Coffee Talk

Good Friday morning!  It gonna be a gorgeous holiday weekend here in Philly!  And the best part is that we have ABSOLUTELY. NO. PLANS.

Typically that would be a sure recipe for boredom (I like to be busy).  But after being away from my family for five days and then playing catch-up all week, I can’t wait to relax, take it easy, do some housework and yardwork, and maybe have a picnic lunch or something equally laid-back and festive on Monday.

In other news, I’m back to my morning walking regimen after a few days off.  I did walk the first two mornings while on vaca, I’m proud to report.  But then I slacked off toward the end of the trip, and it took me a few days of being home before I found the ambition to start back in.

I’m back into the swing of things now, and it feels great.  We’re still only walking 2 miles, and it’s still taking us 35-40 minutes.  I really wish we could get it up to 3 miles in 45 minutes, but I think that might be a while in coming.  I feel like we’re booking it.  I just don’t know that we can go any faster.  Of course, if I didn’t have to stop every 15 minutes and recover from the stitch in my side, that might shave off a few minutes.

I noticed that I had more energy walking on vaca, and I think it’s because I was walking at 10 or 11 AM, after having a cup of coffee (no, I haven’t given it up yet, so get off my back. I am down to one cup a day, though) and some breakfast.  Rolling out of bed at 5:55 AM and walking at 6 is killing me.  So I think I might try getting up at 5:30 and eating a little something-something before I head out on my walk.

Of course, that means going to bed even earlier at night so I can haul my arse out of bed at that unearthly hour, which I hate to do because those evening hours after the kids go to bed are My Time.  And I need My Time.

And the kids are only staying up later and later, now that it’s light out and school is coming to an end.   So My Time is slowly dwindling.  But.  I think it will be worth it to have more energy for walking.  And I might even be able to fit in my prayer time while I’m nibbling on an English Muffin so that it’s not so rushed nonexistent when I get back from walking.

So, yeah.  That’s the new and improved plan.  5:30.  We’ll see how long it lasts.