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How many of you are back in school already? And by you, of course I mean your kids. We have a couple weeks left, although we’re winding down. It already FEELS like fall here in PA though. I wonder if this is going to be one of those years that gets cold as soon as Labor Day hits and never looks back. I always enjoy the summers that linger a bit, personally, but I have to admit these unseasonably cool temperatures are rather refreshing. We’ve had our air conditioning off for almost a week! That is UNHEARD of in August. I might have to give in today, though. It’s starting to feel humid, and that’s what I can’t stand.

At any rate, I have a FEW photos this week. I feel like with every successive week this summer, I’ve gotten more and more lax about putting myself together.

One day that I did make the effort was last Wednesday when we found ourselves with only one child at home for dinner. My son was at band camp, and my older daughter was on a church day trip so we decided to splurge and go out to eat. I wore this crocheted tunic by CAbi that was provided to me when I helped promote their B.i.G. Event last spring, and I paired it with the loden-green cargo pants from my last Stitch Fix box.

I don’t remember WHY we took two photo shoots, lol!! Oh yes, it was too windy to go outside before dinner, so we took this indoor shot. And then after dinner, it was nice out so we went out back and tried again. I know, I’m certifiable. Any-WHO. I layered two of my Stella & Dot necklaces and wore my orange Tory Burch Leather Wrap Logo Bracelet along with my Alex & Ani bangles. And I carried my R Minkoff 5-Zip (back in stock, but alas, no longer on sale.) I love the contrast of the royal blue bag and orange bracelet against the earth tones in the outfit.

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This was obviously a chilly and super casual day. I mostly just worked from home, but I did take the time to shower and put my face on (which is more than I can say for most days of late!) The ombre sweatshirt and gray cropped sweatpants are samples from Fabletics. The two silver bangles are Stella & Dot and the necklace was purchased from Studio Jewel to help support my friend Amanda who is battling breast cancer right now. I wore this the day she went to her first chemo treatment so I’d remember to pray for her throughout the day. They are still available for purchase if you want one!

I wore this to church on Sunday. This is by far my favorite outfit of the week!!

The shirt is from Lucky Brand last year. I layer it over a skin-colored cami because it’s so sheer. I often wear it with white, but this time I paired it with my almond skinny moto jeans because they, ahem, fit me better right now. The bag and shoes are old as well, but the necklace and bracelets are from Stella & Dot, the new fall line!

Finally, I wore this yesterday afternoon. I think I finally got in the shower around 3PM. Summer’s winding down, and I’m getting lazy! It’s just a casual black top from LOFT (old) and my cuffed jeans shorts. I wore my silver sandals because . . . I think I broke my foot. Seriously. I see the doctor tomorrow. It’s my OTHER foot. My “bad” foot was feeling so good, I went running/walking on Sunday, and somehow I jacked up my other foot. I am trying not to borrow trouble and get too depressed about it until I find out for sure, but I have a verrrry bad feeling that I have a stress fracture. Boohoo. Earrings are Stella & Dot and the bracelet with the pop of yellow is Papparazzi. The other silver bracelets are Stella & Dot.

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23 thoughts on “Fashion Over 40 | Daily Mom Style 08.20.14

  1. As usual you are gorgeous and so inspiring. I hear ya on the “Summer Laze” every time I did laundry I realized just how much I was not getting dressed each day! I only had yoga or pj pants for LOTS of days! We go back to school TODAY and I for one and glad of the structure it brings. I can not get enough work done with the littles are home.

  2. School started yesterday for us and I was really not ready for it! Love your Lucky top paired with the mint bag and your ombre sweatshirt! Good luck at the Doctor! I hope your foot is not broken!


  3. I totally lust over that Lucky Brand top every time you post it! One of my favorite colors and I just love their stuff. I have a couple shirts from them that I wear all the time. (In their plus sizes at least, you can often find the brand half off at Marshalls or TJ Maxx.)

  4. Love the almond skinny jeans! Can you tell where you got them? I always appreciate your honesty because I think we all go through periods like this! I sure hope and pray your foot is not broken!!

  5. I’m curious about your system for changing purses so frequently. Do you have some super duper system for organizing the things you carry to make switching things up simple & easy? Or maybe you don’t carry much? Do tell!

    1. LOL, people ask me that ALL the time. I don’t have any system. I just move everything over. My rule is I move EVERYTHING (not just what I THINK I might need that day) and I try to take the time to toss the trash. If I don’t have time to toss it, it all moves over. The exception is the smaller bags. But I just take out what I need, and leave the big bag on the chair in my office, and when I get home, I put the small bag ON the big bag, lol. So then I remember to move that stuff back when I go somewhere next. OR I will put the small bag IN the big bag and go and figure it out later. Ha!

      1. Do you have one wallet that you love & use in all your bags? I have many bags that have matching wallets and that makes it more time consuming to switch things over.

        1. Oh lordie! No! One wallet. 🙂 I just bought a huge one, more like a travel wallet, which I love b/c it holds everything so well, and sometimes if I’m just running a kid to the school or something, I grab that out of my bag, take my phone and keys and go.

        2. The drawback to that is, it does NOT fit into the smaller bags I’ve just begun carrying this summer. SO. I just toss some cash, drivers license and a couple credit cards lose in the little bag. Along with tissues, lipstick, powder, and phone. I prefer the small bags that have a few slots for cards. That little brown Tory Burch bag does. The blue one I carried in this post does not.

  6. I LOVE the RM mini 5-zip bag!!! So cute and a great color! I remember when I asked you the same question about changing purses. I bought a purse insert on amazon, and seriously, it is awesome and has changed my life. It doesn’t get too messy because the insert itself is so easy to keep organized. I seriously just take the insert out, switch it to the next purse and move on….I’m wondering why I didn’t do this years ago!!!! 🙂

  7. I love your blog, I look forward to it everyday. I love that cabi sweater tank each time you post. What size top do you wear? Not trying to be weird, just wondering when I want to buy something from a link! You look cute and polished in all your clothes, even your workout wear. Good luck with your sugar free diet, the wine would be the hardest!

    1. Hi Susan, not weird at all. I have noticed other fashion bloggers giving the sizes for people to help them know what to order should they desire. I think it’s a small. CAbi runs small, I’ve experienced. Typically I wear mediums and size 8, but in CAbi, I wear smalls and size sixes.

  8. I so appreciate your honesty with how you are feeling about exercise, your body, and your eating. I am a teacher and usually buy myself some back to school clothes. I was also having feet problems and thyroid issues. I plan to boy the Cole Haan Milly wedge shoes in pewter or black as my back to school shopping for this year. Hoping the best for you at your doctor appointment. My experience this summer has been when it rains it pours. Stay positive!

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