Tips for Getting Back Into Shape After Injury

As a part of the Make Your Move series with Kohl’s, I was invited to visit my local store with a friend to check out their new spring workout clothes for women. This couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. My foot finally seems to be on the mend (crossing my fingers that nothing changes), and I’m getting out and about, walking around the neighborhood again, going back to my trainer, and generally trying to get back into shape after being benched for so long.

Tips for Getting Back Into Shape After Injury

I knew exactly who I was going to invite to accompany me on this store visit. I have a good friend who had a baby a few months ago, so she is ready to “make her move” and get back in shape. She also happens to love shopping at Kohl’s, so when I told her about my little excursion, she was more than happy to come along and update her fitness wardrobe. Kohl’s provided her with a gift card to shop with, making the whole outing even more fun.

Tips for Getting Back Into Shape After Injury

We started out in the section with the workout clothes, and we both were enamored with the bright colors for spring.

Tips for Getting Back Into Shape After Injury

Tips for Getting Back Into Shape After Injury

Tips for Getting Back Into Shape After Injury

With brands like Fila and Nike and their own store brand, Tek Gear, there is soooo much to choose from. We could tell they had just stocked the store for spring, and we both ended up with a large stack of clothes to try on.

Tips for Getting Back Into Shape After Injury

The staff was great too. We both shop at this store frequently, so we weren’t surprised by the level of service, but it felt like every time we turned around, someone was asking us if we were finding everything all right. Sometimes department stores can be overwhelming, so I always appreciate those that are well-staffed.

After I stocked up on some new workout clothes, I tried on sneakers because I’ve been wanting a lighter-colored pair for spring and summer. I really like the Gel-Flux 2 by Asics in hot coral/beach glass. Even the NAME of the color sounds like summer, right??

ASICS Gel-Flux 2 Women's Running Shoes

We both left Kohl’s stocked up for spring and ready to get out there and get back into shape.

This will be the second time I’ve started back into my exercise regimen after being benched for a period of time, and this time I plan to do it right. In the past, I’ve tried to do too much too soon, and I have to assume that is how I re-injured myself. If you’re recovering from an injury, pregnancy, or just getting back to exercise after some time off for any reason, here are some tips I’ve learned.

Fitness Tips for Getting Back Into Shape After Injury

1. Take. It. Slowly. I know this sounds obvious, but it is so easy to get carried away the second you start to feel better, and THAT, my friends, is how re-injury happens. For those of us who tend to get carried away, it is best to have a plan. See #2.

2. Follow a plan. Rather than going out and doing whatever feels good in the moment, have a plan and follow it. If you’ve been under the care of a doctor or physical therapist, they can often give you a schedule that tells you how much to do every day that will ease you back into things gradually. If you are getting back to exercising after taking an unexpected break or a pregnancy, you can follow a plan you find online, like Couch to 5K. Whatever you do, listen to your body, and stop if it hurts.

3. Enlist the help of a friend. If you’re having trouble getting motivated to get back out there, find a friend to hold you accountable. Even if they are at a different level of fitness than you are, you can meet at the gym or on a trail somewhere, work out at your own pace, and meet up when you’re done.

4. Cross Train. Repetitive motion is often the cause of injury, and cross training is always important, but never more so than when you’re in recovery. Instead of only doing the one activity that you love, change it up and add a few complementary activities to your recovery plan. I have been taking short walks, and as I increase the mileage, I will also start riding my bike again. Strength training is also helpful, and if you work out with someone knowledgeable, they can help you target the right areas that will help you recover faster.

5. Be patient and have fun. It is frustrating to start back at the beginning and realize how little you can do compared to what you were able to do just a few months ago, but getting impatient and doing too much too soon will only prolong your recovery. Try to have fun, enjoy where you are, and take your time. Trust me, I KNOW what I’m talking about here!

Whatever your fitness goals are this spring, Kohl’s wants to help you make your move, and they’ve got you covered with a wide range of fitness apparel, shoes, and gear for all of your athletic activities.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Kohl’s.

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4 thoughts on “Tips for Getting Back Into Shape After Injury

  1. These are fabulous tips! As a soccer player I’ve had my fair share of injuries & the most important thing you can do is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! The number one advice I received from my doctors was if it hurts, stop. If you don’t, that is the fastest way back to an injury. Love the bright colors at Kohl’s….will have to swing by!

  2. First of all – I am so excited to know you are finally healing!! That is great news. The tips are great. Because I’m old, (and not especially athletic) I feel as though I’m constantly injuring myself in one way or another, so I think knowing the right steps to take to get back to exercise AND not take care of yourself are so important. And you found some great new options!

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