We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby! #CoffeeTalk

Yeah, so I won’t be writing these EVERY day, I’m sure, but it’s nice to grab my morning cup of coffee and sit down and journal a bit. It’s like 2008 again!

I’m still waking up SUPER early, I don’t know why. It’s nuts. I even wake up at 2am and 3am and want to get up and make myself stay in bed till 4am. I mean, really. FOUR A.M. That is ridonk. But I am going with it b/c I get SO much done in those early morning hours.

Yesterday my big excitement was getting my hair cut. It’s getting so long. My hairdresser and I were reminiscing about how thin it was when I came to him. Take a look. He had to cut it off like this:


because this is all the hair I had left. You can read my post “Look, Ma, no hair!” for all the ugly details.

thinning hair

The front had NOT been layered or thinned out. That was all I had. You could see through it if I was ever backlit. It was horrid. There is nothing I can think of as demoralizing to a woman and losing her hair. Oddly, mine wasn’t thinning at the scalp so much as at the ends. It just wouldn’t grow in.

That was 2011. So in the past three years, it has changed dramatically. My theory is it was the synthroid I was on at the time, causing my hair to not replenish itself as fast as I was losing it. I’ve always lost a lot of hair. I still do, but now the new growth manages to keep up. I’ll never know for sure if it was the synthroid or just my body readjusting after being pregnant or nursing for eight years straight, but right now, I’m happily med-free AND I have my hair back. So yay.

headshot copy

I didn’t get a photo yesterday, but it’s nothing new, really. I did try to get him to angle it a bit more and stack the back. I took in this photo I found on Pinterest.

hair I want


I think I must have a really short neck, because I can never seem to get my hair to hang straight. It always wants to flip up in the back. I thought perhaps more of an angle would help. So we shall see. It looked cute yesterday when he did it, but then, it always does! I have a hard time getting it to have quite as much pizzazz when I do it myself. I did buy some spray to give volume to the roots, so we shall see how that works for me.

I also want to figure out now to do the beachy waves. I love it when girls with should-length hair do that, but I’m not sure I am cool enough to get away with that style. I am also too lazy to try to figure it out. So there’s that.

So another topic. Food. I haven’t eaten any sugar, but then this box from barkTHINS arrived on my doorstep yesterday.


Be. Still. My. Heart.

It is all non-GMO, free trade, yadda yadda. VERY pure ingredients. Great company, and I’m so thrilled they’re one of the sponsors for the ROAR Retreat I’m going to in Costa Rica later this month. It’s dark chocolate, which is a part of a primal diet as long as it’s enjoyed on rare occasion and not as a staple in one’s diet. So I had a nibble. (Delicious, by the way. They’re at Costco and Whole Foods, if you want to check them out!)

I started to feel really tired afterwards, but honestly, that could just be my lack of sleep catching up with me. It was right around dinnertime. Although I haven’t been noticing that mid-afternoon slump since the detox. And I seriously just had a nibble. Anyway, no biggie. Definitely worth the taste. But I know I can’t keep these bags in the house so I’ll be bringing some with me to an event I’m attending on Friday, and perhaps I’ll share a few with my neighbors. Whatever I do, they must go!! Too tempting. But again, I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a sweet treat that is fairly healthy. I feel good about recommending this brand. (And I was not asked to write about them!! This is simply too good not to share!)

Okay, enough banter. I have real work to do! Don’t miss my super easy pan-roasted pork loin with leeks recipe I posted yesterday. I made it again last night, and it was sooooo yummy.


And if you love me, I would LOVE for you to check out some of the guides I’m writing for eBay. Yes, these are sponsored (so it totally helps me out if you click through and take a peek as they’re tracking my views.) My friend Steph has been helping me with these, and we’re really having fun with them. I’m always amazed at what can be found on eBay. It’s a GREAT place to score designer handbags . . . just sayin’.

I will be doing a total of 20 eBay guides, and these are my first few:

I really appreciate your support!

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  1. I love your hair. I was just noticing the other day how long it was getting in your pics. I think you could rock beachy waves! It’s easy. That’s the only way I curl my hair nowadays…when it’s not up because it’s hot. 🙂

  2. I’ve been there with the sleep issue. Drove me crazy!! Although I did get some work done too. I think it’s an age thing (sorry). But I use peace and calming in my diffuser now and I sleep much better!!

  3. I know you have discussed your previously thinning hair in the past, but I would be interested in what you think may have helped turn the tide for you. Do you think it was diet? Thyroid? Stress? Something else? All of the above? My hair started thinning this summer, and I am looking at a variety of angles to try and address this issue. Thanks for any insight!

    1. Hi Gayle, I really don’t know, but my theory is it was caused by the synthroid (thyroid meds). I have no way of knowing if that’s the case, though. It could have been a post partom issue my body had to get past, or something.

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