For Love of Stripes #fashionfriday

For Love of Stripes

Y’all know how crazy I am about stripes right now. I have to actually work at NOT buying stripes for fear everything in my closet will be striped and then one day I’ll wake up, and I’ll be over the stripes, and I’ll have nothing to wear.

But for now. Stripes. YAY!

I know some people think they can’t wear stripes, but the whole “stripes make me look fat” is a fallacy. It’s as bad as the “black is slimming” fallacy. Flattering clothing is far more about fit and proportion than what color or print you’re wearing. Everyone can incorporate stripes into their wardrobe if they want to.

Personally, I love wearing stripes, and they won’t necessarily add 10 pounds if you follow a few basic rules of thumb. Typically, thinner stripes are more flattering than wider stripes, and if you’re concerned about the placement of horizontal stripes, go for a mixed stripe pattern or chevron stripes. Or, if you don’t want to wear stripes on your person, consider a striped handbag or shoes . . . or even bracelet!

Let me show you.

See how the horizontal stripes on this dress are subtle – the colors don’t have a high level of contrast, and they aren’t very wide. So this works.

This Club Stripe Shift Dress incorporates stripes in a few strategic locations that will not add unwanted pounds or create strange proportions. This also works.

I like how the placement of these stripes help create an hourglass shape. Very clever!

The chevron stripes on this dress create a slimming effect.

I have this striped sweater, and I love it. The key is to make sure it fits (you don’t want it too snug) and it works because the stripes are narrow enough so as not to create extra bulk.

A striped skirt can be fun too. Not too long ago I wrote a post on three ways to wear a striped skirt. Even though the stripes in this skirt are wide and evenly spaced, the pencil style is very figure flattering.

These striped shorts from Ann Taylor are darling. Wouldn’t they be perfect with a white top and red accessories for a Fourth of July gathering?

Riviera Stripe Shorts


And if you’re really bold, try a striped pant. I love this chevron print ankle pant also at Ann Taylor.

Ann Taylor Chevron Print Ankle Pants

Or may I suggest a striped accessory? A striped handbag is super fun, and if you tend to dress plainly, adding pattern to your accessories is a great way to spice up your look! Like this Michael Kors Marina Large Grab Bag. How CUTE is this!?

MICHAEL Michael Kors Handbag, Marina Large Grab Bag

Or this Cherish Tote by R Minkoff.

And I’m loving the Can’t Stop Shopper Large Editor Tote by Nine West, just $47 plus 15% off at Macy’s this weekend!

Nine West Handbag, Can't Stop Shopper Large Editor ToteStriped jewelry is fun too.

striped jewelry

Then of course, there are striped shoes. Oh, the shoes . . .

striped shoes

Are you crazy for stripes? What’s your favorite way to wear them?

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  1. Well this is officially my favorite fashion post I’ve ever read here. 😀 I love ALL of them!!! lol. Really though I love the striped jewelry, I always look for striped clothing and sometimes bags and shoes but I’ve never thought about striped jewelry. I can feel a new obsession! 🙂

  2. I am loving stripes and polka dots lately. J Crew has the cutest shorts in both these patterns for this season. Too expensive ($65), but so tempting.

  3. I still love that post with 3 ways to wear a striped skirt. I found a striped skirt at the thrift store and ended up getting it because I remembered all of your suggestions. Stripes are so wonderful. I even featured a striped dress in my Fashion Friday post today!

  4. Just got some striped Toms for my birthday and bought a striped purse at Target today! I’m liking stripes, but my fashion passion right now is navy.

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