Hooray for Protect-A-Bed!

"Mommy…" the plaintive voice penetrated my sound sleep.

More insistent this time.  "Mommy.  My pant1es are wet."

Ughhhh, not again.

As any mom knows, it’s the risk you take, allowing your preschooler to share your bed.

We all know the drill.  When this happens, we immediately strip the bed and then find a place elsewhere to spend the rest of the night.  Usually my daughter and I cram into her twin-sized bed while Husband spends the rest of the night on the family room couch wrapped in a quilt.  A stiff neck is usually the result.

But last night was different.  As we all tumbled groggily from our bed, I remembered.  We now have a Protect-A-Bed mattress protector on our bed.  There was no need to sleep elsewhere or to spend two days airing out our mattress and treating it with Febreeze.

We simply stripped off the sheets and the mattress cover, threw them all in the bathtub, remade the bed, and crawled back in.


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  1. LOL, cjoy. I think we were so excited that we COULD actually make the bed back up, that we didn’t consider the whole blanket option. 😉

    Nicki – THREE nights in a row!? Zzzzz… You must have been tired last week!

  2. Wow…you remake the bed in the middle of the night? You ARE supermom! When pee or vomit strike, we strip the bed and throw a blanket down as our fast sheet-fix, then go back to sleep (or vomit-watch as the case can be, but thankfully not recently). Remaking the bed waits until morning when we’re more awake! 🙂

  3. Mattress protectors are the best! Lately my son has had an issue with staying dry through the night. I ended up washing sheets and mattress pads three days in a row last week–but at least the mattress was safe and dry!

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