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I rely heavily on my favorite fashion blogs to keep me up to date and aware of the latest fashion trends.  I don’t always FOLLOW the trends, but I do like to know what’s stylish and whats, well… NOT.

According to fashion maven Angie of youlookfab, black-black skinny jeans have arrived.  I’m cautiously optimistic about this trend.  I like to wear black.  And although I don’t wear skinnies, I like a nice straight-leg jean.  (According to the fashion gurus, skinnies and straights are interchangeable.)  I think I could pull this look off.

What’s your take?  Are you IN, or are you OUT?  Sorry, been watching a little too much Project Runway.

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  1. I’m out! I don’t think I’ll ever leave my boot-cut style. My legs are bird-like enough; I don’t need to accentuate that more!

  2. Okay, the first two on the left are okay. The right ones are… yuck. (Sorry, “fashionistas.”) I think I’m like you – could probably pull off the straights but honestly the whole look reminds me a little of the days of Laura Ashley. But with a black twist.

  3. I’m out. I love my boot cut jeans and I’m not a fan of black jeans, or black clothing in general. My 10 year has a pair of skinny jeans and they’re her favorite thing to wear when it’s not 100 degrees out.

  4. Always have to try them on, I just never know until I look in the mirror! Not to mention so hot right now, can’t imagine putting on a pair of jeans. Giev me about a month!

  5. Wow. Those pictures were quite the fist to the gut for me. I think these’d likely make me look a little short and dumpy unless I wore some seeeeeeeriously impractical shoes, which I wouldn’t be averse to, as normally I’m a style before comfort kinda gal, but with the pending papoose on the way, I may have to just sit this whole trend out so I don’t break my neck or anyone else’s. You know what immediately came to mind though when I first saw the pictures? Olivia Newton-John in Grease. YEOWZA!

  6. I’m all for them! It’s what we wore in high school and even with zippered ankles then. Except they aren’t that comfortable are they? Maybe the added Lycra will help that this go around. But I guess my over 35 body will take the straight leg variety.

  7. I’m fairly certain I’ll be out. First of all, I just don’t think I can really pull it off. I’m too short. And I know the skinny jean with the heel is a hot look, but I just like the look of a boot-cut over a heel so much better. Second, with tight shopping funds I have to spend money on things that will be good for more than one season.
    But you should go for it on behalf of the rest of us!

  8. I need time to think about it, I just can’t decide. I’ve never been a huge fan of black jeans, not sure why but just don’t like them.

  9. I’m out. I just don’t like wearing anything that tight fitting anymore.

    But if they come out with a black-black trouser jean I’m way on board. That would be an awesome alternative for work!

  10. I love wearing black. So I think I am in. Now I just need to find a pair here in AZ. Plus, I won’t be putting jeans on until around October. Too Hot!

  11. I am totally in, I was ecstatic when skinny jeans made their reappearance so give them to me in all colors LOL. I am a fashionista, whatevere the current style is you usally will catch me in

  12. Straight-leg? yes. skinny fit? NO!

    If I could buy the skinny legs with it, then maybe! I’m all for black jeans in general.

  13. I think I will sit out this one. I am a tad too short to pull off the long/lean/skinny look. I’ll be sticking with my straight legs….now I actually do need a new black pair of those.

  14. I have the high waist and long legs to pull off the idea of skinny jeans, and in 40 pounds, I’ll try them. But for now…I’ll keep to my well worn boot cuts. They help balance my wide shoulders. Black sounds good though!

  15. Like them a lot. Just not necessarily on me. I have larger hips and skinny jeans seem to accentuate that a bit more.

    I love the ones on the far left very much. I wish they would look that good on me.

    Okay, so how about some ideas on what to wear to my 20 year class reunion?

    Casual bar gathering on Friday night.
    Lunch at my high school on Saturday day.
    Band and dance at nice hotel on Saturday night!

    Help – must look smashing! 🙂

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