How To Wear Kick Flares for Summer

Happy Saturday, friends! Today we’re wrapping up 25 Days of Summer Fashion, and I’m talking about how to wear kick flares (a.k.a. crop flare jeans) for summer.

I’m still #teamskinnyjeans all the way, but I have to admit, kick flares have a fresh, fashion-forward vibe that I like.

How To Wear Kick Flares for Summer: 5 Easy Tips for Styling Crop Flare Jeans

If you’ve also been struggling to like the kick flares trend, let’s talk about how to make it work. Through a lot of trial-and-error, watching other influencers style their crop flare jeans, and a little Google research, I think I might have finally cracked the code.

For this purpose of this post, I’m wearing these BlankNYC Varick Cropped White Jeans. I found them at Social Threads, but then I ordered them from Zappo’s to get the free 2-day shipping and free returns. Since I ordered mine, they went on sale at Zappo’s, so yay!

5 Easy Tips for Styling Crop Flare Jeans

#1. The ideal length for kick flares is about an inch or two above the ankle bone.

The most important thing when figuring out how to wear kick flares is to get the length right. This may mean tailoring for some, but you want your crop flare jeans to hit about an inch above the ankle bone.

How To Wear Kick Flares for Summer: 5 Easy Tips for Styling Crop Flare Jeans

If they’re too short, they’ll cut off your leg and an awkward place and make you look stumpy. If they’re too long, they look like a fashion mistake — like your jeans shrunk or you’re wearing hand-me-downs… not that there’s anything wrong with that! You just don’t want to look like you’re wearing clothes made to fit someone else.

Depending on your height and body shape, you can experiment with an inch or two to see what looks best on you, but for me, the inch above the ankle bone is about perfect.

How To Wear Kick Flares for Summer: 5 Easy Tips for Styling Crop Flare Jeans

These jeans have a 25″ inseam, and I’m 5’5″, for reference. The inseam varies based on the size of the pants. I’m wearing the size 28, and the inseam is 25″, but I also ordered the size 29 to try, and that inseam is 26″.

I noticed the discrepancy between the inseam length on the two websites, so I decided to measure mine. I don’t expect that the inseam increases an inch with each size, but they’re definitely all a little different.

#2. Crop flare jeans should fit snug through the hips and thighs.

You don’t want your kick flares to be baggy or loose through the thigh area because that looks sloppy and can add visual weight.

How To Wear Kick Flares for Summer: 5 Easy Tips for Styling Crop Flare Jeans

Remember that a lot of jeans tend to stretch out with wear, so if in doubt, size down.

How To Wear Kick Flares for Summer: 5 Easy Tips for Styling Crop Flare Jeans

#3. Tuck your top into crop flare jeans to elongate the line of the leg.

Because kick flares are cropped, you want to shorten your top to keep your proportions in sync.

A longer top would visually cut me in half and make my legs look stumpy, whereas front-tucking the top elongates the leg line and creates a more pleasing 1/3 to 2/3 ratio.

How to Wear Kick Flares for Summer: See my 5 easy tips for styling crop flare jeans!

I styled my kick flares with this notch neck tee from Gap. I love this coral color and the fresh contrast against the white jeans.

#4. Footwear matters.

Wearing a heel with this look would make me look taller and thinner, and it’s certainly a good option. A block heel or mule would be a safe bet. But slide sandals also look great with cropped flares, and they keep the look more casual.

Slides are perfect because they tend to be small in scale and don’t add any bulkiness to the lower half.

I purposefully chose nude slides that are close to my skin color with a low vamp, which again, elongates the leg line and gives a slimming effect.

#5. Choose kick flares with minimal distressing for a more polished look. 

Distressed denim certainly has its time and place, and you all know I love mine, but for ladies of a certain age… when wearing a trendy style like crop flare jeans, going for a more polished look helps it not look so try-hard.

White jeans, even more so than blue jeans, have a crisp, sophisticated air about them that helps keep the look polished yet carefree.

Funny story — yesterday I was seated on the plane beside a classy looking lady who appeared to be a few years older than I am.

When we got up to disembark, I noticed she was wearing white crop flare jeans, a black and white seersucker blouse — front tucked — and slide sandals.

She was so on point, I was dying to ask if I could take her picture and share on my blog. Haha!!!

But it really struck me how fashion forward, polished, and effortless the white kick flares can be when styled correctly.

What do you think about the crop flare jeans trend?

Is this a trend you’re excited about, or are you sitting this one out?

Outfit Details:

notch neck tee (also in stripes) // white kick flare jeans (also at Zappo’s) // cutout slide sandals // leather bucket bag // cuff bracelet // layered necklace // sunnies

For the Pinners…

5 Easy Tips for Styling Crop Flare Jeans: How to wear kick flares for summer | Fashion for Women Over 40

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today, and see all of my 25 Days of Summer Outfits for more summer style inspo.

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25 Responses

  1. I think they can look very stylish and fun!  I ordered a pair and am excited to see if they are a hit or miss on my body type. 

  2. LOVE kick flares. Favorites from J Crew and Madewell. Definitely a nice option over skinny’s. Thanks for this How To post!!!

  3. I love kick flares! I find them easy to wear and they do have a fun vibe. I like the flares like yours that lean more toward a straight cut than trying to flare out a lot at the bottom. Also, yours have a perfect rise. Too high or too low and I find that I look like I’m either an old hippie or a wanna be teen. I have a couple AG jodis and they are great, though someone should tell AG that their white denim is just not thick enough. 🙂

  4. I definitely think this is a fun look and would wear kick flares in a heartbeat. I’m on the fence as to whether or not to order a pair, though. It’s so hot in Delaware already that I’m not wearing anything long. I don’t wear shorts to evening events unless it’s a backyard BBQ, but end up opting for a sleeveless maxi or a short skirt. #menopause

  5. I love this trend! I have to be careful because I am petite. Thanks for including tips on foot wear and ways NOT to look shorter. Have great time at the wedding!

  6. This outfit is cute on you. Beautifully styled, no surprise. For me, I’m sitting this one out. Sticking with my white skinnies. Cute top.  Love the neckline – something a bit different. Gap was a change too, Shaking things up.  I do like your list on how to wear kick flares. Very helpful to those interested and struggling to get it together. You’re always on top of things. Thank you. 

    1. Hi, I thought the top was very cute too. Its simple but with a flattering neckline😍 It’s 40% off the already on sale price with code Great! I couldn’t resist!! Hope you all have a great day!

  7. Thanks for all the tips to watch for when styling this pant. I’m 5’3 so that would definitely come into play… I’m wondering if I’ll ever get to wear all my summer clothes as it is??. rain again today… not the best long weekend weather but suppose to turn hot next week 🤞
    Have a fun weekend…we pass through Bangor a lot when traveling to the states.. I usually make my Target and Christmas tree Shoppe stop there… plus a visit to Chick- Fil-A of course lol

  8. I think those are really cute on you. I’ll have to check to see if they are available in petite. That’s the problem I have. Typically cropped pants are the right regular length for me. LOL So cropped actually works in my favor for every day jeans. HA! Have a great weekend!!! XO

  9. I like this new trend. It’s one that any lady can wear, regardless of age. Thanks for the tips on styling. I’ll be front tucking from now on. 😉

  10. I think of all the crop flares I’ve seen, these are the best.  They are cute and you look great in them!  I would try them, but I would end up needing so much cut off that the flare would disappear and I’d have cropped skinnies!  Ha ha   Enjoy your weekend in Maine!

  11. LOVE thses … this style jean is my new go to …. even when it is cooler weather with a loafer (like the Ugg ones u feature often). My fav look of your summer series ☺️

  12. I love the color and the neckline of your top!  While I like this outfit, I do not have plans to add this style jeans to my closet.  I think the woman from the airplane would have been very flattered if you had asked to take her picture.  Enjoy the wedding!

  13. You look fantastic in those crop flares! The whole outfit is fresh and summery!  I bought a pair of light wash denim crop flares from J Crew recently but haven’t been able to find a pair of white ones that are the right length (I need at least 27” because I’m tall). J Crew has them but they’re raw hem and not the look I wanted. 
    Enjoy your weekend! Maine weather sounds a little like So CA. 

  14. Very cute. Not sure I’d buy but like them. I try to stick to what is classic. Love that tee on you too.

  15. I’m sitting out on this trend, but love that you keep us all current on what is new and trending each season.  Looking forward to receiving your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale emails!

  16. I like the kick flares! I’m glad you figured out for us the best fit and length for wearing them.

    FYI, the Nine West Gianna Sandals (which are sold out at Nordstrom) are available at Macy’s, and they’re 25% off.

  17. These look really cute on you and offer a cool summer vibe. I wanted to give me skinny jeans and pants a break and was looking for something that was cooler to wear in the summer so I purchased two pair of flare crop jeans. But since I’m petite I knew I had to style them carefully. One pair is a little longer and don’t look as flattering on me. They look like I’m wearing high water flare jeans and the other hit right above the ankle bone like you mentioned and do look best with slides. Plus they are pull-on from Liverpool and very soft and comfortable. I love how you wanted to snap a pic of the fashionable lady on the plane. I enjoy people watching when I travel and would have wanted to do the same. 

  18. I like them on other people. I’m tall and think I will stick with classic length jeans and pants.

  19. I love the kick flare style and have a pair of blue denim kick flare’s. I think they’re a great style for ladies of our age because we tend to be a little hippier (is that a word?) and it balances out those hips and looks flattering. Love the color of that top.

  20. I bought a type of these paants. I don’t know. However, you have made me feel more comfortable. We are both the same height. I had a feeling this was an issue. I need information like this. Thank you.

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