Daily Mom Style 02.04.15

Welcome back to Fashion Over 40: Daily Mom Style. In case you missed it, this month I started a new series: 28 Days of Winter Outfits. The goal is to challenge me to put on a different outfit every day for a month, and hopefully by putting more effort into ME, I can beat the winter blahs that have been looming lately.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

I debated if I should do Daily Mom Style this month in addition to the 28 Days of Outfits posts, but I know a lot of you like to see all the outfits in one convenient post so I decided to keep on keeping on. You can see more pictures and get more details on how I put each outfit together in my individual outfit posts.

The first few outfits are from before my 28 day challenge started. I got a new Stitch Fix so I have a few new pieces to show you!

I’m loving this first outfit. It is so simple, but it’s the details on the sweater that take it from an ordinary V-neck sweater to a stylish top that’s easy to throw on with jeans or pants or even a skirt. I wish I had a close up and more angles to show you. I was relying on my daughter to take pictures again, and she’s not the most patient photographer.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

I wore it with my AG stilt legging jeans and grey suede UGGs. Then I layered two silver necklaces from Stella & Dot, and I wore my silver D Yurman cable bracelet, a Christmas gift from my husband. I love how the blue nail polish pulls out the blue turquoise stones from the bracelet and contrasts with the navy sweater.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

Shop the look: navy sweater via Stitch Fix // AG The Stilt Cigarette Leggings // UGGs (old) // Engravable Bar Necklace and Alexia silver necklace from my Stella & Dot Boutique // Michael Kors Runway Watch // R Minkoff Mini MAC Crossbody (current colors)

Then the next day I wore a similar outfit: the same boots (what can I say, they’re comfy and easy to fit on over my brace) with light wash jeans and a sweater.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

This time the sweater was pink, though. Again, it’s a simple outfit, but the details on the sweater take it up a notch. The silver necklace is old, old, old. It was a Christmas gift one year from my husband. I wanted something that fit in the neckline, and this worked perfectly.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

These jeans are a different pair from the day before. They came in a Stitch Fix box last summer. I like how they have some distressing, and they’re more fitted than the other pair, so they fit better into my boots. I hate it when jeans bag around the knees when you pull boots on over them.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

Sorry, no shopping links for this look! Everything is pretty old.

On Sunday, I wore this outfit to church and then later on to visit my inlaws and go out to lunch. You can see more details about how I put the outfit together here.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

Shop the look: blouse & necklace from Stitch Fix // ponte knit pants (similar) // Isabelle Wrap Bracelet // Janelle Boots c/o Naturalizer // R Minkoff Mini MAC Crossbody (current colors)

On Monday, I wore this casual outfit to work from home and run the kids to their various lessons and practices after school. More details here.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

Shop the look: red top (old) // black puffer vest (old) // skinnies c/o DL1961 // rain boots // Goddess Teardrop Earrings // bracelet (old) // necklace c/o Rockbox

And then I wore this simple outfit yesterday to get my hair cut and do the mom taxi thing. Pretty much everything in this look is old, but it’s easy to duplicate: a tunic sweater over leggings with riding boots.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

Just be sure you get a tunic sweater that is long enough to cover the, um, essentials. I like how this one isn’t too drapey, but it’s not terribly figure-hugging either. The dolman sleeves add interest and also keep it from being too snug.

Fashion Over 40: Casual Winter Outfit ideas for Moms

As I always say, I’m not a fashionista. I just play one on the Internet. Ha! Seriously, I’m just a mom trying to stay fabulous after 40 and sharing how I translate the current trends to work for the average woman. I hope you find some fashion inspiration here.

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16 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style 02.04.15

  1. Great outfits. I got a pair of jeans in a Stitch Fix once and thought the last thing I needed was a new pair of jeans and of course they became my favorites. I hate when they are in the laundry!

    1. LOL, that is how it was with these. I have the others, that I also wore this week, and the color was SO similar. But the fit is quite different, and I like the distressing. As it turns out, I wear both often.

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne I’ve been following you for the last month. I love the real life clothes you wear! You inspired me to go closet shopping. A term I came up with, as I took clothes out of my closet and tried them on with different scarves and jackets. I came up with 10 new outfits and I didn’t even spend any money!
    Thanks for the fun fashion focus for real women.
    On another note, I hope and pray you are feeling better. It sounds like you went thru a real low. Perhaps the sharing you did will encourage other women. Keep looking up 🙂 Our Great God hears your heart’s cry and He is at work.!

  3. Do you find that your Hunter boots bunch up around the ankle? I was so excited to get some, but ended up not liking them because I felt they made me look stumpy & frumpy when I walked because they bunched so much. I returned them & ended up getting the Sorel Slim Tall instead. Not sure yet whether they’ll be good as regular rainboots or if they’ll prove to be too warm. Here’s hoping!

      1. No, I guess I’m just not describing it well LOL. When I would walk, they would kinda wriggle, if you will, and just looked frumpy on me. I think perhaps I’m better off with a tailored boot fit rather than a slip-on. And I love them on you too… just goes to show that just because something is in style, doesn’t mean it looks good on every body!

  4. I’m really enjoy your daily style posting! So far the tan tunic sweater with leggings is my fav 🙂 i’m also trying to post a new outfit for each day in February. The snow and freezing temps are sure making picture taking challenging!!

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