Weekly Dinner Menu Plan 05.06.13

gluten menu plan

Well, I made it to and from Laguna Niguel — albeit not without some travel drama, but safe and sound nonetheless so I’ll take that. Re-entry is always a bit rough, especially when dealing with different time zones, but I’m working on getting myself back into the swing of things! First things first, a meal plan so that our afternoons will go smoothly. It’s baseball season, so we work around my son’s practice and game schedule the best we can. We try to sit down to dinner as a family every night, whether it’s at 4:30 or 8:00. Here’s what I’m planning for this week.

MONDAY: Sausage Scramble with a side salad. This meal is always a hit with my whole family, and it’s an easy one to prepare. If you parboil the diced potatoes first, it’s a bit of a process, but the texture is SO worth it.

TUESDAY: Mahi Mahi with Rose Romanos Peppers is easy to make, plus it’s nutritious and delicious.

WEDNESDAY: My daughter has a school orchestra and choir concert so I need something quick and easy. Rosemary Baked Chicken Thighs is an easy meal to throw together fast. I’ll serve it with a roasted veggie (whatever looks fresh and appealing when I go to the store) and rice.

THURSDAY: I have one more chuck roast in the freezer from the side of beef we bought last year, and then I’m all cleaned out. I’m going to use it to make these Mexican Lettuce Wraps that my family loves.

FRIDAY: I’ll be spending the day with my daughter’s class at the zoo (hold me!!) and then running a 5K that evening. So. I need something that doesn’t require any prep time. Like probably pizza takeout (and leftovers for me).

SATURDAY: Since I have a little more time to cook on the weekends, I think I’ll make Jules’s Chicken with Spinach and Mushroom Sauce with rice.

What are you eating this week?

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Dinner Menu Plan 05.06.13

  1. I forgot about the sausage recipe! I went to read it and found a comment from myself from 2011. So, now I’ve pinned it to refer back to when I make my next menu plan. I hope. 🙂

    Re-entry is always a bit tough, and with the end of school approaching things are a bit crazy anyway.

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