The Tooth Fairy Bombs Again

Since our last tooth fairy visit, my 6-year-old has declared quite confidently that there is no such thing as a tooth fairy, not that it stopped her from putting her two front teeth under her pillow last night.

These two teeth have been a long time in coming out.  Her adult teeth are already halfway in, so we finally had to go to the dentist and drain her college fund to have those stubborn baby teeth pulled.

Just before I signed the papers, I looked over at my 3-year-old and said, “Hey, R.  Why don’t you give your sister a big punch in the mouth?  It would be a lot cheaper.”  She just giggled.

The office staff wasn’t quite as amused, so of course I found myself explaining the story of the aforementioned knuckle sandwich.

At any rate, we came home with the two front teeth in a little tooth-shaped case, and last night C put them under her pillow, although she informed us that she KNOWS there is no tooth fairy, that it’s just mom and dad.  Alright then.

My husband suggested that we deduct the cost of the extractions from the tooth fairy’s fund, but C wasn’t amused.  So under the pillow went the teeth.

This morning, C came down the stairs and informed me with rebuke in her tone, “Mom.  The teeth are STILL under my pillow.”

Well, thankfully I didn’t have to go through the charade that I did the last time we forgot to play tooth fairy.  I just laughed and told her to bring them down and I’d exchange them for something green with a president on it.  She seemed satisfied with that.

Next time, I suppose we might as well circumvent the whole tooth-under-the-pillow pretense and just fork the money over.  It would safe us a lot of hassle.