Try-On Hauls

Try-On Haul: Premium Denim & Holiday Tops

Happy Monday, friends! I finally finished up that try-on haul I was talking about last week. It’s mostly denim, but I do have some sweaters and festive tops that came in that I’ll tack on at the end.

A few weeks ago, I alerted you all to a private 30% off sale at Anthropologie that I happened across in my internet wanderings, and I took the opportunity to order some jeans I had my eye on. They’re back to full price right now, but you never know when they will run another promo this time of year. I also linked them at other stores, if they’re on sale elsewhere.

Fall 2022 Denim Try-On Haul

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ with an hourglass body type, and I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

MOTHER The Weekender Mid-Rise Fray Jeans in Thunder Road

at Anthropologie (29) // sweater (S) // boots (8)

I’ve had my eye on the Mother Weekender flares for a while, but this is my first time trying this style. These jeans have a 9.5″ rise, 31″ inseam, and 20″ leg opening; and the fabric is a soft and stretchy 94% cotton, 5% polyester, 1% elastane. Some Mother Denim is made in the USA, but this pair is imported.

I haven’t seen the Mother Weekender in Thunder Road anywhere other than Anthropologie, but I was drawn to the faded black wash. While I really like the wash and the length and cut of the leg, the rise felt low to me, and overall they were snug in the size 29, which is the larger of my two usual sizes.

I recently learned that due to the nature of the dye processes, garments dyed black and other dark colors often run slightly smaller than the others in the same color and size. This makes so much sense to me, as I’ve noticed this occurring with black jeans as well as some black tops and also black bras!

I was in the bra department, returning a black bra I ordered in the same style and size as a beige one that fits because it was too small, when the sales associate enlightened me with this information.

All that to say, as much as I like these jeans, I don’t find them very comfortable. Plus, I have the Paige Claudine in Slater that is similar, so I decided to send these back.

Paige Claudine in Slater

at Bloomies (28) // sweater (S) // boots (8)

I’ve had these jeans for almost a year, and I love the subtle faded black wash, and they’re the perfect ankle length flare. They have a 28″ inseam; 17″ leg opening; 11″ front rise.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of these two pairs of washed black flares. The Paige has a higher rise and not quite as wide a leg opening. They’re supposedly 3 inches shorter, but I’m not sure about that. They may be more like two.

Paige Claudine (28) // Mother Weekender (29)

They are both amazing jeans. I honestly feel like based on looks alone, it’s a toss-up, but I like the feel of the Paige better. I’ve grown to really like that higher rise.

MOTHER The Dazzler Mid-Rise Straight Jeans in Not Guilty

at Anthropologie (29) // sweater (S; similar for less) // mules (8) // boots (8)

These are a slim straight style, and I ordered this inky black wash in order to have a dressier pair of black slim straight ankle jeans. The only pairs I have are a more casual washed black.

They have a 9.75″ rise, 27.5″ inseam, and 12.75″ leg opening; and they’re made in the USA. The fabrication is 92.5% cotton, 5% polyester, 2.5% elastane.

For some reason, I just couldn’t get excited about these. I’m starting to feel like the Dazzlers almost read as a skinny… isn’t it funny how our perspective changes along with the trends?

That’s when I remembered that I have the Frame Le High Straight in Film Noir that I purchased on sale at Bloomingdales a few weeks ago hanging in my closet. I think I prefer the slightly wider leg opening and slightly higher rise of the Frame pair, so I sent these back.

Frame Le High Straight in Film Noir

at Bloomingdale’s (29) // at Nordstrom (29) // sweater (S) // mules (8) // boots 10% off (8)

These jeans have a 28″ inseam; 13″ leg opening; 10 1/2″ front rise. They’re also made in the USA of an inky black stretch denim with tonal stitching and gunmetal-tone logo hardware. The fabrication is 91% cotton, 6% polyester, 3% elastane.

Here’s how they look with the mules vs. booties. I think they look great both ways, but a little better with the mules. They could be longer with the booties.

Here’s the Frame Le High Straight next to the Mother Dazzler with the boots. I like the slightly wider leg opening on the Frame as compared to the Dazzler; I feel like it makes me look more balanced, but I prefer the extra half-inch in length on the Mother pair.

Frame Le High Straight // Mother Dazzler

Here’s a side-by-side with the mules. This one’s a tossup for me!

Frame Le High Straight // Mother Dazzler

Okay, moving on . . .

MOTHER The Weekender Mid-Rise Flare Jeans

at Anthropologie (29) // grey sweater (S; similar for less) // boots (8; 40% off!!!)

These are the Mother Weekender in a faded blue wash, and they’re the ones that inspired my entire order. I’ve had my eye on these for ages, and they are every bit as good in person as I was hoping they would be.

This pair is the same size and style as the washed black pair above, but they are sooo much more comfortable… which confirms the whole black dye theory!

For me, this is the perfect lived-in, light-to-medium wash with just the right amount of whiskering and fading. I also love the fit and silhouette these jeans create. The size and shape of the rear pocket placement is perfection.

In my perfect world, they would have a 10 or 10 1/2″ rise instead of 9 1/2″, but everything else about them is absolute perfection, so they’re definitely keepers. I’ve already worn them two or three times.

MOTHER The Dazzler Mid-Rise Straight Jeans in Healing Jar

at Anthropologie (29) // sweater (S; similar for less) // boots (8; 40% off!!!)

I have these jeans in a slightly different wash with a raw hem, and I wear them a ton, especially during spring and summer. I ordered these because I like the finished hem, but I don’t like them enough to justify keeping them at this price point, even on sale. I’m actually not really sure why I ordered them, lol! That happens to me sometimes. I’m sure I had a reason at the time, but I don’t recall what it was.

At any rate, I can wholeheartedly recommend these if you’re looking for a pair of slim straight ankle jeans in a faded mid-indigo wash with a traditional hem. They have a 9.75″ rise, 27.5″ inseam, and 12.75″ leg opening; and they’re made in the USA of a soft and stretchy 92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% elastane. Like most Mother Denim, these do great things for the rear view.

VERDICT: As I said above, I don’t really need these so I sent them back, but they’re great jeans, and I highly recommend them if they fill a need in your wardrobe.

Paige Cindy High-Rise Straight Jeans in Ash Black

at Anthropologie (29) // similar turtleneck (S) // boots (8)

These raw-hem straight-leg jeans have a marbled grey wash with a vintage look, but they’re made of a deceptively soft and stretchy 64% cotton, 17% modal, 17% polyester, 2% elastane. They look a lot stiffer than they feel.

They have a 10.5″ rise, 28″ inseam, 14.25″ leg opening; which on paper should work well for me, but for some reason, the Paige Cindy has never quite worked for me. I’ve tried them in different washes several different times over the years, and I always end up returning or donating.

These met the same fate as the Dazzlers; they are already on their way back to Anthropologie. Maybe one of these days, I’ll stop trying the Paige Cindy!

That said, just because they don’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. A lot of women love these jeans.

AG Saige Ankle Straight Leg Jeans in 12 Years Salvation

at Nordstrom (29) // sweater (S) // boots (8)

Someone asked me about this new style from AG, so I was curious and ordered them. They have a 29″ inseam, 16″ leg opening, 11″ front rise; so they’re more of a traditional straight leg jean, and they’re made of the typical AG denim 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane.

This wash looks very AG — they’ve done a similar wash for years, and I loved it when I lived in their legging ankle skinny jeans back in the day, but it’s starting to look tired to me. I also just don’t care for this wider leg opening on me.

The rear view is pretty good, and they fit well, so maybe I should have tried with some other tops and shoes; but I just don’t love them, so they went back.

Side By Side Comparison

Here’s another side-by-side with the last set of jeans. When I really want to see an accurate silhouette of my outfit, I stand perfectly straight and try to hold my smartphone camera without tilting it. I wish I’d thought to do this with the black ones above, but anyway!

There are two pictures of the Weekender because I was noticing how the boatneck sweater with drop shoulder seams emphasizes my broad shoulders, and makes me look top heavy. So I took it off and put on the crewneck sweater with raglan sleeves to compare.

Mother Weekender // Mother Weekender // Mother Dazzler // AG Saige // Paige Cindy

See how the lines of the raglan sleeves draw the eye inward towards my neck, rather than outwards towards my shoulders as in the boatneck? With the simple switch of the sweater, I look more balanced.

boatneck sweater (S) // crewneck sweater (S)

And then see how putting on the slim, straight leg ankle jeans changes my silhouette once again? I look more balanced in the grey sweater with the flares than I do in the same grey sweater and straight ankle jeans.

I don’t hate the look with the straight leg jeans, but the flares just look better. Also, I should have tried a flat shoe with the straight ankle jean. In general, I feel like I look better in a slim straight ankle jean with flat shoes.

Mother Weekender // Mother Dazzler

As for the other two pictures, I don’t care for either of those outfits, the jeans or the sweaters. When I see them all lined up in a row, I can see that I just overall look a little more dumpy in the wider leg jeans and bulkier sweaters.

Frame Le High Flare in Billups

at Frame // at Bloomies // sweater (S; similar for less) // boots (8)

I’ve shared these before, but I tried them on again because I’m still trying to decide which size I need so I thought I’d post again for anyone who missed them before. I love the cut of these jeans. I always feel best in jeans that fit close to the thighs, which these do, but they also have such a good lived-in grey wash.

They have a 10″ Front Rise, 34.5″ Inseam, 22″ Leg Opening; and the 7.5% Cotton/14% Modal/6% Polyester/2.5% Elastane is so stretchy and soft and comfortable. Plus, they do great things for the rear view. The pocket size and placement is perfect for me.

My issue is the 28 is a little snug and the 29 is a little loose, and I keep going back and forth on which to keep depending on how I’m feeling the day I try them on. My weight has been fluctuating a lot lately. Thanks, menopause!

I really need to make a decision and cut them off so I can start wearing them. I plan to lay them out on top of the Mother Weekender and cut them the same length.

LOFT High Rise Slim Flare Jeans In Rich Dark Indigo Wash

at LOFT (29) // sweater (S) // boots (8; 40% off!!!)

I tried these on when I was at a LOFT event hosted by a friend, and I’m really pleased with the fit and feel for the price point. They have a nice, dressy dark wash and a subtle flare styling with a 31″ inseam that works perfectly for me with low heeled boots.

The main thing I should point out is they have a 12 1/2″ rise, which is suuuper high for most women. I don’t mind as long as I wear a top I can leave untucked. If I tried to do a front tuck, I’d be tucking right under my boobs.

I did buy these, thinking they would be a nice lower priced denim option to wear for blog features, but I haven’t worn them yet.

As for the sweater, I think it’s a really pretty option for the holidays, and I’d keep wearing it through Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of sweaters…

Sweaters & Holiday Tops

Madewell Haskell Coziest Textured Yarn Crop Cardigan

at Nordstrom (S) // Fidelity Cher (28) // old AGL loafers

I love this soft, stretchy knit, and the color is gorgeous, but it is so short! I had to tug on the sweater and stand very still to get this shot without any skin showing. I don’t know if it’s meant to expose the belly or what… I get that it’s a thing with the younger set, but at my age, nobody wants to see that! Needless to say, this went right back to the store.

Sundry Sherpa Half Zip

at Evereve (size 1) // Fidelity Cher (28) // Veja Esplar (39)

I love the colorful zipper trim on this black sherpa pullover, and I was hoping this would be a cozy-chic elevated sweatshirt to wear as shown here with jeans and sneakers for my casual work from home days, but I don’t like how wide it is.

This is the size 1 ,which is equivalent to a small. I don’t think sizing down is really the answer, either. This is the right size; it’s just cut to be more voluminous, and I’m just not a fan.

For this price, I would need to be head over heels in love, and I’m not, so it went back.

Halogen Metallic Print Long Sleeve V-Neck Blouse

blouse (S) // Fidelity Cher (28) // Jeffrey Campbell Mr. Big Slide (8; similar)

I’ve also been ordering holiday tops and this one is really pretty and I love how easy it is to throw on with pants or jeans. There’s nothing to fuss with, it’s relaxed but not too long over oversized, the v-neck is flattering yet modest, and the sheer puff sleeves provide arm coverage for those who like that.

I would probably front tuck it, like this, and I think this would be beautiful with winter white pants or grey coated denim.

I’m going to hold onto this and see if I can find an occasion to wear it.

Halogen Sequin Scoop Back Top

top (S) // Fidelity Cher (28) // Jeffrey Campbell Mr. Big Slide (8; similar)

If you want more bling, this is another option from Halogen. The scoop back is a fun detail. This top is lined, so the sequins aren’t scratchy against the skin. This one also comes in silver.

This is fun, but I don’t know that I’ll have a chance to wear it. I also prefer short sleeves for this type of top, although I’m not exactly sure why. I had high hopes for the next one for New Year’s Eve…

Sanctuary High Shine Short Sleeve Sequin Tee

at Evereve (S) // at Bloomingdale’s (S) // Fidelity Cher (28) // Jeffrey Campbell Mr. Big Slide (8; similar)

I really wanted to love this one, and it’s really soft and pretty. It’s like sequins on top of velvet, and the trim round the neck is velvet. But it is soooo short! I can do 22″ or 23″ — In fact, 23″ is my sweet spot with untucked tops. But this one is 21 1/2″, and it looks a little off.

I ordered the small and medium, thinking it looked like it runs small, and below I’m wearing the small on the left and the medium on the right. The length of the medium is definitely better, but I prefer the overall fit of the small. The sleeves, in particular, look a little too big in the medium.

small // medium

I guess I’ll end up returning this; it’s not a cheap top, and I’m afraid I’ll be uncomfortable in it and trying to pull it down all night. I’ve ordered this silver sequin shell, so maybe that will work.

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26 thoughts on “Try-On Haul: Premium Denim & Holiday Tops

  1. I have tried on many flair jeans this season and am surprised you haven’t mentioned how long in the length they are- I am fairly tall and they are always too long on me- your thoughts?

    1. Not sure what you want me to mention, I usually list inseam length and I mentioned needing to cut the Frame Le High Flare.

      Flares are traditionally long because they look best with heels. We’ve been spoiled with the ankle length being popular for so long, and cuffing or cutting being an easy easy to adjust the length. With flares, hemming is often necessary.

  2. I enjoyed this try-on haul as I love jeans and party tops. The dark wash Mother flares I bought at the NS sale based on your recommendation, are Weekenders and I recently bought a similar wash to your “Wet My Plants” (so funny!) called “A Groovy Kind of Love”. You can find them at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. They’re a really nice wash. I bought them at Neiman’s when they were having a sale last month. The Weekenders are not super long, I think they’re 32″, so at 5’3″, I can wear them off the rack easily. I like the Halogen long sleeve sequin top best, as I’m always too cold to wear short sleeves in winter. Plus I don’t like showing my pale arms, lol. Looking forward to future posts with holiday outfits of varying degrees of dressiness.

  3. Wow – I just can’t get used to flares at all. They seem to add weight & bulk to the body, and that’s not what most of us need! Lol! A slight bootcut is not bad, but straights & skinnies look the most flattering on me. Even though I’m not a fan of a bunch of the jeans featured, it’s good to see photos of them from multiple angles to make a more informed decision.

    1. I agree….I can’t wait for this trend to pass. Along with the western heel boots. They (flare jeans) add weight and bulk – which i guess is fine if you have the perfect tiny body – but lets be real – most of us don’t. I even find the straights difficult…they tend to look frumpy – have to really try and find the right ones.
      I have tried, but am going to stick with what looks best on me.

  4. Great post as always, not a fan of flares for me personally but they look great on you, kind of intersting, I just ordered my first pair of full length jeans yesterday, stepping out of my comfort zone and not sure how I will feel about them, honestly I don’t own a single pair of full length jeans or pants (all ankle or dare I say cropped, just an inch or two above ankle bone. On another note, I absolutly love the Halogen sequin scoop back top, in fact I just went on the link to check it out, just debating if I should get the skirt too, as I have a bunch of upcoming holiday events and I’m more a skirt/dress girl. Wish I had a Nordstom close enough to go try on things but the closest is two hours away and just to busy to sit in traffic for that.

  5. Love seeing the side by side comparisons of the jeans. I clicked all the way through on the Anthro Mother weekenders in Wet my Plants and they are $100 off. I do like the flares. I like wearing party tops and blouses with denim, so especially liked the short-sleeved sequined one. I can’t tell any difference between the small and medium, must be something you feel with the fit, rather than see! As for the Loft red fair-isle sweater. I did purchase but returned. In my normal medium the body of the sweater fit nice, but the arms were soooo tight. I could never wear a button-up or long-sleeved tshirt under it. Would have to go up a size for that. I really didn’t like the colors in the design either and it was pretty thin for a winter sweater. But the price was excellent!!

  6. Wow……. So informative. You do the best blog features. The side by sides really are great for comparing. You said the Paige Cindy doesn’t ever work for you, but you didn’t say why. Just wondering. I like them on you, but when you compared all the jeans in a row, I liked the others better. I think my eye is changing to bootcut or flare on you too. I still haven’t gone there for me though. As for the Frame Le High Flare in Billups, I don’t care for it as much. Maybe because you haven’t hemmed them yet, but they almost look too tight in the thighs because of more material and flare on the bottom. I prefer the flares on you with just a little more room in the leg, but still fitted. Maybe because you are in between sizes like you said. Great post, but the prices are high, but good to hold onto for sales that may be coming.

  7. Loved this post, especially the side by side with the jeans and sweaters. It’s amazing what a difference a neckline can make.

  8. I always enjoy your try on posts! I love that long-sleeved black sequin top with the scoop back. I imagine it might not fit into everyone’s lifestyle, though.

    There’s a DKNY short-sleeved black sequin top at Macys that looks classy. I like the sheer sleeves.
    I have some DKNY items in my closet that I love. It’s a good brand.

  9. Great post! Thank you for showing the photos next to each other with explanations on why one look works better for you than another. It’s very helpful. One observation, though. Why, oh why would a premium jean company name a wash “Wet My Plants?” That’s not at all what I read the first time!

  10. I really like the side by side photos of the jeans and your explanations. I just stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago. The entries are so informative. You know so much about what does or does not look good on you and why. Do you have any more info that would help some of us with determining that? For instance you notice the difference 1.5″ in the length of a top makes. I’d never notice that on me!

    1. Hi Teresa, welcome! 🙂 I have always liked fashion and shopping, but it’s only been in the past few years that I’ve honed in on what looks best on me, and I have to credit that knowledge with a variety of sources.

      Taking the Adore Your Wardrobe course a few years ago helped me learn my body type and how to dress it. Kelly was the first person I every heard talk about knowing a particular shirt length or pants inseam length that looks best on you, and I credit her with so much of my knowledge and understanding of my unique body. You can find her courses here: Since taking that course, I’ve been experimenting and figuring it out by trial and error.

      Then I recently discovered the Everyday Style School podcast, and I binged the entire library in the course of a few months. Jen understands balance and proportion, but she also talks about psychology and mindset and emphasizes the importance of defining your personal style and loving what you wear, regardless of whether or not it’s traditionally flattering. You can find that here:

      I feel like there is a lot to be learned from both, and then it’s just a matter of writing this blog and trying things and overanalyzing the pictures I take. I think that’s the biggest takeaway — you have to be willing to try things. Taking pictures helps give you a more objective perspective, and then go with your gut. 🙂

  11. Jo-Lynne I literally laughed out loud at the face you are making in some of those “nope” pics! I make the same face in fitting rooms, glad I’m not the only one. Thanks for keeping it real and giving me a much needed laugh!

  12. Black jeans don’t hold their color either. Woolite does make a liquid detergent that keeps them from fading quite as much. And, putting them in the dryer also makes them lose color.

      1. Thanks for all your tips, wanted to be sure to use your link. Also, Thanksgiving night I ordered the Sam Edelman Jane in olive(doesn’t really look green) for $79, price increased to $99 the next day but still a deal some other colors are also a good price. Wanted to compare fit of the DV and SE, can’t justify keeping both.

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