If I Were To Create A Wedding Registry Today…

After all of my friends and cousins got married 20-25 years ago, I went years without attending a wedding. Then recently, I’ve suddenly found myself back on the wedding circuit… but this time, I’m not friends with the bride and groom. I’m friends with their parents!

I’m having so much fun looking at registries and picking out gifts, and it makes me think back to when I was planning my own registry. I remember it like it was yesterday…

Visiting Paul here in Philly and going to Macy’s to browse all the different china patterns, crystal goblets, and silver flatware. They were the destination for all things registry and weddings back then, and they still are today!

I still love the Lenox china pattern I registered for way back then on Macy’s Wedding Registry, and it still looks like new.

But if I could create a wedding registry today, I’d forego the two sets of tableware, and go for one that is super versatile. I’m thinking something that’s both elegant enough for fancy dinner parties but also practical enough for everyday.

Well, guess what? I just got to do exactly that!

I had so much fun teaming up with Macy’s for this post, browsing the Kitchen department on their website to see what’s out there these days, and picking out new dishes, glasses, and flatware. (It’s hard to imagine not having a website to browse 25 years ago!)

One thing was for sure, I don’t want anything that can’t go in the dishwasher or microwave. I also need something durable that will hold up to a lot of use and abuse, because I have teenagers. #nuffsaid

As I perused the website, I was drawn to the Lenox patterns that have several different designs that work together to mix and match for more interest on your table. It’s like Garanimals for dishes!

I finally settled on this Textured Naturals dinnerware collection.

I love how calm and soothing the colors are, and they work in perfectly with the decor of my home. And after years of having only plain white dishes, these are so pretty and fun!

The tablecloth and napkins are also by Lenox. This natural color is perfect under my new dishes.

I think the serving pieces are my favorite part of this collection.

This low serve bowl is perfect for side dishes on the dinner table as well as putting out with chips or fruit when I’m hosting more casual gatherings.

And this water pitcher is the perfect size and shape to use as a vase for cut flowers, or of course, you can use it for water or juice.

I also picked out a new set of wine glasses, also by Lenox.

We usually buy the cheapest ones we can find, and they are always breaking. I hope to have better luck with these.

The quality is really impressive. I can definitely feel the difference, plus the shape is so pretty.

And finally, stainless flatware… I’m still using the set I got from my wedding registry 25 years ago, and it’s pretty beat up.

This Cantera pattern is fresh and modern and complements these dishes perfectly.

The best part is, all of my new tableware will look just as good in my kitchen as it does in my dining room, and everything is dishwasher safe. The dishes can even go in the microwave.

I love that Macy’s was the destination for all things registry and weddings 25 years ago when I got married, and they still are today. Are you getting married, or know someone who is getting married? It’s super easy to create a Macy’s Wedding Registry online! #timeshavechanged

If you were to register all over again, what would you choose?

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. So pretty love all the natural colors!
    Perfect timing as you are redoing kitchen!
    With retirement living now …I would go for
    Classic easy to store pieces…as you have 

    1. What a great combination with the different patterns. (The Garanimals comment cracked me up! 🤣 Blast from the past! I loved their clothing growing up!)

  2. I know this has nothing to do with today’s post but I’ve been meaning to ask you about the hoop earings you have been wearing lately. Can u send a link or provide some info? They are silver with a pattern {braid) hard to tell in the pics ?

  3. Great post!  My everyday dishes are now 18 yrs old & on their last legs, so this post is perfect timing.  It’s been fun to look for dishes & housewares again after ignoring them for almost 2 decades. 😉.  Back in my 20s, I thought everything had to match.  What I’ve learned is that, w/in a color palette, I can have different patterns, etc. & I am definitely more interested in how well they function.  Having the reviews on all the websites is helpful…but it definitely takes longer to decide what to get.  I’m leaning toward all white porcelain, but will probably mix & match patterns. Hoping to make all the decisions before the Pres Day sales.  

  4. Happy Monday! I would love the details on your chandelier please. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your posts

  5. Like you, I love the serving pieces!  Everything you selected is so pretty.  For us, our lifestyle has changed so much, that we sold all of our china, Waterford crystal, etc., in the estate sale.  I laughed when reading that you wanted something durable because you have teenagers in the house because I now only have Correll because of the adult men that eat with us at times.  I cant have anything that breaks easily.  Ha!  I’d love to have more than one set of dishes, but someone has put their foot down on that idea.  If I were to select dinnerware for my bridal registry now, it would be something very similar to what you chose.  Oh, it’s in the 20’s here as well.  I know the water in the bird bath is frozen, but I’m not going out to mess with it.  If they need water, the creek is close by.  Enjoy your quiet day!

  6. Once again you’ve done it!  Picked a perfect combo.  That pattern is stunning!!!  And I love that pitcher!!  I can see that pattern/color being used for many years to come!  Enjoy!  

  7. Oooh I love everything! Especially that serving bowl color and pattern. 
    We have a nice set of dishes for inside dining but we use melamine for outside on the lanai in Florida . They look like heavy pottery and are light as a feather! And acrylic stemware that looks like crystal 😉🏝

  8. Absolutely lovely choice!  Good to see tableware that inspires people to gather around and share a meal, whether at a formal table or around the coffee table.  Also, I would like to add that your outfit is one of the most flattering I have seen you wear.  I’ve been following for a bit, and you often comment about (question) the crew neck shape and the front tuck.  You have nailed it!  So flattering — and you look so confident and relaxed.  Great post all around!

  9. Fun! Love what you chose. I always said there should be 10th & 20th anniversary showers because by then everything is worn out and many things you don’t splurge to replace them, you just make do! LOL!

  10. I really love all of that. Neutral with a flair. Cant wait to see your kitchen. Stay warm. 37 in Savannah. Loving it!!

  11. It was -15 this morning when I started to read your blog, and that’s positively balmy compared to the last three days in South Dakota. A blizzard blew through bringing sustained winds in the 30, mph range with gusts up to 50.; wind chill temps were in the -30 to -40.range. Like I said, today is positively balmy:)

    I was married 36 years ago, and I completely agree that if I were registering today, I would forgo the china and chose one set of durable yet pretty dishes. I have a lovely set of Lennox china that rarely gets used because it isn’t dishwasher safe. What were we thinking “back in the day”? 

    Love the post. And just so you know, I would gladly send you some of our snow…

  12. I can absolutely relate to this post. .. Two years ago I wanted to update my everyday dishes. I had gotten two new sets for Christmas and I did stay with white but they have a pattern in white on the edging. I like white for me as I can add color with bowls, or other dishes that implement color based on the time of year. I guess I had my color dishes first and wanted a switch up from that. I still have my china from when we got married 30 years ago and that is for our special dinners in the dining room. However the new set I got can also be used in there too. I’ve also switched up other kitchen items as well along the way. I mean after 30 years of marriage you almost need another shower LOL!! When our daughter got married last May it was so fun and convenient for them to have a registry and I said the same thing to her ” how nice it would have been to have had this 30 years ago”. Love your new dishes and they look so pretty in your dining room. I do have to get new flat ware still for everyday so that I can add to my list for this year:)

  13. PS also if I did redo things today definitely one large table in the kitchen and one set of all around dishes. But I’ve already invested in the dining room set and china(30 years ago), So maybe if we ever down size??

  14. Love these dishes and how pretty and versatile they are. Great choice.   How generous of Macy’s! I would love to have new dishes.  I like the ones I chose way back when but I certainly would chose differently now!  

  15. Jo-Lynne,

    I liked this post about using the same dinnerware for 20+ years. I had basic white dinnerware that I replaced with Fiestaware. Macy’s is my go to for dishes and serve ware. It’s so convenient to order online. I like the pattern you chose. It definitely can be used for everyday and also fancy dinners. I love your dining room! Mine is also painted navy on top and white under the chair rail. Your gold chandelier is very nice. Would you happen to have a link you could share for that? Do you follow any decorating blogs? Can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out. I have a desk in my kitchen so it will be interesting to see how you transform that space.

  16. Like you, I’ve replaced my china with a more fun set. Now my china sits in the china cabinet because you can’t give it away. The younger set no longer want fine china. And, why would they, unless they do “fancy” dinner parties. My new set has different patterns but in the same color family. I love mixing place setting up. I believe it’s a fresher, more up to date look and it makes me happy. Love your new dinnerware, JoLynne. 

  17. I am cracking up reading this, because I recently joked that I needed to get married again so I could have all new house stuff!! Haha!! We replaced our everyday dishes a couple of years ago (we’ve been married 22 years) and I recently replaced every towel in my house, some of which we’d had since our wedding showers! I also got a new knife set for Christmas to replace my original set. It’s so fun to freshen things up and it’s also fun to shop for wedding gifts! Love what you chose and how it all coordinates!

  18. I too, realized that after 25+ years our fine China didn’t match our lifestyle.  So, I donated it to my synagogue for the rummage sale and went out and found something that makes me happy every time I use it!  I also got rid of our flatware and decided to use the silverware for every day and I love it.  It goes in the dishwasher without any issues!
    Love your Lenox choice, enjoy!

  19. What a fun post! Coincidentally this subject came up at brunch yesterday! We were having brunch with my recently married niece and her husband, and I was finally giving them their Christmas present. She’d told me that the china plates I gave her for her wedding were the only china she’d registered for and gotten…no other pieces, so I bought them the salad plates to their pattern. 

    My husband and I had a blast when we registered for our wedding 20 years ago! We went to a local shop (unfortunately out of biz now) where the salesperson set up place settings for us and changed things out eventually dialing in our choice. It was actually a really special day. I didn’t think my husband would be into it but he was1 

    It’s not a ton of fun shopping for millennials’ weddings these days. The registries are all so practical, lol! 

  20. How fun to think about picking a registry again! We haven’t hit that second round of weddings, but it will be fun when we do. We never use the good china, as it feels fussy and my white-on-white from crate and barrel can be dressed up or down. But, my family has really enjoyed using our reindeer Christmas china over the years. My almost-adult kids still enjoy getting it out, and everyone loves eating off blitzen, who has clearly over-indulged. So maybe if I were doing it all again, I would choose more fun things and less Waterford.

  21. Well first of all, you and your dining room photograph beautifully! I love your new dishes,  stemware, and flatware. It’ll all work great with your updated kitchen too! I love the gold chandelier too. You’ve managed to incorporate the gold trend in your house so nicely. 

    Like you, I hadn’t gone to a wedding in 20 years and in the last couple years friends’ kids have started getting married. The weirdest thing to me has been the change in wedding registries. One couple listed all the places they were going on their honeymoon (hotels, activities, restaurants) and asked for money towards those things. Another couple registered for things like “couples massages” and an exercise bike for their home.  Soooo different from when I got married 26 years ago. 
    My beautiful Lenox China never gets used and sits in my dining room cabinet. I do use my Waterford crystal wine goblets on holidays and the champagne flutes on New Year’s Eve. It’s just too much of a hassle to hand wash everything these days and dinner parties with friends have taken on a much more casual chic feel now. 

  22. I, too, love Macy’s for all things dining and kitchen.  You cannot beat there selection.  We bought our good china there when we got married as well as our kitchen dishes and I just ordered a few extra plates and Macy’s still has both patterns!

    Fun change of pace post!

  23. I loved this post, Jo-Lynne! As always you have impeccable taste.  I love pitchers…. I used to collect them.  I love the one you chose, as well as all of the dishes, flatware, etc. 
    If I had to do my bridal registry again, I’d forgo my china too, and choose dinnerware that I could use daily. 
    Terrific post!! 

  24. Great post! I am inspired! What color did you select for the dishes? I checked Macys and there are multiple colorways…

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