Happy Easter!

Good morning, friends. For those of us who are believers in Christ, today is a glorious day of celebration and hope. I hope you all enjoy it.

I’ve had a nice weekend here in Virginia. We’ve had some lovely spring weather, and I’m just trying not to think about the snow I’m supposed to arrive home to tomorrow. It shouldn’t amount to much, but still. How rude! It’s like a bad April Fool’s Day joke.

Which, by the way, I hate April Fool’s Day. I usually fall for at least one prank before I remember what day it is, and then after that, I’m wise to it all, but I always have to fall for at least one. It’s so annoying.

I’m not a big fan of jokes that make people feel stupid and gullible, but you have to laugh and act like you think the prank is funny, or you’re made to feel like you’re a stick in the mud in addition to being stupid and gullible.

All that to say, April Fool’s is one of those days I prefer to ignore, but today it’s also Easter, so I will just focus on that.

Yesterday we visited the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. It was absolutely amazing; if you ever have a chance to visit, do it. We all love history in our family. Paul has read a lot about WWII, and we both like to watch historical movies and documentaries, plus I’ve read quite a bit of historical fiction that takes place during that era. Our son is planning to be a history major in college, so I especially wanted to visit this site while he is still with us on these trips.

We did the guided walking tour, which is a must. There is so much symbolism involved in the exhibits, you really need to hear about it from them. Plus our guide not only explained the significance of all the exhibits, but she gave us the story of the day as we walked through.

It helped put the pieces together for someone like me who knows the basics but doesn’t always have all the details down pat, and it’s also great for people like my husband and son who know a lot of facts but like to hear the more obscure details.

I don’t think my daughters loved it, but they tolerated it. It helped that it was a beautiful day.

My grandfather who is still alive is a WWII veteran, so that personalized it even more for our family.

The picture above is at the arch, which symbolizes the Allied victory, and Overlord was the name of the mission.

They keep adding exhibits to the memorial, so even if you’re been before, it’s worth going back. I was impressed with how much they have to see and how well thought-out it all is. It’s truly a hidden gem in a beautiful area.

Last night, we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The Home Place. It’s an old Southern home out in the country that has been made into a restaurant where they serve fried chicken and and all the fixin’s family style.

There’s always a long wait (no reservations) but the view from the yard are so lovely, no one minds waiting. We went early (like at 4:00) and still waited an hour.

When we came out afterwards, the sun was setting over the countryside, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I wish we’d been able to get a family picture, but half our party had left already so I did a few Insta Stories to show you all the view.

Anyway, I need to get a move on here if I’m going to be ready for church.

I’m looking forward to our Easter celebration this morning, and then we’re going out for a nice lunch afterwards. I’m always a fan of holiday meals I don’t have to cook. *jazz hands*

For those who are celebrating, I hope you and yours have a blessed and joyous Easter Sunday!

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21 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter! Please forgive my “cheesy” way of expressing this, but, your blog is like a breath of fresh air in my life. The faith you express without being pushy, your sense of humor about yourself and life, your candid way of writing about everything from fashion to April Fool’s Day to fitness and much more- all these things make me a loyal reader and eager to share your posts.
    ( this may seem silly, but my friends and I actually have lots of great conversations about your fashion sense and blog)
    Hope you have a lovely day.

    1. I agree. Jo-Lynne, you are so relatable and open. I always enjoy Coffee Talk especially and started reading She Reads Truth because of your recommendation. 

  2. Beautiful post and share regarding the National D-Day Museum. Absolutely gorgeous setting for family dinner. Happy Easter. God bless you.

  3. Thank you for that lovely post. Thanks for picture also. You favor your mom a lot, JoLynne. Please take one of you all going to church. Let’s forget it is Aprils fool day and remember He is risen. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. HAPPY EASTER to you and your family!  I’m so glad that the weather has been nice for you.  That restaurant is beautiful and the food sounds yummy.  I hope your drive home will be safe and without too many traffic headaches.  Snow – that is a cruel April 1st joke!  Thanks for the advance notice that you might not have a post tomorrow.  Now I won’t worry!

  5. Happy Easter to you and your family! Your blog is such a inspiration! I look forward to sitting down everything just reading your blog .You have a beautiful family . Safe travels!

  6. Happy Easter! I can relate to your feelings on April Fools Day. Have often been accused of not having a sense of humor because I haven’t appreciated a practical joke. Fortunately today we can focus on celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. Thank you for sharing the pictures of Virginia. Having grown up there, i enjoyed seeing the rolling hills. Enjoy your time with family and a safe trip home. 

  7. I, too, agree with Lori_ your posts are always so real and heartfelt! Thank you for sharing and letting us see a part of your family trip- such a beautiful family! My son is a history major and it is so reflective to pause and think about all that has happened before our time. So as we Christians celebrate this Easter, Resurrection Sunday, we are blessed by the miracle of this salvation we can claim through our Lord Jesus! Safe travels to all of you!

  8. I know it’s late. But with all the activities today I just couldn’t get my comment on until now. Hope you had a Wonderful Day!! Yes indeed He Has Risen!!!
    You have a beautiful family. You mentioned that some of your family members were history buffs. I have a couple also. My son can tell you any thing you want to know about anything history wise. I was never interested in it at school. Maybe some things. Also, his first cousin teaches History at our County High School. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your trip to Virginia. We live in North Carolina. Right on the border. So we are I’m and out of Virginia all the time. It’s a beautiful state. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  9. Beautiful post and great comments. I am late, but Happy Easter. Glad you enjoyed a weekend away with family celebrating Easter and learning about our History.

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