Julie & Julia: A Review

Julie-JuliaEver since I heard about the movie Julie & Julia, I was dying to see it.  I had to wait a few weeks because our schedule was so packed, but finally, last Saturday night, I drug my friend Sarah to the movie theater with me to see it.

First of all, I absolutely love and adore Meryl Streep.  I think she’s one of the greatest actresses of our time.  Or, you know, EVER.  She is AMAZING, and she did not disappoint in this movie.

I hadn’t seen Amy Adams in anything before, but she is utterly adorable.  Since I didn’t read the book, I can’t say if she captured the character of Julie Powell or not, but she seemed believable to me.  I could completely relate to the blogger, the wannabe chef, and the challenges of cooking that much at that degree of proficiency for so long.  I can’t imagine.  I’m pretty sure I never could have done it.

Yeah, the melodrama of, “Oh, my readers are DEPENDING on me…” when things went wrong was a little bit annoying but otherwise I enjoyed following the stories of both women.

The story was engaging, the acting was superb, and I was left wanting more when it ended.  You really can’t ask for more than that in a movie.

When we were walking out of the theater, I was laughing to Sarah about how much I could relate to Julie Powell and her husband, especially now that I’m doing videos of my cooking.  And I added how badly I felt for Julie at the end when she got the call from the reporter saying that Julie Child had heard about her and wasn’t terribly impressed with her or her blog.

Then Sarah asked me who would be my Julia Child, and without hesitation I said, “Ina.”  I would gladly cook through every single one of Ina’s cookbooks, in fact I’ve got a pretty good head start on that already.  Don’t worry.  I’m not starting another blog.

All that to say, if you like cooking or blogging or good movies, go see Julie & Julia.