Coffee Talk 09.05.21

Well, it has certainly been A WEEK. I had to look back at my calendar to check and see if this really was the first week of school. It seems like at least two weeks ago. But yes, it was only Tuesday that I put R on the school bus for her first day of her sophomore year, and by Thursday, schools all over our area were closed.

It was not due to Covid, ironically. As you probably know, Hurricane Ida swept through our area on Wednesday, leaving many neighborhoods and city streets under water. Thankfully we were spared, but when I ventured out on Friday, I realized just how bad our area was hit. Everywhere we tried to go, we ran into detours and road closures. It’s going to take a while to recover from this one, but school was back in session on Friday.

That made R happy because she was looking forward to the first home football game of the season on Friday night. And it made this momma happy because I really enjoyed my quiet house on Tuesday and Wednesday. I would like to have a few more days like that before Covid starts to ramp up around here.

Speaking of Covid ramping up, C and her roommate were part of a pooled saliva test at her college this week that came up positive. That means everyone in that group had to get a PCR test to determine who the infected individuals are, so they were on pins and needles for about 36 hours waiting for that. Fortunately, both she and her roommate were confirmed negative and allowed to resume normal activities, but I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time.

I know I was the one promising you all this would end eventually, and I know it will, but I never imagined we would still be in the weeds at this point. All we can do is keep on keeping on, but I am weary of it all, as I’m sure you are. I don’t always agree with how things are being handled by the powers that be, but I’m trying to give everyone a lot of grace as we continue to navigate these muddy waters.

In other news, I somehow got the harebrained idea to buy a new car in the middle of all this. So in addition to getting R ready to back to school and fielding all the phone calls from C as she’s adjusting to life at college, I’ve been in and out of car dealerships for the past few weeks. This was definitely not the best time to take on this project, but once I got the ball rolling, I felt like I had to see it through.

Despite the delays due to the flooding and power outages in our area, Paul and I were able to pick up my new car on Thursday, so that’s kind of fun. I downsized a bit, going from an MDX to an RDX, and I got some of the newer features I’ve been wanting.

Then we were up bright and early on Friday morning to take Paul to the hospital for his colon resection surgery. We were having trouble finding open roads, but we finally got there and were only a few minutes late. The surgery went pretty well, insofar as they were able to remove the part of the intestine that needed to be removed and put it back together, but there were complications that made it difficult. Fortunately this doctor has a lot of experience and was able to make it work.

I spent the hours during surgery in a local coffee shop, and once the doctor called and said Paul was in recovery, I went back over to the hospital to wait there. It was still a while before they took him up to this room, but I finally got to see him by mid-afternoon. He has a nice private room with lots of natural light, so at least it’s a fairly pleasant place to be, if he has to be in a hospital.

I stayed with him for a couple of hours, and then once I was satisfied that he was doing okay, I left so I could go to the high school football game to see R play in the marching band. It made for a very long day, but I hated for her not to have anyone there — especially when we missed the marching band Fall Preview while we were getting C settled in at college.

Since this was the first home football game with a full crowd and band presence since Covid brought life as we knew it to a screeching halt, it was quite the festive occasion. Everyone was just so happy to be there and having a Friday night that felt somewhat normal, the excitement was palpable. I’m not much of a football fan, but I do enjoy the atmosphere, and I sat with a friend, so that was fun. It made for a very long day, but I’m glad I went.

Then yesterday, R and I went back to the hospital to visit Paul for a few hours. It’s about 40 minutes from here, so it does make driving back and forth to see him pretty time consuming, but I’m so glad he is where he is. He’s getting really good care, and his room is in a newer section that is really bright and pretty and pristine. It’s about as pleasant as a hospital gets.

As of today, things are still up in the air as to when he will come home. I’m encouraging him to stay there as long as they will keep him because I know what it’s like to bring someone home too soon after abdominal surgery. We did that with our son, and I’ll regret it as long as I live. As dramatic as that sounds, it’s true. It is one of my biggest regrets as a parent.

All that to say, Paul is improving, but he has a ways to go. We knew recovery would be rough, but it’s definitely being complicated by the issues they ran into during surgery. We’re praying for continued healing and no lingering infection. I’ve been sharing updates on my IG Story, and they’re saved to the Life Lately highlight, but I’ll also be sharing updates in my daily newsletter throughout the week.

With that, I’m off to get myself looking presentable so we can head over to the hospital in a bit. If you missed it, I updated my Labor Day Weekend Sales with some new picks. If any of the sales change tomorrow, I’ll be sure to let you know, and Cyndi and I are also kicking off our fall fashion series. We will be styling a different fall color trend every Monday this month, so stay tuned for that.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

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23 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 09.05.21

  1. Well this seems like a time where you have A LOT going on and definitely deserve that grace. One thing about Covid and college. Several friends of mine went through situations with their kids where they were extremely upset and disappointed because they were quarantined and prevented from certain activities. As it turned out though there were bonds and friendships formed that never would have happened or been as strong without this occurrence and for which there is now deep thankfulness the situation turned out this way. Will be thinking about your family and hope things go smoothly for Paul’s recovery!

    1. Yes!! I’ve heard the same types of stories at the university where my son goes. The Lord has a purpose even when we don’t always understand it.

  2. I agree with you about anyone being released from the hospital sooner than what they should be. It just isn’t good for anyone. I am wondering if Paul will be able to climb stairs right away because I’ve had numerous times when that was a big no-no. I know that he will be happy to see you later today. I’m really looking forward to the Fall series that you and Cyndi are going to do. It’s a great idea! Prayers continue for Paul and the rest of your family.

  3. So very glad your husband is recovering nicely and family routines are getting on.

    Ida has devastated my area. I live in the city of Houma (Terrebonne Parish) and we were very close to the eye of the storm. Lots of destruction. We hope for power to be restored soon but it’s estimated to take until the end of the month. There are many crews working diligently to help the area and I’m so very grateful for them all! We have damage to our home but are fortunate enough to have someplace safe to stay…with a generator…for now. Day by day is how we are getting through this. Have a blessed day!

    1. I am so sorry to hear this. From someone who suffered only a few weeks of the ill-effects of Harry, I can complete relate…

  4. What a week! Phew! As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. So glad that you are on the other side of surgery and Paul is in good hands. Have a breather for yourself tonight with glass of wine on the deck. So glad Caroline is ok! Congrats on the RDX. We have one too and Nissan Murano. Both great cars.

  5. Wow!!! You’ve had a lot on your plate. I’ll continue to pray for you all. It’s crazy times to try to navigate life in and you have had extra for sure. Hang in there. Lots of prayer for Paul. So thankful Caroline was negative.

  6. Oh, geeze, so much going on for you and your family! I admire how graceful you’ve juggled & managed “life” during the pandemic! Thank you for sharing your talents and your family with us. I’ll remember you in my prayers.

  7. Glad your husband is recovering well and getting the care he needs. I think hospitals send people home way too soon so I agree with you on him staying as long as possible.
    My daughter is back in college also and now in a masters program about 45 minutes from home and the professor told them if they want to keep going to in person classes they need to keep their masks on in class as Covid is still very much an issue in Texas.

  8. You’ve certainly had quite the week.. so glad Paul had a successful surgery and praying he’ll have a speedy recovery without any complications.
    The majority of our universities here which start this week are asking for all students and staff to be fully vaccinated and if not will be tested at least 2-3 times per week ..Glad to hear Caroline is settling in well:)
    Enjoy your holiday tomorrow 💕.. looking forward to your joint posts with Cyndi!

  9. I’m so glad that Paul is doing well despite all the complications. The hospital sounds like it is as nice as those places can manage. I agree about him staying as long as they will allow. Pushing it to come home is just not the best plan and so often leads to complications. I have a 2019 RDX and love it! I hope you’ll really enjoy the smaller vehicle. I live in south Georgia so the ventilated seats are a game-changer for us!

  10. Best wishes to Paul as he recovers from his surgery. That sure sounds like a nasty one! And, sorry about Caroline’s Covid scare at school. I believe that you’re right and this is going to be around in some form for a long time,.
    It is something that we need to learn to live with, so IMO it’s best if we can just live our lives as much as possible, while being smart and safe in the process. Good luck to you this week! Hopefully Paul can get home later this week and life can settle down a bit!

  11. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Ida terrorized us here on the Gulf Coast and then caused so many more problems in the Northeast. One of my best friends lives in NYC and she was telling me how the subways were still not fully operational this past weekend! We got the outer bands on the east side of the storm where I live, and because she moved so dang slow we got three days of stormy weather and so many tornadoes that I lost count. We were at gymnastics for one and had to get all the kids into one of the foam pit things and then all the parents held mats over them. It was a surreal experience. Thankfully, we didn’t have any damage at our house, but others weren’t as lucky.

    I hope your husband’s recovery continues to go well. Having had abdominal surgery last year, I wholeheartedly agree with him staying as long as he can. I only got to stay two days and still feel like it should have been longer.

  12. Prayers for a full recovery and that your area gets back to normal after the weather!! OMG….yes, this covid, I have my opinions like everyone else!!! I guess if they get it they will have natural antibodies! Better then any vaccine! New cars are always great!! Take care!

  13. My son’s apartment complex on the Schuylkill in Valley Forge was affected by the storm. About 100 cars were destroyed. You’re lucky to have gotten a new one before the rest start shopping. Sorry about your husband. I know that’s what the vows in sickness and in health refer to. When my husband had surgery last summer, they wouldn’t allow anyone in, so glad to hear that now allow visitors.

    1. Oh yikes! At the nail salon yesterday, the woman next to me was saying that happened to her son – I wonder if he’s at the same college as yours. Good point about the car market getting slammed – as if it isn’t already bad enough! Yeah, maybe I didn’t buy at such a bad time, lol.

  14. I have family outside of Philly and I saw a first-hand video of the flooding caused by the storm.
    Never dreamt it could happen!

    As for your husband’s surgery, we have a friend who went through the same type but his was emergency.
    You’re so wise to be patient and cautious.

    Having a family member in the hospital is hard enough, but when you’re handling the needs of two daughters, well, you’re a real trooper.

    Just found you and am following all your posts with great interest.

    Thanks, especially, for your upbeat outlook.
    It’s definitely needed!

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