Daily Mom Style 02.05.14

Good morning, friends! I wore this outfit to meet some girlfriends for lunch.

I decided I was tired of skinny jeans so I pulled out these old bootcut Joe’s Jeans (they were a product sample many moons ago) and I paired them with a black top and my leopard scarf (similar).

Michael Kors Jet Set Zip Top Tote in Luggage

The boots are old, but I love them. I wore my Sardinia Bracelet and big gold circle earrings from Francesca’s. AND since it was a (rare) mild day, I broke out my black leather jacket.

Black Leather Jacket, Leopard Scarf, Bootcut Jeans, and Michael Kors handbag

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  1. Your nose does not look that bad at all…I was expecting much worse from your description. I love those gray UGGs…they look so comfy and it’s unusual to find boots that are warm AND tall. Wish I could find something similar…have been looking for casual gray boots.

  2. CAbi has a pair of camo jeggings this year – I saw them and thought no way – but now that I see them on people – they are not bad!! Great styling choice for them.

  3. I love the second outfit. It feels good to pull out the ol’ bootcuts every now and then! When I was a kid, I fell and cut my nose right on the bridge between my eyes. I ended up with a scar, but I am able to cover it with makeup. I am sure you will be able to do the same. Hang in there!

  4. You need some Bean Boots! (L.L.Bean) although living in Maine I don’t have any snow boots either. I pull on hubby’s muck boots to shovel (rarely) and just walk from my car to door so I haven’t invested in boots in years.

  5. Try some Vitamin E oil and that helps to heal without a scar. I agree with others that it does not look that bad, but it looks like it hurts! Ouch. I felt so bad for you when I read that post. Love your outfits!

  6. Visiting from the I Feel Pretty Link-up! I love wearing my Hunter boots all winter long. I have some fleece Hunter socks that really keep my feet warm, you should get some! They’re awesome.

    <3 Vicki

    1. HA! It’s not my favorite accessory, lol. The boots I got on a flash sale at Shopbop. They’re normally $140 and I think I got them for less than $100. If that’s not in the budget, I’ve seen them at Target. I don’t know about Kohl’s or payless, but those are worth a try too. They will be great going into spring. I HATE RAIN.

  7. Morning Jo-Lynne, I’ve been reading your posts about your tough week and just haven’t had a chance to comment until now. I am sorry you’ve had some many difficulties to deal with in one week. Just remember though, you’ve given birth to multiple children. If you can do that you can do this too! Y

    our outfits look nice as always! Your a fashion inspiration to me! And as far as your nose goes, it will heal and doesn’t look that bad. Besides – look on the positive side – this happened AFTER your awesome Dr. Oz appearance. See? It could have been worse!

    Enjoy your day.

  8. Oh man, your poor nose! Doesn’t look like that felt too good! I really like your Athleta patterned top, and any kind of waterproof boots are just what you need when you have to walk through snow!

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