The Tooth Fairy Bombs Again

Since our last tooth fairy visit, my 6-year-old has declared quite confidently that there is no such thing as a tooth fairy, not that it stopped her from putting her two front teeth under her pillow last night.

These two teeth have been a long time in coming out.  Her adult teeth are already halfway in, so we finally had to go to the dentist and drain her college fund to have those stubborn baby teeth pulled.

Just before I signed the papers, I looked over at my 3-year-old and said, “Hey, R.  Why don’t you give your sister a big punch in the mouth?  It would be a lot cheaper.”  She just giggled.

The office staff wasn’t quite as amused, so of course I found myself explaining the story of the aforementioned knuckle sandwich.

At any rate, we came home with the two front teeth in a little tooth-shaped case, and last night C put them under her pillow, although she informed us that she KNOWS there is no tooth fairy, that it’s just mom and dad.  Alright then.

My husband suggested that we deduct the cost of the extractions from the tooth fairy’s fund, but C wasn’t amused.  So under the pillow went the teeth.

This morning, C came down the stairs and informed me with rebuke in her tone, “Mom.  The teeth are STILL under my pillow.”

Well, thankfully I didn’t have to go through the charade that I did the last time we forgot to play tooth fairy.  I just laughed and told her to bring them down and I’d exchange them for something green with a president on it.  She seemed satisfied with that.

Next time, I suppose we might as well circumvent the whole tooth-under-the-pillow pretense and just fork the money over.  It would safe us a lot of hassle.

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22 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Bombs Again

  1. I have done this soooo much. It’s just not even funny anymore. Hence, my daughter does not believe in the tooth fairy either.

  2. It’s comforting to know we’re not the only ones who forget. Went through a whole letter-writing spiel the first time, then sneaked in and put the quarters on the floor like they had just ‘slipped’ under her bed. She’s totally onto us!

  3. My oldest not only believes in the tooth fairy very sincerely, last time she hid her tooth and left clues for the tooth fairy to follow, who of course returned the favor.

    Nice part about that was limiting the need to sneak into her room. My husband only needed to get the clue off her dresser – much easier than switching a tooth for a coin! The tooth fairy’s clues started off where she left the tooth.

  4. We still believe in the tooth fairy here. How did C do with the whole tooth-pulling experience? We’ve had to pull all but one of the 6 teeth my girl has lost because she is a tooth wimp. I couldn’t bring myself to pay the dentist though, so Matt sat on her while I pulled. Hee hee! Seriously though, that sounds so mean. But each tooth was so loose that we were afriad it would fall out while she was asleep. They had to come out.

  5. Another post that made me chuckle! I have been there and done that! At least occasionally I’ll remember in the morning before she wakes up and tiptoe in to slip it under her pillow. My six-year-old just had a tooth pulled due to a large cavity (it’s hereditary, they say – I guess so I won’t feel like a loser mom), so I upped the tooth fairy money since she had to endure a bit extra to get rid of that tooth!

  6. Ha! We’ve done that with our youngest more times than I care to count. Just last week she lost another tooth (she’s GOT to be about done now!) and as she was going to bed she said, “Don’t forget to tell the tooth fairy!” Wink wink. So a few minutes later I came in the room saying, “Flutter, flutter, flutter.” We both laughed as I made the transaction.

  7. Dang. Smart kid. Or cynical one. Or both. 😉

    My 8 year old is GULLIBLE. She’ll believe until she’s a mommy and begins to wonder why the tooth fairy hasn’t brought HER KID something….. Then it will be a shocking moment in her life when I have to tell her the truth, thus shattering her heart into a zillion pieces.

    Yeah. Not looking forward to that day.

  8. We’ve never pushed belief in Santa or the Easter Bunny, but we are FIRM believers in the Tooth Fairy!! Mine are teens, but I’ve never caved on this crucial tenet! In fact, I taught them the whole story of the said Fairy — how she lives in a castle up in the Northwest sky, made entirely of teeth, and thus her constant need of young, white teeth for building and renovations. She collects all the loose/lost change of the world, and swaps it for the teeth. She uses molars for foundation stones, and thin front teeth for the roof, etc. We did the under-the-pillow method for many years, until a friend recommended using a small, special dish on the mantle. This does make it much easier for TF to get to the teeth. {We also have a secondary story for TF’s evil cousin, “Snaggletooth,” who is responsible for coming to children in the night and tangling the hair at the back of the neck. She stirs the hair with a spoon, and gets it into a horrible snarl.}

  9. Our Toothfairy submitted her resignation awhile ago because she was performing so poorly on such a consistent basis. However, she did reconsider and take her job back. She has since become more organized and now sets a reminder on her computer the moment a tooth is lost in her favorite client’s home. 🙂

  10. I love Kathleen’s comment above. I was a really good tooth fairy with B, fairy dust and all. FiFi not quite as good. Last time I came through but while sleeping it ended up under the bed. In the morning I had to go help search for it since she thought the tooth fairy didn’t come. Wyn lost a tooth on a field trip and really lost it in the grass. B had to write a note explaining to the tooth fairy what happened. The tooth fairy still paid up.

  11. Mine firmly believes in the TF, she lost a tooth over the summer and was very concerned on how the TF was going to find her. (she lives in LA with bio-dad during school year and lost one there her first time) So I told her we would send her an email…sent to stepdads email lol. She loved it,we put the tooth in a baggy so it wouldnt get lost under the bed. I have never had such a hard time getting a tooth from under a pillow. She had a death grip on that bag all night. Sheesh. And then the next morning I almost got busted because the tooth and the bag were sitting on my bathroom counter.

  12. When we moved the first time, things were so hectic that first week that I totally forgot the middle child lost a tooth and put it under her pillow. The next morning, at her disappointment, I told her how tooth fairies work in regions, and apparently we’d moved into a region run by a slacking tooth fairy, when we’d had a good one back home. The story was enforced when I forgot YET another night. She showed on night three, the slacker.

  13. Beth, that’s the funny thing. She’s never really believed in Santa. We never played into it big time. We always kind of tease the kids about him (like we did the tooth fairy) but we never see it through. They know we’re pulling their leg, and if it comes down to it, I admit it’s just us. I can’t stand to lie to my kids, and that’s what I felt like I was doing when I tried to do the Santa thing.

  14. tooth fairy is the only fairy which i think is associated with everyone’s childhood… its really a old tale that parents usually tell their kids when they have their teeth falling down. i heard this story when i was 4 1/2 … that’s was funny. 🙂

  15. I love the title.
    You are so funny and I do not envy you for having to go through this phase right now.

    I am dreading the tooth fairy scene.
    What do you do with the old teeth?

    Do you really keep them all? Does this mean my mom has a stash of old teeth??? I will have to remember to ask her……I have never asked in all these years.
    I always thought if I told her that I knew, she would stop giving me the money!

  16. You’re part about a punch in the mouth made me think that I have to share my son Evan’s story.

    He is 7 1/2 and was quite anxious to FINALLY lose a tooth already, since all of is friends had. On the last day of school in June, that wiggly tooth must have been swallowed down with the pizza because he had no idea that it had come out until his teacher asked him about the new gap in his smile. So, my husband gave him $5 from the tooth fairy. Sheesh!

    A month and a half later he is working on the next loose one and I tell him that he got so much money the first time because it wasn’t his fault it was lost, not to expect so much, yada yada. Husband does his own thing though (he’s also the kind that plays up Santa to the hilt) and pays him $5 again! He says that he felt bad for Evan again. The reason? It had been knocked out by his 4 yr old sister kicking him in the face! 🙂

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