So I’ve discovered that there is no such thing as easing back into motherhood.

I arrived home late Monday night to a relatively neat and tidy house. By lunchtime on Tuesday, it looked like a cyclone had hit and left me for dead.  I simply could not get back into the swing of things.

Call it post-vacation funk or PMS or sheer laziness, whatever it was, it was winning.  Things were spiraling out of control around here, and I just couldn’t seem to get ahead.

Fortunately yesterday was a new day.  I had regained my energy for housekeeping and mothering, and I managed to get things under control and even cook a nice steak dinner for The Fam.

But when last night rolled around, exhaustion was setting in again, so I made an executive decision.  And that was to skip the American Idol Finale and go to bed.

Yep, you read that right.

All I really cared about was who won, and I just KNEW Jordin was gonna walk away with the crown.  Or the idol.  Or whatever the winner walks away with.  And even with my beloved DVR, I knew I would be watching at least an hour of filler to find out who won.  So I just went to bed at 9 PM.

And I’m so glad I did.  Because I was really dragging last night, but when the alarm went off at 5:55 this morning, I bounded out of bed, well, bounded might be a slight exaggeration, but I got right up and went walking with my walking buddy.

When I got back, I immediately went to my faithful Idol live bloggers to see who won.  And I discovered that, had I sat up to watch, I would have gotten to the end of my recording only to find out that I missed the big announcement on account of the winner being revealed at 10:04, after my recording stopped.

At which point, there would have been much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Because the ONLY reason I watch result shows is for, well you know, the results.  Go figure.

And this is EXACTLY what happened to my blogging buddy, Beth, at I Should Be Folding Laundry.  Beth, girl!  I feel your pain.

I have to say, though, given Kathy’s recap, I am rather curious to see some of the performances by the former Idols, so I might just skim through the show tonight.  But I am SO glad I didn’t stay up last night to watch.

So.  Today is yet another new day.  And right now, at 9:30, I have walked for 30 minutes, prepared and cleaned up breakfast for all three kidlets and myself, packed a lunch and set child #1 off to school, put a pork loin in the crock pot for dinner tonight, and done 2 loads of laundry.  To say nothing of typed this post and read a couple blogs.  I am woman.  Hear me roar!

Well, I’m off to face another day!  Have a good one.

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  1. I posted yesterday that I was bored with the whole thing…and luckily, I always set my tivo for five minutes longer so I saw who won.

    I will tell you though, it JUST caught the announcement. I had gone out with Eight and I would have been mad if I watched the whole thing and it cut off as well.

    Moral: always do five or ten minutes longer on a finale. Period. 😉

  2. I kept my eyes pried open with toothpicks and stayed up and watched the whole thing. Well I did snooze during some of it….can we say Tony Bennett???????? I’m glad Jordin won but I wasn’t sure right up until they announced it which way it was going to go. Blake will do fine too, he’s captured his audience already.

  3. Yeah- it was ridiculous. I mean, seriously– if you re-watch your Tivo, you will note that you have a full rendition of some unknown song from Gwen Stefani in a pink swan costume, I mean dress. Then you will have a replay of Sanjaya’s “Girl you really got me going”… which we’ve already heard at least TWO times too many. They even took time out to ridicule a poor kid who already probably has a complex because of being compared to a “bush baby” on the most-watched TV show in America. Then you’ll hear some lame song (sorry, John Lennon, but it’s lame) by Green Day… but the actual naming and singing of the winner? Well, that was relegated to about 3. 5 seconds, with credits rolling throughout and 10 minutes after the supposed END of the show.

    This was really a poorly done finale.

    Oh, and did I mention that throughout the one eternally redeeming part of the show– Melinda’s song, sung with all B.B. & C.C. Winans, and kinds of gospel-rich language– Simon had the most bored and roll-your-eyes look on his face the entire time??? Yeah, well, he did.

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