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As I confessed on Saturday, I’ve been in a bit of funk. Nothing fits quite right and it’s taken a huge mental effort to make myself presentable even just a few days this week. But that’s life, right? So for better or for worse… here’s what I’ve got.

I had no choice but to get gussied up last Thursday night for a date night we had planned with friends several weeks ago. This outfit breaks all the rules, and yet I stubbornly kept it because I really love the colors and the style. (It’s from my latest Stitch Fix.) This outfit would look much better on someone who isn’t quite as, ahem, curvy. However, as I confessed, my clothes are feeling pretty snug these days and it was a relief to wear something that was not at all body conscious and I didn’t have to worry about the muffin top pooching out if I ate too much for dinner (which I did. So there.)


I wore my Romy Wedge Sandals and stacked several Alex and Ani bracelets on my wrist for a casual but fun accessory. You can’t see them, but I wore these Hoops of Hope earrings from Ten Thousand Villages.


And I took the opportunity to debut my new Stella & Dot Metallic Perforated Double Clutch — isn’t it adorable!? So on trend and perfect for a night out.


This was my Saturday outfit. After I slogged away the morning in bed (totally unlike me, but oh my, it was heavenly…) I got myself put together to go back-to-school shoe shopping with my kids. I went for this verrry old coral top with gray shorts combo that I’ve always liked. I wore my Orthaheel Julie Slingback Sandals for comfort and a stack of gold bracelets for a little bling. The turquoise earrings (old) and engravable disc necklace are also from Stella & Dot.



And finally, I threw this outfit on one day last week to work from home and run kids to and from summer camp, but I soon realized this top is NOT my friend. I’ve had it sitting in my drawer for months. I’m so annoyed that Banana Republic changed their timeless tanks to now include this silly built-in shelf bra, which does not work for me. I procrastinated until my statute of limitations ran out and I could no longer return it so I thought I’d wear it and give it a try. No dice. When I bend over the slightest, I am sharing waaaaay too much information. I love the orange detailing but unfortunately the fit is off and this top has to go. I still photographed it because I think it’s a cute outfit . . . in theory. Someone will probably snatch it up at Goodwill in a few weeks.


Finally, I wore this to go out to dinner with my husband’s family. As it turns out, I was slightly underdressed (ooops!) and I had to drive up to the cafe in their retirement community while everyone else walked because of my impractical shoe choice. My feet have been feeling slightly better lately and I didn’t want to risk injuring them further by walking in these wedges. I felt like a dork. But anyway. My feet are happy this morning, so it’s all good!


I wore a simple white tee with my Mavi Jeans (from Stitch Fix) and my Romy Wedge Sandals. I started to carry the Tory Burch Amanda Bag pictured below, but at the last minute I decided to go for my bigger mom bag. I accessorized with my R Bracelet and Demi Earrings from Stella & Dot. The necklace came from Stitch Fix.


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  1. Oh my goodness that’s exactly why I didn’t snag some more timeless tanks this season…I really despise a shelf bra! The tank is adorable and in the photo you look great 🙂

  2. The shelf bra is my enemy. Always such a disappointment. BUT that tank top looks gorgeous on you and makes your boobs look fantastic.

  3. I actually really like that red shirt that “breaks the rules”! I liked it when you posted it on Facebook a few weeks ago and I still do! I am in a funk, too, with clothes! I keep wearing the same shorts over and over and really just not putting much variety into my outfits. I think it’s not helping that I keep looking at fall clothes and getting excited about creating cute fall outfits!

  4. Love all the outfits! I’m with Rachel- I like that red top! Who cares if it breaks the rules! I actually you look great- that black and white striped tank is really cute but I hear ya on the “sharing too much info.” I’m rather “endowed” myself and get kinda insecure with tops like that. You look like a hottie no matter what you wear Jo-Lynne 🙂
    i really love those jeans! How is the fit? Do you like them better than your AG Stilt (sp??) jeans??

    1. Aw thanks. I felt kind of pregnant in the red top, but I like the IDEA of the outfit. I think those styles just look better on more boyish-figured ladies. The Mavi jeans aren’t as comfy or quite as flattering as the AG but the price is much more reasonable. I like them both, but they’re sorta redundant in my closet. These were from Stitch Fix and I kept them on impulse b/c I liked the distressing. They’re more of a skinny fit, and the AG have the cigarette leg.

  5. I think you are too hard on yourself, you always look so cute and put together. I wish I could look that good!

  6. Oy. Even your fashion rut puts me to shame. You look completely put together and super stylish in all of these photos. And also, only true fashion mavens can “break the rules” in a way that leaves the rest of us wondering which rules she broke!

  7. i like all of the above looks, I especially like the deep red tunic top as I like the neckline, I also like the shade of pink of your tank. You look great in shorts!

  8. I “break the rules” a lot as I have been needing some forgiving also and I feel like I can get it with tops like your red one. I agree that you are too hard on yourself as I always like what you put together and you look so nice. If only I could look that good to run errands! If I have a lower tank that I love, I just put a higher tank under the low one.. Maybe that’s not proper but it works so I can still wear the one I like. I don’t like the shelf bras as they push me in too much and I definitely don’t need something to make me smaller yet…LOL

    1. That’s a good idea! It’s just that with the shelf bra, I’m not sure how well that top would layer over another…. and the orange trim might get lost if there’s another layer showing… I’ll have to play around with it. I might try cutting out the shelf bra.

  9. Totally agree on the shelf bras. I have taken them out of some of my tanks without ruining them – just depends on how they are stitched. We are all hard on ourselves, but honestly, you look gorgeous in every picture!

  10. Love your honesty, and it takes effort to pull yourself together…some days better than others. People say I’m hard on myself too, but I am a “little” OCD when it comes to fashion, and particular. I just like to feel good and dressed for the occasion. Feet are the most important-comfort that is:). You look great and I like reading your fashion blog so much! Thanks!!!

  11. I hate tanks with shelf bras too! All of your looks are so stylish and I love the first one that “breaks the rules”!


  12. I’m so glad I found this blog. I too am 40-something. I am a music teacher at a primary school (prek to 2nd grade) so many of my outfits need to be professional but casual. I love White House Black Market (although I depend on my local consignment store or sales to get my WHBM clothes).

    Thanks for giving us a look at fashion for women who are not teenagers or 20-somethings, which it seems like most marketing is targeting. Love the first outfit – the skinniness of the pants balance out the volume of the top. Cute!

  13. Great outfit inspiration! I can’t do shelf bra tanks either. My solution though, for the few that I’ve foolishly bought anyway, is to simply cut out the shelf bra fabric! I first did it with some nursing tanks back when I was nursing to make them more comfortable then decided to give it a try with a tank. Works great. Just be careful with your scissors and cut close to the edge. Wear as usual. Majorly pining for that engraveable disk necklace!! Soon…. 🙂

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