Fall Color Trend to Try: Rust

Greetings and happy Labor Day! Today Cyndi Spivey and I are kicking off our fall style collab. We will be styling a different fall color trend every Monday this month, and today we’re wearing shades of rust.

This earthy tone has all the fall vibes, but it can be hard for some of us to wear near the face. It’s not really my best color, so I try to find a shade of rust that has cool undertones. This split neck thermal top from Nordstrom fits the bill!

It’s not quite sweater weather yet here in Philadelphia, so a lightweight top in a trending fall color is perfect for our transition season.

I love the split neck detail on this one, and the waffle knit adds texture and and keeps the vibe casual. The sleeves are nice and long, and it runs a little big but I expect it to shrink some. I’m wearing my usual size small.

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Rust pairs really well with blue jeans, but I also like to wear earth tones with grey. These Mother Hustler ankle flares with the fray hem are very much on trend this fall. The ankle length keeps the flare leg current, and the way they’re fitted through the hips and thighs is very flattering.

I wore suede ankle boots in a lighter neutral — these are sort of an oatmeal color. I considered black boots, but they looked a little harsh. The lighter color keeps the whole palette more muted, which I like.

I love how this cat print tote pops against the colors in this outfit. It’s still a neutral but the print and texture add interest. Also, this bag is 50% off at Nordstrom Rack! I added a black and white shoulder strap since the one that comes with it is pretty bold.

I added another bit of animal print with this Victoria Emerson double wrap bracelet. (Be sure to select Pyramid to get the one I have with the pyramid shaped studs). By the way, all Victoria Emerson bracelets are BOGO free till end of day today! No code needed, just add to cart.

I also wore a mixed metal layered necklace and coordinating mixed metal earrings, and don’t forget about a great pair of shades. These oversized cat eye sunnies were definitely a splurge, but I’ve worn them almost daily for the past two years so the cost per wear is working out. Diff has a similar style for less.

I love how this look is casual but elevated. I can always swap out the booties for sneakers or mules if I don’t want a heel, but the color combination is one that will definitely be on repeat in my fall outfit rotation.

top // jeans // boots // tote // sunnies // earrings // necklace // bracelet

Scroll down to shop the post, and then head on over and visit Cyndi to see how she is styling rust for fall!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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20 thoughts on “Fall Color Trend to Try: Rust

  1. Great news on Paul! Prayers will continue for his recovery and for you as you add care giver to your responsibilities. I love everything about this outfit that you look great in! I would have never thought to put rust and grey together, but now I will. Rust is a color that is easy for me to wear near my face. Have a good day!

  2. I’m not really a rust person either but I love how you’ve put these colors together! I also like the lighter shade boots and the handbag paired with the outfit. Glad to hear Paul will be getting home today! Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  3. Now this outfit makes sense to me. I could definitely wear this in what we call Texas fall, barely cooler weather. I would have never thought of rust and grey but you really pulled it together nicely. All the pieces work well together and I love that tote bag.

  4. So glad to hear that Paul is on the mend and will be home today. I continue to pray for you and your family. I would never have considered putting gray and rust together. Looks great!

  5. So glad to hear Paul is doing well. Will continue to pray for complete healjng. I love this top. And, also like thermal. So it’s a win, win. This Color really looks good with blue jeans. Hope you have a Wonderful Day!!🧡

  6. I’m so glad that Paul is doing so well, what a relief for all of you! I love this look. I would never have thought to put rust and gray together along with the oatmeal booties. It’s such a great look and I’ll be sure to duplicate this when the weather is cool enough.

  7. You look great. I never would have thought rust and grey together but you pulled everything together great in this outfit. I think the light booties good choice, but my question is how do you keep your jeans from fading on the booties? Especially if they are suede. Now that the jeans styles are longer it’s going to be even harder to keep this from happening. I’ve ruined some from this happening. So glad to hear Paul is doing well enough to come home. Praying for you both as I know now you will be the caregiver. Just be careful to not let him do too much too soon. Thanks for doing a Fall series. Going to be fun. Happy Labor Day.

  8. Happy Labor Day!!
    If the color trend of the season isn’t one that’s good for me, I try to incorporate it with pants, skirts, open cardigan or accessories, keeping it away from my face.
    I’m a winter so rust is one of those that’s definitely not my color.

  9. Rust & grey look great together. Who knew?! A winning combination, JoLynne.
    I was out shopping a couple of days ago and noticed a lot of earth colors. Sadly, I came home empty handed. They are just not my best color. I never thought of rust as having warm or cool indertones. How do I tell the difference?

    1. Joanne…. I noticed the same thing. I’m more Summer/Winter…when years ago I had my colors done, so the earthtones out now can be tricky. As for seeing more cool tones it’s like looking at reds. There are more warm, orangey reds and more cool reds, with more pink undertones or actually they say to look for more blue reds not orange reds. :). If this makes sense. 🙂 You’d look at rust the same way, but it’s harder to find rust in cool tones. When I want to wear more of a rust tone…. For example my daughter got me a blouse that’s light rust and it’s not my color, but I wear a navy cardigan over it and it works. Just like wearing cognac color boots or shoes with jeans or navy tops. Jo-Lynne may have more to add.

      1. I can tell the difference in reds but rust seems to elude me. I’ll just have to try some sweaters on and see if any work. Thank you for your comment, Kathy.

    2. It’s not easy, and I’m really not the best at it. Most colors come in both warm and cool tones, but earthy colors are often warmer than pastels and jewel tones. So finding a rust that works for me isn’t easy. Nordstrom has this color in a lot of their Nordstrom Brand lines right now. https://shopstyle.it/l/bxR5F

  10. This is probably a dumb question, but for jean names like Insider and Hustler , does that refer to the fit/cut? Not the color?

    1. There are no stupid questions. (Can you tell I used to be a teacher?) 😉 Mother is the brand, Hustler and Insider two of their styles. Like AG Farrah and AG Mari – AG is the brand, Farrah and Mari are two of their styles.

      Then each of those comes in various colors – which also have names, like Dancing on Coals and Not Guilty are two colors of Mother Insiders… although, in denim, we usually call them washes rather than colors. Hope that helps! 🙂

  11. Great news about Paul coming home!
    I didn’t know you could find a cool rust like you can reds although there are definitely some that work better than others for us summer/winter/cool toned ladies. One thing I’ve done to add variety (I get bored wearing the same colors) besides just using my non-seasoned colors as accessories and not wearing next to my face is finding colors in the best tones I can, but I don’t buy investment pieces in colors that aren’t my best. I still participate in the trends or seasons, but just keep it to a few and don’t spend a lot. Sometimes I’ve realized later something just doesn’t work and am glad I didn’t spend a lot. I’ve also noticed as I’ve aged, it seems I can wear more colors than I used to. Maybe I just want to… LOL!

    1. Yes, I meant to say that in the post, or maybe I did in another post about color trends. If it’s a color that isn’t my best and I want to wear it, I try not to spend a lot for it. I’ve learned that the hard way – fall is the time I usually fall for that. I love rust and buy it and wear it for fall and then as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I’m done with it. So no more investment pieces in fall colors, lol!

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