Scenes from Mom 2.0

I’m back home in the gritty Northeast and missing the palm trees and ocean breezes of the O.C. I’m sure if I lived there I would miss the change of seasons and all that, but I do like to daydream about moving our family to Southern California one day.

Before I totally get back to life as usual, I wanted to share a few more photos from my time at the Mom 2.0 Conference, if you’ll indulge me.

First, for those who are interested in my thoughts about the conference, I found Mom 2.0 a bit different than other conferences I’ve attended. Every conference has a personality of its own, and Mom 2.0 is no exception. I’ve attended Blissdom four times, BlogHer three times, and Type A once (twice, if you count Type A Advanced here in Philly last month). I much prefer the smaller conferences for the intimacy and the ability to find people I want to talk to, but BlogHer affords much more networking in a short period of time — especially with the taboo off-site events, that are usually where I spend most of my time.

It is always the smaller, intimate gatherings that make any conference worth it — the times that I get to sneak off for drinks or lunch with a few other bloggers, and the small parties that some bloggers host for brands. So it pays (for me) to attend conferences where many of my friends and colleagues are. I didn’t know as many people at Mom 2.0 as I do at Blissdom and Type A, so I felt a bit out of my element. I was so glad I had a great roomie that I could hang with most of the weekend.

I was hoping the sessions would be deeper and more advanced than at other conferences, as that is what I’ve heard about Mom 2.0, and while the speakers were impressive, I didn’t come away with as much as I’d hoped. I guess when you’ve been in this space for 7 years, you’ve pretty much heard it all. There were still some great nuggets of advice that have helped me feel inspired and renewed in my career goals and where to focus my energy.

Not only do I write this blog, but I also run the Philly Social Media Moms (a networking group), I have a client where I run social media from the brand side, and I sometimes work with Element Associates doing blogger outreach (finding bloggers to review products and participate in brand campaigns) — in addition to my freelance writing and Udi’s Community Leader gigs. So. While this blog is part personal/part business, I do wear other hats in this space, and I’m always trying to figure out how to balance it all and when I need to scale back on one thing so I can focus more fully on another.

I tend to take on too much and get spread too thin, so attending conferences like Mom 2.0 and others allow me time to take a step back and re-evaluate what I’m doing and what my goals are and how to best achieve those goals.

Of course it helps to do that in a majestic location like Dana Point, California! While there is a lot of business to be done, we definitely have fun too. Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip.

[imagebrowser id=8]

Once again, I want to thank Kid Pointz for sponsoring my Mom 2.0 Conference experience! If you haven’t checked out Kid Pointz, it is truly a fabulous resource for positive parenting tools and advice. I write twice monthly on their blog, but there are also tons of articles as well as printable charts and a very cool iPhone app (soon to be available on Android) for keeping kids accountable in positive way.

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  1. Thanks so much for giving me some insight into Mom 2.0. Like you, I generally prefer the smaller conferences where I have a chance to network with people that “I know, but would love to get to know better”. Which is why the dinner we shared at Type A meant a lot to me! I gained more from sitting and chatting with you 4 ladies, than I could ever hope to gain from a week’s worth of sessions! And I left inspired to take my work in a new direction!

    Hope to meet up with you again soon Jo-Lynne!

    1. I agree! That evening was so much fun – definitely a highlight of the weekend! Mom 2.0 is nice, but it has a very elitest feel. It was a bit out of my comfort zone. That said, I already bought my ticket for next year. The venue, the food — oh, the food…. and the quality of speakers was all top notch.

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