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Well, it’s Sunday again! I posted this to my Instagram this morning. What a marvelous promise, is it not?

John 8:12 #shereadstruth

This week flew by for me, I don’t know about you. It’s been a bit stressful because my knee has been acting up again.

This time it is my other one. The one that I was most concerned about settled down immediately when I changed how I was sitting at my desk, but then the other one worsened. They were doing two different things, and I’m not even sure they’re related. I hate it when you don’t know what is causing something.

At any rate, to make a long story short, it seems to be settling down. I made an appointment with my doctor, but he can’t see me till next week, so I made an appointment with my old PT, and I am going in on Tuesday, so I’ll be curious to see what he says. I’m hoping that by then it will be a non-issue, but I don’t plan to cancel even if it’s feeling better. I’d like him to work on it and see what he says about what happened.

I haven’t run since last Sunday. (It is after that run that it really started bothering me.) I am terrified of causing another injury that I have to spend months recovering from. I have too many plans in the next few months to be down and out with another injury, so I’m trying to play it safe.

That said, I know that stopping and starting isn’t good either. Consistency is important for your body to get used to a workout regimen, and I’ve been so off-and-on with my running this winter, I wonder if that’s actually making things worse than if I were running regularly. Who knows? But I’m hoping that by the time I’m feeling better, the weather will be more conducive to outdoor exercise, and I’ll be able to find my rhythm again.


I took this top-down selfie before leaving for church last Sunday.

green tunic selfie - 1

green tunic // Frye riding boots ON SALE!!! (mine are the Whiskey color)
black leggings (LOVE THESE!!) // Stella & Dot ring & bracelet // similar tote

This is what I wore on my drive to The Lodge at Woodloch. I wanted to be cute but comfortable. You can read all about my experience HERE. If you’re nearby and looking for a girlfriend getaway, this is the PERFECT spot. I highly recommend it.

travel outfit - 1

Athleta Metro Skinny Pants // similar Nike Pegasus // similar jean jacket // “All I need is Coffee and Mascara” Tee (sold out)

On Monday night, I shared this sneak peek to Tuesday’s post. Get all the outfit details HERE.

lodge at woodloch - 2

Back at home, I went out to dinner with some friends so I posted this GNO look. I wanted to wear my burgundy jacket, but I wanted a dressier look than the grey tee and black jeans I wore when I styled it for the blog. I picked up this scoop neck tee at WHBM when I was shopping for spring clothes last week because I thought it would come in handy at some point. I have grey coated denim jeans that I love, so I put it all together. The necklace is old, but this one in Black Onyx is similar. I finished the outfit with black ankle boots.

GNO - 1

hooded leather jacket (with the hood removed) // scoop neck tee
similar coated denim leggings // similar ankle boots
similar tassel necklace // Alex and Ani bangles // hoop earrings


On Saturday afternoon, I took my daughter to see Zootopia, and then afterwards we all went to my son’s indoor drumline competition. I threw on my coral V-neck sweater with my black OTK boots b/c it was chilly. Pretty much everything in this outfit is sold out, but that 3-disc necklace I’m wearing can be found HERE.

what I wore - 1 (1)

And that’s a wrap!


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  1. You sure do look like you have a lot of fun doing what you do – but I know (as a fellow blog/site owner) how much work goes in to creating every post. I even just recently tried to do a fashion related post and man did it take up a TON of time – you must have this down to an art or something -needless to say, I’m impressed.

    To anyone who has the gall to criticize or complain -shame on them – they have no right. You work hard to do this – I know because I do too and you deserve any and every penny you earn because you are not a public slave!

    keep on keepin’ on and keep shining – you are an inspiration to many!!!!

  2. I respect and admire you! Keep up the most excellent work. I look forward to reading your posts and learning from you. Carry on my friend!

  3. I’ve followed your blog, and many others, for a long time. It’s troubling that you feel the need to explain or justify purchases/gifts/donations/anything beyond the legal and ethical disclosure requirements. It seems to be a unique affliction among women in leadership roles–as you are–that we are expected to make excuses for everything. We are often judged harshly, and often by other women, but I wish we would stop aiding and abetting such judgments by feeling like we need to explain ourselves! Your blog is great–my style is completely different than yours, but I enjoy your posts, admire your business sense, and look forward to checking in each day!

    1. You’re right, only women feel the need to explain so much. Ha! My husband told me that if I’m getting weekly snarky comments, I must have finally arrived in the big time. Heh.

      1. Jo-Lynne I love both Liz’s comment and your response. Please remember you have so many people who get a lot out of your blog (and everything else!) – but the reality is that you will never meet everyone’s wants or wishes. One thing I respect about you is the way you declare what needs to be declared. Every job has its pros and cons and because you are a public figure your pros are that much more out there for the world to see. That doesn’t mean you need to justify any of it. I saw the main comment I think you are responding to above and that person will have now moved on…..she’ll find her happy place somewhere else. And you’ll both be better off 😉 Focus on all the loving comments (the vast majority of your feedback) you get everyday and let the others go – you rock xx

        1. Thanks, Claire. I truly didn’t feel the need to justify anything, I was more trying to let people know some of what goes on behind the scenes so they understand it better, but you’re right, at the end of the day, I will never meet everyone’s wants or wishes, and that’s okay. 🙂

  4. Your posts are so helpful. I look forward each day to what outfit you have put together. Keep at it. You definitely are an inspiration. : )

  5. I love your blog and appreciate how you share the behind the scenes. I am not a blogger so I find it interesting. You have explained it well that this is work, time consuming , you don’t keep everything and the outfits are to give us ideas for what we MAY want to incorporate in our wardrobe. It really made sense because I admit in my early days of reading fashion blogs I wondered how could I ever afford or wear all this stuff. I dont like it either when people write inconsiderate comments. You do an awesome job.

  6. I have figured out, and I am sure you have too, that when you put yourself out there on the web, people don’t think of you as a “real” person. Those type comments would NEVER be said in a face to face situation. I sometimes watch youtube videos of a beautiful young lady named Jackyln Hill, who does makeup tutorials. I remember she said that she had to learn to not let the “haters” comments, rob her of all the positive comments. I was floored that anyone would leave nasty comments. Why feel the need? Can’t you just not read, or follow, the blog? I am thankful that my readers have all been so positive and nice, and I know that is how you feel about your’s also. As for the expense and time, whew, who knew if would be this way when we were just starting out. I am only 6 months old in the blogging sphere, and don’t want to calculate how much I have had to spend. Thanks for the time and effort you put into your blog, and in the words of the great Taylor Swift, “Shake it off!” Hahaha

    1. I like the way she worded that… b/c there are SO many positive comments. One or two negative ones a month shouldn’t steal the joy all the positive ones bring, and really, they don’t. I’m not disgruntled as much as wanting to share more about what I do so people “get it.” 🙂 Thanks for your support! 🙂

  7. You have worked so hard developing your business. I hope that if you receive any more criticism like that, you can just not give it a second thought. I have a feeling that those comments are made by people who are unhappy with their lives and they don’t have the willingness and determination to make changes, if that’s what they want.

  8. I love your fashion posts and pin almost all of them. The style I like is very much what you post on your blog so it’s been helpful for me and I’ve designed outfits around your posts. Thanks for posting and sharing! It was interesting to get a glimpse into what you do and the time it takes.

  9. I am new to your site, after being out of work for a year for a kidney transplant. I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped me purchase and put together outfits for this new phase of my life. We share similar styles and I love the kick you give your outfits! Please continue on your great work!

  10. I have been reading your blog for many years and always enjoy your posts! I think it is pretty brave to post photos every day. I know I couldn’t! I look forward to reading about your adventures for many years to come.

  11. ‘Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain’ — 😉 Sorry, but I had to. I LOVE your fashion posts! I have no where near the budget that some of the pieces you feature cost, and I am plus sized, but I still get so much from your blog. I like how you explain why you put this with that; it’s logic that I can apply to the clothes I already have or ones that I can afford. This helps me dress better, and feel more confident in myself and my outfits. Haters are gonna hate — you just keep keepin’ on, because we all love what you do!

    1. Haha. I’m hardly the great Oz but I do sometimes feel like blogging is a bit like a magic show. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes to make it look effortless. 😉

  12. It makes me sad and angry when I see people criticizing you for spending money or featuring items that are above their price point. I certainly understand that people have clothing budgets of all sizes but I think you do an excellent job of giving people budget alternatives.

    You also are really great about acknowledging which items/trips, etc, are gifted to you. In this way I find you to be one of the most ethical bloggers out there. There are a couple of fashion blogs that I followed for a bit that never seemed to feature any items they’d actually purchased themselves. Pretty much every post was a sponsored advertisement for one company or the other. And there were lots of non-fashion sponsored posts thrown in as well. For that reason, I finally just quit following those blogs. There is nothing wrong with doing some sponsored posts and collabs with companies but when that’s all there is you start to wonder if the blogger even has her own opinion or fashion sense. You do a great job at finding some middle ground.

    And as far as putting yourself out there day after day, you are much more brave than I am. Every time I try to take an outfit selfie I end up trashing all the shots! How can an outfit that looks so cute in the mirror look so awful in a selfie?! LOL! Thanks for what you do. I find a lot of inspiration in your fashion posts and I really appreciate your willingness to do the work which makes shopping a lot easier for me!

    1. Well, I have a non-fashion sponsored post going up this week, haha! But I know what you mean. I actually find that sponsored posts take me way more time and angst than the ones I write “off the cuff” because there’s so much info to include, but you want to present it in a way that is true to yourself and engaging. Most of us only take on partnerships that we truly believe in, but I know that it can be off-putting to readers if they overwhelm the native content. It’s hard to find a balance, and sponsored posts do help pay the bills. 🙂

  13. I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that hours, money, and personal effort go into your wonderful blog. You deserve every positive thing that comes your way; clothes, money, trips, and/or accolades. Good for you! I’m glad you feature higher end clothing. There are those of us that are interested. Not every fashion blog reader is a thrift shopper. Readers always have a choice to not follow you. Jeez! As a teacher I would get people who would say, “It must be nice to have the whole summer off!” I’d say, “It is, you should be a teacher.” They’d shut up because they’d realize it’s not really what they want or can do! I love your blog Jo-Lynne. You’ve helped me many times feel good by making smart purchases after reading your blog. Keep on!

    1. Ha. I love that response. As a former teacher, I can attest to the sheer emotional/physical drain that job is. You put 12 mos of work into 10, and most teachers spend part of their summers taking classes anyway. To say nothing of the fact that the pay is nothing to get too excited about. I’ll never understand why people act like teachers don’t work full time. xo

  14. As a long time reader, I do find a little behind-the-scenes information is very interesting. I’m so sorry if you’ve had negative or snarky comments. I love your blog although I’m sure it can be a burden at times. But really what you do is your business and I get to reap the benefits of your hard work for free! Thanks for maintaining your wonderful blog. I am not a blogger, but I do consider you to be one of my “blogger friends.”

  15. I found your blog last fall, and look forward to each and every post. I had an idea that it was a full time job, but had NO idea just how much time, money, and knowledge that went into each post. You do make it look effortless…… which is a great thing! So I enjoyed hearing about all that you do behind the scenes. Your blog will always be magical.
    I, too, have been upset with the snarkey remarks. You are so authentic, and relatable. Your writing style draws me in as much as your fashion.
    You are not people’s shoppers, or personal stylists. Surely, we as readers, can look online for a similar, yet less expensive version of what you’re styling if cost is a concern. I know you often do offer links to less expensive versions of items.
    With all of this being said, it’s no one’s business what you spend, nor should you have to rationalize it to anyone.
    You are such a beautiful person. You inspire me daily with your elegance, poise, and beauty. And truly, isn’t that why you blog? To inspire, and pass on your knowledge of fashion.
    You do make each of us feel like your friends. What a precious gift!
    Thank you for all that you do!

  16. I sit at a desk 40+ hours a week working for “someone else.” I often think, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to work from home, like start a blog or something? Then, I see how much you have to put yourself out there, “dealing with the public,” putting your time, effort, and creativity into your blog. Then, I’m like, never mind, I’ll just work for “the man.” I couldn’t do it……to put your thoughts, feelings and personal information out there for the world to see takes guts, skill, and lots of determination, and you are right, “thick skin.”

    I applaud you for achieving success in such a virtual reality world, taking chances, and accepting the fact that you can’t please everyone all the time. Other commenters also said it, if the nasty comments were face to face, people would have better manners.

    I follow several bloggers and I have to admit, you are one of my favorite bloggers, you were also the first blog I started following! ???? By the way, I loathe that word “blogger,” it should be author, or hostess, or site CEO or something! Ha!

    I have to say, that piece you did on “The Lodge” totally sold me, I would LOVE to go there based solely on your post! But, it is quite far away for me. And don’t get me started on the Destin trip!!! Good grief, I just wanted to dig right into all that yummy food and beautiful ocean! I love your outfit posts and I am very glad you changed your focus to fashion.

    Keep up the good work! And as always, thanks for sharing your life with me! Including Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat!

  17. Keep up the awesome work you are doing! I love checking in every morning with a cup of tea before my kids get up and the hustle and bustle begins!!!

  18. I love your blog and appreciate all of your hard work you put into it! You’ve been an inspiration to me and I’ve been feeling so much better about myself since following your blog. Thank you!

  19. Thank you for sharing just how much work goes into doing your job. As a teacher/blogger with an online “store”, I can relate to how much time, thought, money, and energy you dedicate to getting the job done right. I don’t mind at all if you do indeed get “perks.” Your posts are fun and I’ve picked up a lot of style tips from reading them. Please disregard the sourpusses out there who have to bring others down with their negativity. You rock!!

  20. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. I just don’t get it at all why people feel the need to comment about money spent or cost of items etc. If your blog doesn’t suit their budget/lifestyle, there must be zillions out there on the internet that do. I don’t live in the US, so can’t really use your shopping links unfortunately. However, I get a lot out of your blog, and I thank you for that. Not just the fashion tips (I’m fast approaching 40, and really like your style) but also the lifestyle, blogging and exercise related posts, and I dip into your recipes occasionally still. My children are much younger, so I also find your blog inspiring for me, particularly as a ‘stay-at-home’. I’m not a religious person, but the fact that you bring the topic every so often up doesn’t bother me and if it did I wouldn’t feel the need to tell you, I could simply find a blog that doesn’t:-)
    I think your hubby is spot on – you must have a huge readership! So, well done you!!

    1. I don’t usually delete unless people are downright mean. 🙂 I do try to take every comment into consideration, even the rude ones, because I figure if someone is bold enough to say it, there are plenty of others out there thinking it. I hope that my responses help people reading along better understand the reasoning behind what I do, but at the end of the day, I KNOW I won’t make everybody happy, and I’m okay with that. Thanks for your encouraging words. They mean more than you know. xo

  21. I really love your blog and I think you do a great job! You do make a it look effortless. I’ve gotten lots of great ideas from you and I’m sorry some people are harsh to you. It must be very discouraging after all the hard work you put in. Bummer. Please keep on doing what you’re doing for the thousands of us that DO appreciate you. I’m really enjoying you and Cyndi’s “days of fashion” posts. I love your vulnerability and transparency. Keep up the great work!

  22. Ah Jo-Lynne you must have that celebrity status going on. I for one am impressed by your stamina! I tend to need some down time in order to function well and I am amazed by your many activities and adventures. Your posts have certainly helped me get going toward a more fashion conscious life style:-) When I lost so much weight and knew I was going to be purchasing new clothes I was determined to end up with a better functioning wardrobe than I have had in the past and I read several fashion blogs looking for ideas and advice. Yours, and now Cindy’s are the only ones I read on a regular basis though because you impress me as a person who enjoys fashion and understands how important it is to women but clearly you have a life with other priorities and can put it in perspective. I applaud you!
    Since I do not like to shop I really appreciate your links because they make my life easier and I am thrilled to support your efforts in this small way.

  23. Jo-Lynne, I just adore your blog. Seriously, every morning I get my coffee, do my devotions, and read your blog. I always look forward to whatever you have to share for the day. I love your style, and you have been so helpful in inspiring me to develop my own sense of style. I create outfits from your post at my own price point, and there are certain pieces that you wear over and over again…which I appreciate! I think your blog is so successful because you put so much of yourself into it and I think you certainly have a gift for this. So, the naysayers may make noise, but I want to thank you for doing what you do, and for being a blessing to me!

  24. Jo-Lynne, I really appreciate you sharing this with us. I had no idea what all is involved in having a blog as a business. All I’ve got to say is WOW! Not here is definitely a lot more involved than I ever imagined. I am so grateful that you chose this line of work, that I found your and Cyndi Spivey’s sites, and that we have become FB friends! Keep up the good work! You and Cyndi have definitely helped me feel better about my appearance and I’m putting a lot more effort into how I dress every day.

    God Bless!

  25. Our sermon series has been on John, and Jesus being the light of the world and how not to walk in the darkness. Love the verse! Thank you! And, of course, love all the fashion, too!

  26. Loved the behind the scenes glimpse. Looking forward to the story on the making of a blog page. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

  27. Jo-Lynne,
    I love your blog, even though I am older than you and should be worried more about 50+, not 40+-ha! (Age is just a number, right? And you’re only as old as you feel!) I know I appreciate all you do and look forward to reading your blog and seeing your posts each day.
    Thanks and many blessings to you!

  28. Hi, I am a reader from Australia and I really enjoy your blog. I feel like I am catching up with you personally each time I visit. I appreciate the fact that you include lots of photos and write to us in such a personal and humorous way. Thank you for all the hard work and honesty! Blessings to you and your family.

  29. I’ve never commented on your blog (or anyone else’s blog) nor have I even read the comments. I wanted to leave you a comment today though to encourage you to keep up the good work. I personally read your blog everyday. Why? Because you have a beautiful, chic and down to earth style that inspires me to “get dressed” everyday. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into your “job.” God bless you!

  30. Dear Jo-Lynne, Let me say I love your blog! I also love Cyndi’s blog too. I am a 51 year old Mom who works part time at a church. My girls are still young, , 8 and 10, so I try to look stylish on a budget.I appreciate you give budget options in your links. I love coming to your blog for inspiration and frankly, I often shop at thredup, a second hand on line source as well as thrift shops, Target, Marshalls, etc to recreate the looks you suggest. Chin up, you are doing a great job! Peace, Mary

    1. Thanks so much, Mary. I definitely recommend shopping at resale shops and off-price stores like Marshalls and Ross to find premium brands on a budget. I personally would rather buy good quality second hand clothes than cheap new stuff. I appreciate your kind words. xo

      1. I agree, right now I am anxiously awaiting a package from Thred-up, I bought some things from your & Cyndi’s Spring Wardrobe Essentials suggestions, a J. Crew denim jacket, several nice quality tees from Banana Republic and a pair of Leopard flats, all for $70. I also found a pair of mint denim at my favorite Goodwill for $6.99! I love a treasure hunt! My Chuck All-Stars were new but I got them on sale for $44.

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