Fashion Friday: Dressing the Girls

Any gentlemen (all 3 of you) who visit my blog may be excused from reading this post, but don’t go too far. I’ll be back shortly with the harrowing tale of our vacation to Williamsburg.

Mary Kathryn suggested a Fashion Friday post topic:

Maybe one day you could do a post on how large-chested women should dress.  It’s very, very troublesome, when you’re big-chested, to find bras, to find shirts that aren’t tight, or to wear things that are fitted around the waist without looking like you’re soliciting. Sigh. And since you can’t find things that aren’t tight on the chest, and can’t wear things that fitted at the waist, all tops make you look fat.

I have struggled with this issue for years, and it was a topic in such demand that we actually posted about the issue from both sides of the fence on my fashion/beauty blog, Chic Critique. I have eight fabulous contributors over there; if you’re not subscribed, you should be!!

Since I’m paddling my boat through Colonial Williamsburg today, I’m going to take the easy way out and link to those posts rather than write my own. Why re-invent the wheel, right?

So for those who are more, ahem, blessed, Kristin wrote a post called Dressing Down the Girls.

And for those who may wish they had a little more to work with, Michelle wrote a post called For those whose cups don’t runneth over…

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