Tips for Running in the Rain

A few years (months?) ago, a rainy day would have been an excuse not to get my run in. Today, I reveled in it.


Heh. I’m such a dork. I own it!

It was cloudy but dry when I put my running duds on this morning. But by the time I stepped out the door, it was beginning to drizzle.

I started to have second thoughts and then I said to myself, What? You gonna melt? And I pushed START on my Jogger app and took off at a trot down the street in the mist.

The mist soon become a steady drizzle, but the air was cool and crisp — a welcome relief from the hot, humid weather I’ve been running in this week. There was a light breeze, Phil Phillips was crooning in my ear, and my legs felt weightless as I ran up the hill past the field of contentedly grazing cows. Clearly they didn’t mind the rain either.

The next thing I knew, I was smiling — not just any smile — but a full-on crazy grin. I’m sure the people driving past me on their way to work probably thought I was a lunatic, and not just for running in the rain.

I set out to run 3.5 miles and ended up running an even 4 because it felt so good. Yesterday, my legs felt heavy, the air was thick, and my run was a struggle start to finish. Today, I felt like I was flying.

You just never know till you get out there what kind of run it’s going to be, and often the days you are the most reluctant to start are the ones that feel the best.

So don’t let the rain stop you from getting your run in! (Or your walk or your bike ride or whatever it is you’ve committed to do.) There are definitely some tricks to making rainy day exercising more comfortable, though. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Tips for Running in the Rain

1) DO wear a baseball cap.

I don’t know why I spent so many years not wearing a cap to run. They make lightweight ones for summer running too. Now that I’ve discovered it, I don’t run without it. When it’s sunny, it helps shade my face. When I’m running in the summer, it keeps the bugs out of my hair (I know, ew!) And when it’s rainy, it keeps my head and face relatively dry. I hate the tickle of water droplets trickling down my head, under my hair. A cap is essential for running in the rain!

2) DO wear bright colors.

It’s always important to wear bright colors so cars can see you, but never more so than when it’s rainy and cloudy out. I set out today to wear a black top and black pants, and my husband stopped me and asked me to put on a brighter top so I did. I love the Heatgear line by Under Armour. As I was running, I noticed how gray everything was and I was glad I’d made the change. Also, don’t wear green as it blends into the trees.

3) Do NOT wear a white top.

No commentary necessary, ahem.

4) DO wear moisture-wicking clothing.

If it’s wet, there’s nothing worse than cotton sticking to you. I love moisture-wicking clothing for all my workouts, but it’s especially important in the rain to avoid chafing and irritation. I love Under Amour and Nike athletic wear, and the C9 by Champion line for Target is very affordable. (And don’t forget moisture-wicking socks!)

5) Enjoy it!

Even if you’re a girly-girl like me, make a CHOICE to enjoy the rain. It’s very freeing to go out in the rain and run with abandon. I highly recommend it!