Try-On Hauls

Fall Fashion Try-On Haul

Happy Friday, friends! At the risk of overdoing it with the mirror selfie posts this week, I have a good old-fashioned try-on haul for you today! This is just a random mash-up from some of my recent online orders — jeans, tops, dresses… a little bit of everything! Let’s dive right in.

Fall Fashion Try-On Haul

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Spiritual Gangster Love Vintage Muscle Tank

tee (S) // jeans (28) // sneakers (39)

I had high hopes for this sleeveless graphic tee. I love the colors for fall, but the fit is really strange. It’s too long under the arms, so it shows your bra, and I definitely don’t want to wear a layer underneath it, so it’s going back.

Here’s how it looks untucked, for anyone who wants to see the length.

VERDICT: Returning. Awkward fit, no bueno.

Evereve Gretta Dress

dress (S) // sandals c/o (7.5) // earrings

I wanted to love this dress. I think the print is so pretty, and the fit is actually not bad, considering I rarely wear ruffles or midi lengths. It even looks decent from the back.

But it’s way too low cut in the front. Aside from wearing a layer, that would detract from the neckline, there is really no solution to this issue. I even tried buttoning it, but that didn’t help.

VERDICT: Going back.

525 Stripe Cotton Pullover

pullover // jeans // sneakers

I love a cotton sweater for spring and fall, and this stripe version with the polo neck collar is right on trend. It’s kind of light and airy, so it can be worn as soon as the weather starts to cool off. I typically don’t love a drop shoulder, but for some reason, this one doesn’t bother me too much.

I feel like the stripes give it a sporty vibe, so I styled it with ripped jeans and my Veja Esplars with the black accents. I love this look, and I can’t wait until the weather cooperates so I can wear it.

VERDICT: Keeping!

Milo Rib Henley

henley (S)  // jeans (28) // sneakers (39)

I love the idea of layering henley tees under jackets this fall, and I thought the fit of this one was cute. I like length too. I’m just afraid it’s just a little too tight for my comfort level, unless it is only ever worn as an under layer.

Here’s how it looks under a utility jacket… I kind a like it, although the buttons on buttons looks a little busy. Is that just me?

VERDICT: Deciding. I need to make sure I’ll get a decent cost per wear out of it.

Lucy Plaid Jacket

jacket (S) // henley (S) // jeans (28) // sneakers (39)

I love this jacket for fall football games and other outdoorsy events. It’s pretty thick but not terribly bulky, and it looks great over this black henley. I just hate that drop shoulder. Those seams have a way of making my already wide shoulders look even bigger and bulkier.

VERDICT: Deciding… I want to love it, and it’s supposed to look a little chunky so maybe those shoulders aren’t a deal breaker?

LOFT Floral Everyday Tee

tee (S; on sale) // similar jeans (30% off for Madewell Stars & Icons) // flats (8)

This top is really cute for fall, although I would prefer shorter sleeves and a little more of an open neckline. And the pattern does remind me a bit of a curtain. I didn’t see the birds until another reader mentioned it, and now I can’t unsee it. 🤣

But I like the colors, it plays into that Lava Falls that is trending, but with cool undertones, which look best on me.

VERDICT: Keeping, I’ve already worn it twice. Also, LOFT is doing 50% OFF $200+, 30% OFF $100, OR 20% OFF $50! CODE: STYLE

LOFT Floral Neck Tie Blouse

blouse (S; on sale) // jeans (28) // sandals (7.5)

I’m also really loving this top. For some reason, I’m always drawn to peasant blouses, which is weird because they don’t really fit my vibe, but I wear them anyway. I actually wore this one in a photo shoot yesterday. You can see it in the Instagram section at the bottom of the blog.

VERDICT: Keeping! Also, LOFT is doing 50% OFF $200+, 30% OFF $100, OR 20% OFF $50! CODE: STYLE

Madewell Mayfair Sweater Cardigan (30% off)

at Madewell (S; on sale) // at Nordstrom (S) // similar jeans (30% off for Madewell Stars & Icons) // mules (7.5)

I’m loving the shorter v-neck cardigans worn as a pullover but so many are too low-cut, and I feel like a tank top ruins the aesthetic. This one is so cute, I love the fine gauge cable knit pattern and the pretty blush color, and it isn’t too low-cut to wear without a tank.

It is, however, on the shorter side. These jeans have a 10 1/2″ rise, which isn’t low rise, by any means, but I still feel like this sweater looks better with a higher rise.

Fortunately, I have some that fit the bill. The Citizens Isola Cropped Bootcut has a 11.25″ rise, which makes all the difference.

Such pretty texture in this sweater… love it! The fabric is 40% acrylic, 30% alpaca, 30% polyamide; and Nordstrom says you can wash and dry it, but I will wash on delicate and lay it flat to dry.

VERDICT: Keeping! Just waiting for a chance to wear it. This sweater is currently on sale, plus 30% off for Madewell Stars & Icons.

Gap Factory Forever Cozy Waffle Knit Sweater ($29)

sweater (S) // similar jeans (30% off for Madewell Stars & Icons) // mules (8)

Here’s another option for a cropped v-neck cardigan. It’s 75% Acrylic, 22% Polyester, 3% Spandex; so there’s no wool content for those who can’t tolerate it.

The Madewell sweater feels nicer and has a better drape, but this one is very cute and affordable. I might like the fit better if I size up.

It also comes in army green, ice blue, and black. Here’s the army green, although I don’t care for how I styled it here. I was experimenting with straight leg jeans and sneakers.

This whole look is okay, it’s balanced, and the colors work, but the overall vibe is just a little too safe and almost frumpy… I didn’t play around with the sweater any more that day because I was focused on denim and shoe pairings.

VERDICT: I might keep the green; I feel like the ochre brown washes me out.

Gap Factory Ribbed Collared Sweater ($24)

sweater (S) // jeans (28) // clogs (8)

I love the polo neck sweater trend; it’s a nice variation on a traditional pullover, and it has a refined look about it. This one is really nice. It’s 100% cotton, and it has a really nice fit. I just wish it wasn’t quite so low-cut.

I’m wearing the black, and it also comes in surplus green and bleached sand. The black and sand are marked down to just $23.99! The olive is $34.99, and I kind of wish I had ordered that color. I like the black, though.

VERDICT: Keeping! This is such a cute option and very affordable. Highly recommend.

AGOLDE Lana Vintage Straight Jeans

at Shopbop (29) // at Evereve (on sale for $114.99) // loafers (8; 30% off for Stars & Icons) // sweater (S)

I introduced these jeans in the post on How to Wear Loafers and Flats with Straight Leg Jeans. I ordered them to have more of a classic straight fit to play around with, and because I like how they look on Helena over at Brooklyn Blonde. She is taller than I am, though, and hers barely break on top of the foot when wearing flats.

Whenever I’m trying to decide if I like a silhouette, I stand perfectly straight and try to hold my camera at a straight ankle… like this. Not very attractive, but it’s the best way to see your actual silhouette in an outfit.

The wider jeans do balance out my shoulders, but the overall fit just looks frumpy-dump to me, and I really do not like what they do in the crotch area, but I feel like these rigid jeans do that on almost everyone.

I think they could be shorter, and honestly, maybe I need to size down? I felt like I had absolutely no wiggle room in the waistband, but they’re 100% cotton, so they should stretch. These are the 29, but I have the 28 so I’m going to try those today just to see if I can even button them.

Next, I tried these jeans with more of low profile loafer and a sweater vest. I don’t HATE this, but I don’t love it either.

I thought maybe fashion sneakers and an elevated sweatshirt might be a better combination, but I’m meh on this look as well. (Ignore the jewelry — I had it on from earlier in the day; I would not wear a layered necklace with this.)

I mean, this may be how the “kids” are wearing them, but I’m not sure it’s my vibe. Also, the rear pockets on these jeans are HUGE.

I also gave them a try with the rag & bone Retro Sneakers, since they have a different vibe. You know, this isn’t terrible… I don’t love this sweater with them, but the jeans and sneaker combo isn’t bad.

Then, I thought, what about heels? I went back to the sweater vest and added these block heel, pointed toe mules… I like this silhouette better, but the jeans sit an an awkward length and get hung up on the back of the heel.

I’m starting to think I should just hack an inch off the bottom, but I hate to lose the hem. It has a lot of detail, so I would prefer to have them properly hemmed and save the hem.

So then I tried them with the Sam Edelman Agnes Western Boots and a boyfriend cardigan. These boots have a 3 1/2″ heel, and there’s nothing for the jeans to get caught on. (Mules and clogs are really not working well for me with the longer length jeans.)

You guys, I think this actually works. I don’t even mind those giant pockets when I look at the full-on rear view. And yes, I know I need a tank or cami under that cardigan. I was just being lazy.

VERDICT: I can’t say I love these YET, but I might like them as an alternative to bootcut jeans and flares. I might keep these just to wear with boots. I’m also going to try the 28 and see if there is any way they might fit. Stay tuned!

Madewell The Perfect Vintage Flare Jean in Delavan Wash

at Madewell (size 28; 30% off for Stars & Icons) // at Nordstrom (28) // loafers (8; 30% off for Stars & Icons) // sweater (S)

A few weeks ago, I tried these in the 29 and they were too big. I told you I was going to order the 28 and report back, and here we are!

The 28 is definitely the right size, and I kind of like the denim wash and the overall look of the rigid denim, but I don’t love the exaggerated flare… at least, not with the loafers. (They have a 22″ leg opening.)

I wondered how they would look with the rag & bone sneakers, but they’re too long… and I just don’t like bootcut jeans with sneakers. I never did, even with all we wore was bootcut jeans. It still looks frumpy to me.

So then I tried them with clogs, and I definitely like this better. I think it goes without saying that they would work well with ankle boots.

VERDICT: These jeans are definitely a viable option, especially if you like the look of the 100% cotton rigid denim. I feel like these achieve a good balance of being on trend without looking juvenile.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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35 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Try-On Haul

  1. Love the series of photos with the AGOLDE Lana vintage straight leg jeans. When you wear them with the retro running shoes, to me, the vibe is very Jerry Seinfeld circa 1992. They look great with a higher heel, though. I can’t wear high heels, so you are helping me realize I will have to choose my jeans wardrobe based on the type of shoes I can wear. This will save me a lot of frustration! Thanks!

    1. Haha, Jerry Seinfeld…

      Yes, I was saying to someone the other day that I’m just going to have certain jeans for heels and others jeans for flats. Nothing wrong with that, I have enough different styles. Just need to make sure I have the right balance since I wear flats more for everyday. I think I might just need the Lana and 2 pairs of flare/bootcuts. Everything else can be ankle straight and crop flares for flats. And maybe one pair of skinnies for variety (and boots.)

      1. That is a lot of work for a pair of jeans lol! You’re much more patient & obviously well dressed than I because they would have been returned after a couple of try’s.
        Thanks for all you do for us!

  2. Excellent review! I am much older but still find your style and comments very helpful. I work hard to avoid “frumpy dump” LOL. Therefore, I stay away from florals and baggy clothes. I do wish that so many V-neck sweaters and tees were not cut so low because like you, I agree layering underneath takes away from the intended look.
    BTW, you looked great in just about all of the tops but the dress did nothing for your cute figure – just sayin’…

  3. I have the Madewell flares in my cart. I am afraid they are going to be super rigid and not comfy. What is your take on those vs the Mother flares from the Nord Ann sale ?

    1. They are not anything like the Mother flares b/c the fabric content is so different. Typically with the 100% cotton denim, they soften up with wear. Or so I hear… I haven’t had a pair in so long, I don’t even remember.

  4. I like the Lana jeans on you with the boots, and also the Madewell flares. I am so excited to wear flares, which I have never tried, and bootcuts, which I have tried but it’s been a while. And that plaid jacket…I LOVE it on you! Perhaps you’re overthinking the shoulder; it’s not noticeable. Great try-on haul!

  5. I’m having a hard time with straight leg jeans. Did it in the 90s & I see pics & it just looked bad then. Maybe it’s my eyes. I’m short, short legs Tucking shirts into high waist jeans puts it right under my boobs. Bleh…still experimenting. Ankle jeans are my sweet spot & now I hem everything to be where I want.

  6. Wearing a higher heel with the Lana jeans makes all the difference in the world! Doesn’t even look like the same jeans you tried with the lower heels.

  7. Love these post. You put so much work into them. Thank you. My mind races with so many comments. LOL The black henley doesn’t look too tight, but looks best under a jacket, but I agree, the utility one is too many buttons on buttons. I like the plaid black one better. Any all zipper jacket would work. Sorry to ruin the LOFT floral tee mentioning the birds.LOL I just don’t do birds for me, so stopped me from ordering it. But, I just really like it. Love the colors. LOVE the peasant top. I just might be ordering that one. As for button up cardigans, try the LOFT Stitchy Cardigan in the Vintage Bordeaux. I really like mine. I usually wear XS LOFT but liked this in SM. You don’t have to wear anything under it and its not too low. I like your Madewell Mayfair Cardigan on you with the higher rise like you said. I just have been trying to stay away from any sweaters with Acrylic. They always ball on me. Do they for you? As for the GAP factory cardigan, I like the green color on you better too. Great price. I’m just not sure on the Agolde Lana jeans. For sure the last look its the best, but will you grab for them? You have so many other jeans. You really do have a great selection now. Great post.

    1. I haven’t paid much attention to acrylic, I know it’s a cheaper fabric but this one is soft. I hope it doesn’t pill too badly. Not sure about the Lana… I need to play with them more, figure out tops.

  8. It’s funny , I was at Evereve last night and tried on the same dress and jacket. The plaid jacket was too short and wide for my taste. I’m 5’7”. And I agree the dress was too low cut. Cute pattern but that’s about it. Of course I still left with a faux leather blazer …I would appreciate any styling tips for that. Thanks for all you do !

  9. You definitely look great in black. I love the striped sweater and that plaid jacket. You glowed in those – who would ever think black could make anyone glow! I love that beige button up the front sweater with those jeans and the Sam Edelman boots. I also love the black Henley top on you. Thanks for sharing so many ideas.

  10. I actually think the black Henley looks great on you and not too tight, and I’m one who avoids a too tight look. Love the plaid jacket too.

    1. Yeah, I like the fit in theory, but it would have looked better 5 lbs and 5 years ago, haha! I don’t like how it accentuates the lumps and bumps I’ve accumulated during perimenopause.

  11. I love these posts because seeing how something fits you helps save me from buying online and returning something that won’t fit right or that I won’t like. It also helps me move off the fence on items I’m not sure about purchasing. I love the 525 striped pullover and wondered if it ran big and whether you sized down. I’m deciding between that one and the Line and Dot Beckett pullover. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for continuing to experiment with the various jeans and shoes combos! I do not have the same level of patience or the vision to figure it all out. You’ve been really helpful in narrowing things down for me to try. The peasant top looks great on you, even though it may be a little outside of your usual style. I typically feel the same way as you do about a dropped shoulder, but the plaid jacket does look good on you!

  12. My favorite is the Milo Henley top. I actually like close fitting tops because I think they make my curves look better. I sometimes I think you could go down one size in some of the tops you wear, like the Gap Collared Sweater. It looks like the sleeve is bunchy, or could be the pose. Anyway, I’m interested in the green color, just worried it will be boxy. I am not a fan of the Lana jeans and I think its good to try new things but not to force it. It just isn’t flattering in the crotch area and who wants bagginess there? And I agree that sneakers can look frumpy with flares. I always wore heels with flares in the past and will continue doing so!

  13. Can you tell me the brand/color/size of the full-length jeans you are wearing with the Gap Green v-neck sweater? Thanks so much!!

  14. I’m with you on the drop shoulders. I really can’t stand it. I haven’t bought one thing that has a drop shoulder because I just don’t like the way it looks on me. It looks like I went out and bought some thing that was too big, even if I size way down I just don’t like it. And of course, almost everything is in a drop shoulder. 🤦‍♀️ I see so many pretty tops and sweaters – but I just can’t do it. I sure hope that trend is going away. 🤞🏻LOL.

  15. I apparently don’t like the 100% cotton jeans. I had ordered one from Paige during the #NSale, and couldn’t wait to try them on. I could barely get them over my hips, and when I finally did, there was no no way that zipper was coming up. I think the stretch in jeans has spoiled me. It hurt my ego, and I haven’t wanted to try 100% cotton jeans again!
    You looked great in the black henley and the shacket. I, too love peasant blouses and I have the same body type and style as you. I plan on buying that. Great color!

    1. Patt-I don’t like 100% cotton jeans either! I was trying to figure out why I hated jeans back in the 80s and 90s but love them now, and it must be the stretch!! I ordered one of the good 90’s jeans from Good American because it looked so cute on the model, and yet when the jeans arrived, I was flabbergasted at how I could barely get them on!! And then they were SO uncomfortable. Rigid denim, no thank you! Glad I’m not alone. Anyone else dislike this “new” rigid jean trend?

  16. Looking at the jeans/shoes comparisons in the various pictures in this post is so beneficial, so Thank You! I agree with you on the dress. The shorter cardigan seems to have too much fabric to me, in comparison to the green cardigan, which looks great on you. It’s a shame I don’t need to add anything to my closet, as it relates to clothes, because I’d be heading to the Gap Factory online now. Have a great high school football weekend!

  17. Fabulous post, you nailed it with blonde boots and wide leg jeans. Thanks for showing options with the new silhouette. I’m losing some weight and look forward to trying some new Jean options soon,

  18. Omgs!! this such a great ideas for outfits. I have the burgundy loft tee shirt and i love it. I am going to go to Gap factory and look at that cardie. I have a pouch though so it may not work for me. Thanks for all the ideas

  19. Did you notice that the two Loft shirts are the exact same print? I’m only asking because I ordered both then returned one for that reason. BTW thanks for the birds comment because now I can’t unsee them either. LOL. Thanks for the great post.

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