Just What The Doctor Ordered

Girlfriend therapy.  It’s as effective as retail therapy, but cheaper and without the guilt. 

Last night I met up with some girlfriends, and we talked and laughed over Thai Lettuce Wraps and wine.  And there might have been some cheesecake involved.

We got caught up on all the latest news in each other’s lives, and then we discussed Solomon.  We shared about our struggles to put the Lord first in our lives, and we agreed that the battle begins in the mind. 

I’ve learned that lesson before, but it’s amazing how soon I forget.  When I fill my mind with the Word and prayer and meditation on spiritual matters, I find that my desires follow suit.  But when I allow my mind to become preoccupied with vain pursuits and selfish indulgences, I become consumed by wanting more stuff, more "me time", and my relationship with the Lord gets put on the back burner.  It was good to hear that my friends struggle in similar ways.  It’s always nice to know that you aren’t alone, you know?

Soon after I got home last night, Baby R cried out in her sleep.  Usually I let Husband tend to her in the night because for some reason he has a lot more success getting her to settle than I do.  I guess she knows I’m a big pushover. 

But last night I wanted to hold her, so I went in.  When I picked her up from her crib, she buried her little soft cheeks in my neck and wrapped her little arms tightly around my neck and clung for dear life.  We sat like that in the recliner in her bedroom and rocked.  Eventually she loosened her hold and relaxed, stretching out on my lap like a contented cat.

Of course when I tried to put her in her crib, she wasn’t having none of that!  So Husband still ended up going in to settle her.  But I got my snuggle time.

This morning, I got out my Bible and read the book of
Ecclesiastes, which Solomon supposedly wrote at the end of his life.  The overarching theme is the futility of chasing after the things
of this world, and how in the end, "all was vanity and a striving after
wind".  What a great reminder. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve never read Ecclesiastes before.  Have you?  It’s definitely worth the read.