Fashion Friday: Dressing the Girls

Any gentlemen (all 3 of you) who visit my blog may be excused from reading this post, but don’t go too far. I’ll be back shortly with the harrowing tale of our vacation to Williamsburg.

Mary Kathryn suggested a Fashion Friday post topic:

Maybe one day you could do a post on how large-chested women should dress.  It’s very, very troublesome, when you’re big-chested, to find bras, to find shirts that aren’t tight, or to wear things that are fitted around the waist without looking like you’re soliciting. Sigh. And since you can’t find things that aren’t tight on the chest, and can’t wear things that fitted at the waist, all tops make you look fat.

I have struggled with this issue for years, and it was a topic in such demand that we actually posted about the issue from both sides of the fence on my fashion/beauty blog, Chic Critique. I have eight fabulous contributors over there; if you’re not subscribed, you should be!!

Since I’m paddling my boat through Colonial Williamsburg today, I’m going to take the easy way out and link to those posts rather than write my own. Why re-invent the wheel, right?

So for those who are more, ahem, blessed, Kristin wrote a post called Dressing Down the Girls.

And for those who may wish they had a little more to work with, Michelle wrote a post called For those whose cups don’t runneth over…

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10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Dressing the Girls

  1. Thank you, thank you, J-L!! Wow — she gave me some GREAT tips on what not to wear. I’m gonna go get rid of ALL my shirts with high necklines. And I don’t own a single wrapped shirt or dress. Perhaps I should begin looking?

    1. Yeah the thing about crew necks and turtlenecks was news to me too. I think because they are modest, I assumed they were good choices. But since Kristin’s post, I’ve noticed how unflattering they are. I definitely prefer a wide v-neck. Also, I’m not a fan of the wrap dress on me. A structured sheath is best for me. It’s hard to find one without a high neckline tho.

  2. Great advice! I already knew alot of that (through trial and error *sigh*), but it’s nice to hear it from someone else. And the necklace thing is nice to know! I’ve always hated smaller necklaces and now I know why!!!

  3. I have to agree about the higher crew necks & Tnecks! I have been trying to stay away from them more & more…but I do like them to layer under a lower V neck, which still gives that visual line we are looking for.
    It is so tough to get a nice fitting T that is not too tight across the chest and fits more closely in the middle. I’ve been brutal tossing some of my too loose tops that make me look huge from the side because the hang instead of skim the body.
    Anyone have some good places to buy basic vneck Ts that are fitted at the waist? I kind of like those that nip in at the waist and go out just barely a little at the bottom instead of being totally straight down.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, and I have the hardest time finding those anymore. They just aren’t the style right now, I guess.

  4. I have recently found Bravissimo, a UK company that makes clothes specifically for the well-endowed. My favorite are their tanks with REAL bras built in to the tops. (no useless shelf-bras–seriously, those are laughable! reminds me of my awkward “training” days).

    I have to say that I disagree with Kristen slightly on the wrap tops and dresses; they are not a “fits great on everyone” item. While they do give a flattering line, they are often cut too low for those of us with larger busts, and often gap, too. Most of the time, I have to wear a cami underneath or do some incognito safety pinning.

    1. I’ve never had a whole lot of luck with wrap dresses either, but often professional stylists recommend them for my body type. I can’t figure that out, for the life of me.

      Stephanie mentioned Bravissimo above. That was the first I’d heard of them. I might check into that.

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