 80’s. But you are always beautiful, no matter what you wear! Thanks for sharing and I thing it is great to share outfits that aren’t exactly what we thought, because if shows our followers we are real and helps us to learn and grow. Thanks for sharing! – AMy

  13. Not a fan of the first outfit, but I love the sweater with the distressed jeans! Thanks for showing how the look of a piece can change based on how you style it.

  14. Jo-Lynne, If I were grading you, I’d give the sweater and skirt outfit a D and the sweater with the skinny jeans an A+. Today it’s real windy and colder in GA, so I’m happier with the weather. As soon as Larrybleaves to go see a life long friend & hunt, I’m cleaning house. Tomorrow we’ll pack for our trip.

    Have a blessed day!

  15. Such a cute outfit with the skirt and the distressed jeans! Do you mind me asking what size skirt it is? I’d like to order but not sure how the sizing runs. I’ll have to check out the Spanx tights…I really like Jill tights, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hey Lori. It is a 29. It fit well when I bought it but now I’ve lost 5-7 lbs and I think I need a 28. I usually wear 29 in jeans still, but I do have one pair of 28s. I hope that helps.

  16. Hi Jo-Lynne! I love the sweater, but I agree that it looks better with the distressed jeans. I have a similar sweater that I purchased this fall. It’s a cityscape, so it’s a little cheesy looking, too. But it looks great with my boyfriend jeans and some bright fuchsia suede flats. I think the juxtaposition is important with a sweater like that. And while I love my denim skirt, which is similar to yours, I think combining it with an 80s sort of top just makes the whole outfit look a little 80s.

    Bottom line, though, I love your bravery to try new things…in front of all of us! And then to allow us to chime in with our opinions. Your skin must have toughened through the years of blogging because most of us would shut down when others started weighing in on our fashion choices. ????

    I’m enjoying your winter fashions, although I rarely get to wear as many layers as you do…living in Arizona and all. Oh, by the way! I’m coming to Pennsylvania in the spring. Woo hoo! I’ll be speaking at an Iron Sharpens Iron Conference for women at Calvary Bible Fellowship Church in Sinking Spring, PA, Saturday, April 29th. I think this will be the first time I’ve been to Penn in the spring, so I’m looking forward to that. Here’s a link to the conference if you’re interested. http://www.ironsharpensironwomenpa.org/

    Blessings! I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!

    1. Thank you, Kay!! It is fun to try new things, and I enjoy the feedback when I miss the mark. It’s helpful and interesting. 🙂 I agree about needing the juxtaposition with styles. I have heard of that conference. I’ll look into it.

  17. I am a new reader of your blog. I clicked your post on how to wear ankle boots and liked your style and advice. We must be kindred style spirits because I bought that sweater just last night at my Loft. Yes it was on sale and did you know you can use the coupons they send for 25% off full price on sale items–just not clearance? So I got another 25% off and I used my Loft rewards so I paid nothing. (Can you tell I am a huge fan of Loft?)

    This sweater looks great with jeans. It is super soft and has a very flattering neckline. I am going to be bringing it with me for Thanksgiving weekend.

  18. I think the sweater is adorable! It does look MUCH better with the distressed skinnies! Makes it look young and trendy.

  19. I love it with the jeans — not a huge fan of the denim skirt. Also — look into HUE luster tights – they do not stick — I have searched for years and they are they best “non clingy” tights i have ever found. Macys usually carries them and you can find them online too.

  20. I didn’t think the sweater with the skirt was that dated, but, once I saw the image with the jeans I understood your point. The jeans really make it cute.

    I image it’s time consuming to sort through the various price points that you feature, but, I truly appreciate your efforts.

    Love your generous spirit and your fashion tips!

  21. I have to admit it Jo-Lynne, I’m a sucker for the holiday novelty print sweater! I always have to reign myself in. I only bought one this year, and it’s a red sweater with a penguin on it, so it’s good for the whole winter season. So of course I love yours! I like the look with the denim skirt, but LOVE the look with the jeans and the flats! Planning nothing else other than watching Penn State football tonight & waiting for the ugly weather to start! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  22. I’m sorry but I don’t like the first outfit, at all. You’re right. It does look dated. The sweater is super cute styled with the jeans though. It puts you in that happy Christmas mode.

  23. I love the reindeer sweater with the distressed jeans and flats; cute and festive for the holidays with a “cool & youthful” vibe to it. I’d wear it that way for sure. I checked it out at LOFT and am considering buying it. (I’m a current elementary teacher but I haven’t worn tops like that in 20+ years.) I remember when I started teaching in the early 90s everyone wore the wooden “school” necklaces and pins….LOL!

    Love your comments about the slip! I have three in differing lengths and always wear one under skirts. I think it makes everything just lie more smoothly regardless of body shape. I remember having a conversation recently with a young 20-something salesgirl at Nordstrom who didn’t know what I was taking about when I mentioned wearing a slip! Really?! She said I shouldn’t have to wear anything underneath because I’m thin, to which I replied that it wasn’t about that, it was that I didn’t want a skirt clinging to my tights or I didn’t want a window to my panties if I was bare-legged! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your styles, Jolynne!

    1. Ha! I started teaching in the mid 90s, and I remember those wooden “school” necklaces and pins. LOL!!! And it is crazy that slips have gone out of vogue. I don’t get it at all.

  24. I think the tights and boots are throwing off the look because (to me anyway) it looks like something a college girl would have worn in the 1970s. Which might be OK if you are actually a college girl, but at our age…The sweater looks super cute with the jeans, and that bag goes great with it too.

  25. My mom gave us quite a scare the end of October, and I have been away from blogging (both reading and writing). I hope things have returned to normal but I am still very much on edge. Opening up your blog and seeing this post gave me a smile. I LOVE this sweater. I see a menorah in the deer’s antlers. Love it! I think the denim skirt ensemble is precious but you seem more comfortable in the jeans. Either way, I hope you will wear this sweater again soon!

      1. Thanks for your sweet message. I have my own reindeer menorah sweater coming! Just LOVE it. Need to find Spanx tights…suggestions? Do you order or buy them in a store? Want to replicate your adorable look. My denim skirt is kind of snug, though. HAVE to get back at the exercising on a regular basis.

  26. I ordered this sweater early on, It looks much better with the distressed jeans you styled it with! I just didn’t see me actually wearing it so I returned!

  27. Hi Jo-Lynne! So….I have a tights question 😉 I have trouble finding opaque tights that have a matte finish. I hate having shiny looking legs poking out from my clothes – I feel like it draws unnecessary attention to them – lol! But I’ve never tried Spanx tights and it’s hard to tell from the photos – are they matte or do they have a sheen on them? Thanks in advance for any advice you might have 🙂

  28. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    I love your sweater. The pic is cute and the cut is super flattering. Given Christmas is a summer holiday in Australia probably not something I’m going to have the chance to wear though 🙂

    A tip for clingy skirts which I read on-line somewhere is to attach a safety pin to the inside of the hem. I don’t know why it works, but it really does the trick. Not sure how effective it is with tights as I’ve only tried it with bare legs…

    Thanks for the fashion inspiration!!

  29. I love the sweater! I have one with a Penguin on it and get compliments on it all the time. I style it with a grey infinity scarf and dark jeans. I like the jeans look better than the skirt. Thanks for the inspiration from both you and Cyndi. 🙂

  30. I feel the jean skirts and the lack of is bc they ARE outdated. Nothing wrong with looking conservative but any skirt with that sweater and tights would look better shorter as well. OR…a new velvet shirt, colored sheer stockings and flats. I like it with your distresses jeans best tho! The jean skirt needs to go in your next give away bag and not replaced for a while…move on…so many options…wait until your in your fifties when it will be nifty to have one again and then you can be a nifty over fifty blogger ????. Thanks for all you do to keep us updated and real tho!!!

  31. I found a little tip online somewhere to stop your skirts clinging to your tights or legs. Attach a small safety pin to the hem of the skirt. I have no idea why this works, but it’s like magic 🙂

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