Spring Style Inspiration: Grey + Pink

Today’s outfit is pretty basic, but I really like the color combination.

Spring Style Inspiration: Pink + Grey featuring Pale Pink Paige Verdugo Skinny Jeans and grey T by Alexander Wang

grey tee $85 (another option $14) // pink jeans $179 (another option $37)
bisque patent flats $78 // similar crossbody $148
mixed metal pendant $24 // bracelets c/o Alex and Ani

We were going out to dinner last Friday night, and I knew I wanted to wear my pink jeans with this grey tee. I was trying to dress it up with my bone-colored moto jacket and a casual heel, but it wasn’t coming together.

Finally it was time to go, and I still wasn’t happy with the completed outfit, so I just threw on these new Vince Camuto bisque patent flats and left the house.

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pink + Grey featuring Pale Pink Paige Verdugo Skinny Jeans and Bisque Patent Vince Camuto Ellen Flats

A few days later, a denim vest I’d ordered came in the mail, and it occurred to me that would have been the perfect thing to pull this outfit together, but alas, it arrived a few days too late for this photo shoot. I’ll definitely try it the next time I wear these jeans and t-shirt together.

This my new Kate Spade crossbody that I picked up on their big surprise sale last week (similar HERE.) The color is called Pebble, and it’s sort of a blend of white, pink, and grey so it goes with almost everything.

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pink + Grey

Ha. Caught in the act! I never go very long without checking my phone.

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pink + Grey | Street Style | Fashion Over 40

Unfortunately, these shoes are terribly uncomfortable. They cut into my foot on all sides, and I was practically limping back to the car after dinner. I hope I can get used to them and that they’ll loosen up after a few wears, but I’m not too optimistic. If anyone has advice, I’d love to hear it.

My husband thought he was being creative with this shot.

Spring Outfit Inspiration: Pink + Grey featuring Pale Pink Paige Verdugo Skinny Jeans

I accessorized with a simple pendant necklace, textured hoop earrings, and a stack of silver Alex and Ani bangles.

Spring Fashion Inspiration: Pink + Grey featuring T by Alexander Wang

All in all, it’s not my favorite outfit of this series, but I guess it’s not a total bust either. I’m really anxious to try it with that denim vest.

Spring Style Inspiration: Pink + Grey featuring Pale Pink Paige Verdugo Skinny Jeans and grey T by Alexander Wang

P.S. I wish I’d worn a belt!

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85 Responses

  1. To be honest, I’ve never had any luck with flats that have elastic all around. They are constantly too tight and by the end of the day when feet swell a bit they are unbearable. I’d love some tips as well! (I only own two pairs and won’t buy any more in the style because they aren’t great to wear all day.)

    1. I have that problem too sometimes!! I will wear bandaids on the back where they rub on my heel. I also try to make sure to buy leather or suede flats that will stretch out verses synthetic. You can also take them to a shoe repair place and have them stretch them out for you.


      1. Jo-lynne, have you ever tried Tieks? I would LOVE to have a pair, but there a bit on the pricey side. I became familiar with them via the wonderful world of Pinterest! A friend of mine has a pair, which was given to her free of charge, and she said they are so comfy and she’s considering making a purchase for a second pair. Plus, they’re available in a multitude of colors.

    2. I have the opposite problem, because my ankles are narrow. The ones that are too tight on other people are usually the only ones I can wear.

  2. the jeans zipper is not laying flat…doesn’t make for a good picture and the first thing that people will look at. is the denim jacket a denim colored one or denim…the shoes look too big…yes I sound like I am being critical but I enjoy seeing what you are wearing and a way for me to update my wardrobe as I am usually black or denim jeans. thank you.

    1. Hey Genie. I know, that zipper looks awful. 🙂 It is one of the many things that were bugging me about this outfit. I need to iron them. The shoes aren’t too big, but with that elastic back, they tend to look too big – I know what you mean. Also, I was on a hill, and my foot was sliding forward. 🙂 I also prefer darker jeans, or white. I am finding the pale pink and mint jeans to be less forgiving. 🙂

  3. I bought my first pair of those type flats a couple weeks ago. The first time I wore them I was in misery. I thought it was just my pair. I wore them again just for a short time the next go round, and they were better. The third time I wore them I had hardly any problems, so there is hope. BTW, you are a real master at that front tuck, I still need help. Lol!

  4. I love it! I love neutrals and color, especially pink. I love your casual style. Simple and understated, classic and always put together. Well done!

  5. I have the worst time with flats. They just kill my heels. I bought a darling pair of Franco Sarto leopard flats this weekend…I think they will have to go back. Oh well, sandal weather is upon us! Yay!

      1. Ooh those Felicia Flats are cute! So many pretty colors and patterns. I haven’t tried those so thanks for the tip! 🙂

      2. I can attest to the comfort of Sam Edelman Felicia flats. I also have some Dexflex (from Payless!) that are very comfortable.

  6. I love the pink and grey together! Yes, it’s a simple outfit, but I think it demonstrates how put together we can look with simple pieces. I’d love to see a photo with the vest.

  7. The combination is nice, but there’s no statement to the outfit. What about a lightweight floral scarf? Or several necklaces? Or a real stack of Alex and Ani (3-5 bracelets) including color and texture?

    1. Hey Ramona, I think you make a good point. I do have on 3 bracelets 🙂 but I could use more – or more of a statement bracelet. 🙂 I like the idea of a scarf with this outfit, but I hate fussing with them so I don’t have any for spring.

  8. Love grey and pink together but I am not a fan of t-shirts. I like to be a little more dressed up and I feel uncomfortable in them. Loving the jeans though.

  9. Love pink and grey together. I wore my denim vest yesterday and can’t wait to see you style yours! Where did you get yours from? I bet it would have looked perfect with that outfit.


  10. Love the pink and gray combination. How does the shirt fit? I am on the hunt for a great gray t-shirt!

    1. I LOVE the t-shirt. I bought it out of curiosity, hearing others rave about it, and I was surprised how nice it is for a basic t-shirt. I have the medium, and I like the drapey fit. I actually shrunk mine (you’re supposed to lay it flat to dry) and it is okay but not QUITE as roomy as it was at first.

  11. Jo-Lynne, Thank you for sharing an outfit that you weren’t really happy about it! I too like the colors together. I agree that you are a master with the front tuck, which I still struggle with. Should the top have a certain cut/fit? Should I tuck it in back to my sides? HELP!

    I love seeing the cobblestone sidewalks & roads. I haven’t been to PA since my high school days when my church youth group went up there to conduct backyard Bible school.

    Good luck with your busy day!

    1. With the front tuck, no, you don’t tuck the back in. You let the back hang down. I think it helps if the top has some volume, and I also think it looks better with lower rise jeans. But honestly, I keep saying this, I know, but I really just don’t care for the style altogether. It looks cute on the skinny models on the website, but I think it’s hard to pull off in real life. I will be happy when shirt styles go back to having some structure. 🙂

  12. I like the color combination. I never wear flats that are elastic. Your outfit would be perfect for a day of shopping or on vacation.

  13. With flats made from more of a fabric material, it helps SO MUCH to put on thick socks and the shoes, then spend some time with a blow dryer putting the heat all around the shoe. Helps stretch them out. For this material though, I’m not sure if you want to try that or not.

    1. I”ve done that with leather flats—put them on with thick socks and wear around the house for awhile. That will stretch them and then when you go without socks they feel good. I’ve also found that wearing no-show socks is almost always a must. They protech the heel and other trouble areas.

      Too bad you can’t take them back now since they are uncomfortable. This style of shoe with the elastic doesn’t seem very flattering. I think they look cheap.

      Really like the gray and pink together!

  14. if the shoe hurt “mainly” on the back I will stick on some mole skin (I think that is what it is called – brown soft stuff you can cut to size and it has sticky on the back. Once you stick it….it is stuck and I find that it works really well in helping areas that rub or just plain hurt

  15. Ugh, I say this with all due respect….for someone who is SO picky about how your dresses fit, I don’t think any of what you have styled today looks nicely made nor does it fit you well. It’s not you, it’s the clothing…take a close look at your pics…YOU can do better…you prove it everyday! I’ve seen you post pics where something didn’t work, but the items were nice in general…these items are poorly made I think.

    1. Hey Leslie. I appreciate your input. I know what impeccable taste you have! 🙂 Both the jeans and t-shirt are very high quality, so I don’t think it’s a quality issue – however, I agree with you on the fit and the way the whole outfit is put together. I joke with my husband all the time that I need a stylist on set, and I do! I wish someone had been there to fix the stupid zipper and adjust my shirt where the purse was pulling on the shoulder and the one side was hinky (I ditched a lot of pictures that showed that more.) A belt would have helped, and an iron, lol. And maybe the shirt and pants just don’t work all that well together. I need to try it again and see. I also think the camera angle was unflattering, and is drawing attention to all the flaws. (I was on a hill, and my husband was lower than I was.) All of these factors make for a good learning experience, but not the best post. 🙂

  16. This outfit is cute but too casual for my work week. And not to be negative, but what is up with the zipper? The button/zipper area is puckered like they are too tight. Are they just sewn weird? Love your makeup and hair…flawless!

    1. LOL. Donna. I think I need to iron them. I noticed that too. Honestly, there are so many little issues with this outfit – and I saw them all before posting. I was tempted to ditch them and reshoot and I wish I had. 🙂 Thanks for the comment on makeup and hair. I needed a pick-me-up after this post. Haha!

  17. I have always loved pink and grey together. I think it would be really cute with a pair of grey converse type tennis shoes. This look is very casual, too casual for flats I think.
    Flats are so hard to find. I have a hard time finding comfy ones. I keep hearing about Tieks. I want to try a pair, but they are about $175.00.

    1. So yeah, I was actually going to wear them with my grey sneakers but I was trying to go for a different look, and the last time I styled pink jeans, I wore my grey sneakers, lol. SO many factors to consider! HA!

      As for Tieks, I tried them and did not like them. They cut into my foot. My FAVORITE flats by far and away are the Sam Edeleman Felicia. They are like slippers. I bought these, wanting a slightly different style, and I was drawn to the bisque patent color, but I am about ready to order silver Felicia Flats and call it a day. 🙂

  18. This is such a pretty color combination…I love it together! The shirt material looks super soft and flowy, which makes it pretty perfect, in my opinion. :). As for the shoes, I say if they aren’t comfortable now, they probably won’t be. I do like the color of them as they are very versatile!

  19. I’d return the shoes in a New York minute. They’re not nearly as cute as your Sam Edelman ballet flats. Not sure about the blush jeans….I want to love them, but I don’t.

    1. Yeah, as I said to someone else, the only reason I didn’t is b/c they’re worn, but I may go in and see if they’ll take them on account of the fact that they kill my feet. Ha! I wanted the Sam Edelman in grey or silver. The grey is sold out, but maybe I should order the silver.

    2. Oh, and the jeans. They are sooooo comfortable, and really nice quality, I’m not ready to give up on them yet, but I think I need to try them with a wedge and maybe a different top. 🙂 I am realizing, though, that light pink jeans are hard to wear. They really aren’t forgiving at all.

  20. Love the outfit for casual. Perfect for the park or day at the zoo except for the shoes (for me). I don’t care for elastic on my shoes (hurts) but I just bought a pair of grey tennis shoes that would be perfect. Thanks for styling the grey tee from your spring essentials. Have a great day!

    1. I was actually going to wear my grey sneakers, but I wore them the last time I styled pink jeans, and I was trying to go for variety. 🙂 I agree they would have looked good with this too! I do like the flats in theory, but wayyyyy too uncomfortable. I may try stretching them out by wearing them with socks around the house, like some have suggested, or they go back.

  21. My solution to uncomfortable flats is to not wear them. What is the possible point of wearing a flat shoe that does not feel good? I wouldn’t even give them another chance. There are so many other options!

    I love your blog and how you show great outfits for a casual, REAL lifestyle. But I do agree with some of the comments above. You are picky about fit and rightfully so. This outifit is cute and very casual, but I don’t think it meets your fit standards. You have a great figure and it deserves a better showcase than this outifit 🙂 I know you’ll wow us again tomorrow, though!

    1. Hey Tina, I hear ya! Because I already wore them, I don’t really feel I can send them back, but maybe I’ll go into the store an tell them that they kill my feet. I think Nordstrom stands by their products, even if worn.

      As for the fit, yeah, I was aware of this when I edited these pix and I really wish I had ditched them. I was tempted but didn’t have enough outfits in my queue to finish the series, and I’m saving a favorite for tomorrow. 🙂 There are a few issues at play here, and I’m not convinced yet it’s the actual items themselves, but I will try again with a few tweaks and see. Stay tuned! 🙂

  22. I really like the color combination. Maybe just tuck the shirt in more in the front and wear a belt. You could also try a wedge sandal. I think you look good!

  23. Love the colors together too. I just bought me the same color flats but not in the elastic fit.
    I have a problem with the front tuck also. I did find your tutorial on how to do the front tuck. I also wondering if it has to be a certain type of shirt? I have a “pouch” type tummy and with the front tuck I feel like it makes me look pregnant. I think am not doing it properly or maybe I don’t have the shape to pull that look off.

    1. I think it works best with tops that have more volume, but I’ve done it with more traditional t-shirts too. I actually don’t care for the trend altogether, but it’s sometimes the only way to style a particular shirt. Like this one does not look good left untucked. I think it also has a lot to do with the rise of the jeans. I’ve determined that it looks best on low-rise jeans. Maybe that helps?

  24. Ahhh…pink & grey–it’s such a classic combo and I think this is simplicity at it’s best!
    As for the shoes—I have a pair of flats that have elastic around them and one of them hurt for awhile. But it must have gotten stretched out enough, because it doesn’t hurt anymore. I think you should have your husband wear them around for awhile—that’ll stretch them out good—-ha ha!! jodie

  25. Love the pink and gray combination! On the hunt for a gray t-shirt. Does it fit true to size? And worth every penny?

    1. I love it. Worth every penny? I dunno $88 is pretty steep for a basic tee. 🙂 I actually love it so much that I ordered the white when it was 20% off on ShopBop, but that one was too thin for my liking so I sent it back.

      I think it depends on how often you’d wear it. I wear t-shirts all the time, and I go for this one at least once a week. It is a great layering piece, and it also stands alone. It is so drapey and soft. But it does require you to wash on cold and lay flat to dry. Mine went thru the dryer and it shrunk up a bit. I washed it again, laid it out, and it is okay, but I think it was better before.

      All that to say, if you don’t mind babying it a bit, and you will wear it often, it’s a great basic grey tee. 🙂

  26. Love this outfit, you look great. I am a fan of keeping it simple, but still looking put together. I love when you post real, everyday looks. Thanks!

  27. Thanks, as always, for being transparent about what works and what doesn’t! It’s always refreshing to read a fashion blogger who experiences clothing / foot-ware challenges just like everyone else and isn’t afraid to expose them. This is real life, y’all!

  28. I actually really love the combo! I have a darker pair of pink jeans (kind of mauve I guess?) and knew when I got them I’d want try them with my trusty gray tee and maybe my denim jacket. We’ll see, lol.
    I’ve had trouble with flats like that too. They were Boutique 9 by Nine West I think. I was in so much agony that I ripped it off (only one hurt) while I was driving and they never saw my feet again! 😉

  29. Geez, people are sure critical today! A few flaws or a zipper showing shouldn’t send them into a frenzy! You are human too! The color combo is cute and Sam flats are so comfy! Have a nice evening!!

  30. If we catch you posing on a towel, we’ll know the shoes are going back????! I love this conversation because that deal with jeans zippers is such a pain. I’ve tried to solve it with an iron but only works for a short time. Probably the ideal fix would be a little snap to fix it down, but a belt is easier! Love your blog! Looking forward to take two!

  31. I have these flats and they were uncomfortable at first too. But, I can honestly say that they do break in and I wear them often. I will admit that my Felicia flats are my favorite. Good luck! 🙂

  32. Cute and Comfy look for a day at the park with my grands!! I have elastic shoe that are amazingly comfortable, but i’ve heard that moleskin is a great solution for shoe that rub!! Thanks for keeping it real!! Love your blog!!!

  33. I love your outfit- simple, but cute and put together. It will be fun to see how it looks with the vest, too.

  34. First, I’ll say that I think you always look beautiful. I don’t think you should call this outfit a “miss”. It depicts more of what most of us end up wearing in a regular, daily life. (Maybe at different price tags). In real life, no one’s shirt hangs perfect all the time, no one’s zipper is flat all the time, new shoes hurt, and reality doesn’t permit us to stack 25 bracelets while running errands and doing housework. I think some of your “critics” were a little too harsh and may want to step back and take a look in the mirror before posting such negative feedback. For those reading this that can pull off the perfect look everyday, that is awesome! For me, it is a little hard to clean the toilet while wearing my perfectly pressed skinnies and stilettos. Seriously, I never ever wear any type of heel, unless it is on a boot/bootie, or once in a while a wedge. My life and feet just do not allow. I love your blog JoLynne. Thanks for posting and keeping it real for us.

    1. LOL, Gina. Thanks for your support. It’s okay. I opened myself up for the feedback, and I honestly agree with just about all of the feedback. It is worth considering all of these factors even though we can’t always expect to reach perfection every day. 🙂

      1. Gina is absolutely correct! I think some of your critics should take a look in the mirror as well. I know you want people to be honest, but there is a way to do it without being rude. I notice that any comments you make when you are asked about an outfit that others wear,how it looks, if it works, should I go out in public with this etc. you are always gentle and polite! I am sure that there are manythings you could comment about that are not quite up to snuff but do not. You show us what you actually wear and can wear and I appreciate you being out there even with clothing you don’t like on yourself! You dress impeccably and do a wonderful job with your blog! Haters gonna hate- as they say!

  35. Love the pink & gray. I have to admit the jean fly problem was the first thing I noticed & I don’t mean to be critical at all. Maybe because I had a pair that did the same thing (another brand) & finally returned them. Think a seam was crooked. You have an amazing style sense & I always enjoy the outfits. Keep up the great outfits. I am glad to know we all have something that doesn’t work out perfectly at times & appreciate the sharing that too.

  36. Do you know what I love about this post? It’s real life. The flaws that you and others pointed out…shirt pulling in the shoulder area because of the purse, the button and zipper puckering because it needs ironing or whatever reason, maybe rushing to get somewhere and forgetting a belt, a shirt not staying perfectly tucked because of getting in and out of the car or just not standing still, etc. I think we women often times forget that a posed photograph is not our reality…meaning real life happens and our clothes will not stay “just so” once we move from in front of the mirror or camera lense. Thank you for sharing this post even though you didn’t like the pictures. Where you saw flaws, I saw real life.

    I love the pink jeans, so much so that I ordered a pair! Sadly they didn’t work for me. The pink denim was not forgiving at all on this 50 year old body. It highlighted everything I strive to hide :). I still love Paige denim though. Any suggestions for another brand offering pink or green denim? I’m able to wear jeans to work everyday so I’d love another option to add to my white and traditional denim. Thanks!!

    1. Hey Lisa, thanks so much for the pep talk. And the thing was – that night WAS real life. I was going out to dinner with my kids and husband and didn’t want to be too fussy. I think the outfit was fine for what we did, but I do like the jazzed up version for fun. 🙂

      I know what you mean about these pants. They are thin and stretchy and not very forgiving. I linked to a similar pair in the shopping widget by NYDJ and they might be thicker, although I haven’t seen them in person. I have a feeling they’re going to be more forgiving. 🙂

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