Daily Mom Style 02.19.14

There isn’t much variety in my wardrobe this week, I’m warning ya. I started out the week trying this whole layering/drapey-sweater/leggings look again. I stopped into Target and picked up a few of their Long and Lean Tanks, although they’re still not as long as I was hoping. I layered one of my white tanks over the gray Long & Lean and then I put on my favorite gray drapey sweater (it’s the only one I have that’s long enough to wear with leggings). I figured the outfit needed color so I went for this coral/gray/navy scarf.


These are my favorite leggings, just $36 at Nordstrom (free shipping, free returns). Seriously, if you don’t have them yet, BUY THEM NOW. I’m a little so-so on the overall look, but boy was I ever warm and comfy.


One wardrobe item I’ve never owned is a white blouse. They always look so sharp on other women, but at the same time, I always feel like they look incredibly uncomfortable. I finally decided it was time to invest so I picked up this one at the CAbi Outlet a few weeks ago, and I was right. So. Very. Uncomfortable. And not very flattering either, I daresay. What is the secret? Can someone please tell me?


I took that outfit right back off and put on my familiar holey sweatshirt instead. Pardon the atrocious lighting. My daughter took this picture, and I was but a speck. I had to crop in about 50% to even get this close.


I wore this on Saturday to see the Lego movie with the family. Don’t waste your money. I don’t know what all the hype is about. It was another snowy day so I went for comfort. I wore my same Hue leggings, this time with my teal tunic sweater. I wore the Target Long & Lean tank under it because it’s a bit short in the front. The gold necklace was a gift from a blogging event many moons ago, and I wore my orange Tory Burch bracelet for color. I also dug out this old coral handbag, which shows just how OCD I really am. I mean, to go to the movies? But I love the contrast of the coral against the teal. It’s the little things.


The sweater is longer in the back and covers the tush. I promise. I had to include this photo, even though it’s blurry. My daughter tried to photobomb me. Kids!! I get no respect.


I wore this to church on Sunday. These are NOT leggings, they are my double zipper biker skinny pants from Goodnight Macaroon. I wore them because they are fleece lined, so warm and cozy, and also very slimming. I put on my oatmeal tunic sweater and black wedge boots. The necklace is a Stella & Dot purchase off of eBay, and the earrings are from Studio Jewel.


Later on that day I had my husband take my picture outside in better light, although I wish I’d taken the time to powder my nose! I love my bright pink Kate Spade tote (a clearance purchase last year), and I wore my new Stella & Dot Sardinia Bracelet for another pop of color.


Finally, I wore this around the house and to go to PT today. This top is old, it’s from the Oakley outlet. I wore it with my favorite Athleta yoga pants and a lavender tank. My Puma sneakers are comfortable and supportive, and the necklace was a gift from The Vintage Pearl for speaking at the Blissdom Conference several years ago.


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21 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style 02.19.14

  1. Ha! That is funny about the Lego Movie. I actually fell asleep with my head on my husband’s shoulder while watching it. I thought perhaps it was just me. Cute outfits! I like the fact that you wear stylish clothes that also seem comfy. 🙂

  2. Love love love the crisp white shirt look. It’s not probably the best for days at home, but it’s a great staple, and you dressed it really nicely!

  3. Good to hear on the Lego movie. We are getting ready to go see it. I’ll take a pillow. 🙂 Love all of your looks, once again. That pink bag steals the show! What a great piece. It adds a little color to winter and will be perfect for spring too!

  4. I totally agree about the white blouse thing. In fact I don’t like any button up shirt under a sweater – it’s so rumpled looking and uncomfortable. How do women do it???? I really like the look of chambray or jean shirts under things too but can’t wear it.

    1. Yep, always wanna do it with the chambray too, but nope. I think you must have to be super skinny or…. I dunno… something. It just does NOT work for me. And they always gape over the boobs. bleh.

  5. I think the white button down and the gold sweater look FAB !! I think for me – my comfort level is to NOT tuck it in………when I do that I feel too constricted (and I don’t like to draw any attention to my stomach). Try it un-tucked and see if you might like it better……..

    (I personally feel like tucking “out” is NOT sloppy – sorry to anyone out there that might feel the opposite)

    1. Yeah, this blouse can’t be untucked. It’s super long and it also has this awful flare at the bottom. I dunno. It felt very bulky under the sweater, and every time you move, it comes more untucked and …. ugh. Hate, hate hate, lol!!

  6. I also can’t get a button up shirt to be comfortable, especially under a sweater. Ugh! My family of 5 loved the Lego movie though. We all thought it was great.

  7. OHHHH, lol, bummer on the blouse ! Well, if it were me, I know it would know go to the back of my closet OR in my Goodwill bag — the worst feeling ever is not being comfortable with what you were wearing – it’s truly worse than a bad hair day !!

  8. I was so excited to find tunic length tanks at Target last week in all kinds of colors. I bought 5! They are the perfect length and I am 5’7″ with a long torso. Trust me. Also, the white blouse thing? My suggestion is to wear the white blouse alone with a great necklace tucked in the neckline. It’s my favorite way to wear it! Not very creative but it’s a great spring look.
    We’re taking 9 boys to see the Lego movie this weekend for my son’s birthday…uh oh.

    1. They will love it! My kids loved it. My husband and I thought it was mind numbing. I could see how they were trying to be clever, but it fell flat for me. Plus, there were so many fast moving images, it about gave me a seizure. We are killing our kids’ minds with this crap. But that’s another issue entirely. Ugh…

  9. I so agree about the lego movie???? What was that? My son totally loved it because Batman was in it but my daughter thought it was scary. Of course my son is 4 so I can’t trust his judgement:o) I thought it was kind of violent for a kids movie….although it is rated PG so I should have known. Anyway, I totally agree about the white shirt too. I think my problem is that I’m too busty and it makes the shirt lay weird and just look frumpy. The curse of a large chest. HA!

  10. I have to say I think a white shirt looks better on you then it does on me. I love the Lands end one because it is wrinkle resistant but.. I feel very boxy in them, and they are unflatering on me in pictures. I would rather go with a more fitted nice tee shirt instead, not as formal but more me.
    I love your layed look very polished and looks great for around town.

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne!
    Great post! I really can’t thank you enough. We are new to Philly and moved here right before winter from Florida. Your fashion post have helped me so much with putting outfits together for colder weather!

  12. I’ve found with long drapey sweaters that your boots need to be the same color as the leggings. It’s something about where the a sweater ends and the boot begins. Maybe you’d like that look better?

    1. That is a really good point. I have been wanting casual black boots but I don’t have any. I know, SHOCKER! I was planning to buy black Uggs after christmas and then we went into “no spending mode” and I made myself not buy them. But this is exactly why i wanted them – to go with my leggings. maybe I should bite the bullet, now that I’m wearing leggings more.

  13. I couldn’t help but feel amused that finally someone besides myself feels, well uncomfortable, rumpled, distracted even wearing a crisp white button down! I admire the way they look on anyone else- including you. I guess it all boils down to feeling it -or not. I have found; as an alternative a lovely, soft rayon button down down white blouse from H&M 4 years ago -(yikes) that I absolutely love, love, love. It moves with me and doesn’t get all stuck and gappy on top of my chest as poplin does.

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