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Raising a family in the suburbs of Philadelphia, we are always looking for fun places to visit within a few hours from home. We’ve taken overnight excursions into Philly and out to Lancaster, we’ve spent many weeks at the Jersey Shore, but the one family-friendly destination we’ve yet to explore is the Poconos. This one is, in fact, on our bucket list so I was thrilled to accept an invitation last weekend to experience Lake Naomi Club and in particular its Mountaintop Lodge.

Mountaintop Lodge at Lake Naomi

The Mountaintop Lodge and its adjoining Coffee and Pastry Shop make for a quaint and friendly home away from home that offers plenty of cozy spots to sit and read with a warm cup of coffee, chat with your girlfriends, or challenge your kids to a rousing game of checkers.

The charming rustic decor makes you feel like you’ve indeed stepped away from the daily grind for a few days, and the hospitality is unmatched. For example, the lovely Carolyn went out of her way to make sure I had several gluten-free options. She even made GF corn muffins and coffee cake just for me.

And this little plate of goodies was waiting for me when I got to my room.

Not only was it thoughtful, it was delicious. They sell boxes of the chocolate almond bark and the peanut brittle in their coffee shop, and I made sure to buy a few to take home! If you aren’t gluten free, you will surely be tempted by their selection of homemade pastries.

Accommodations at Mountaintop Lodge include 14 guest rooms in the lodge and 4 cabin suites out back.

The guest rooms in the lodge come in a variety of configurations so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. I stayed out back in one of the cabin suites that included a jacuzzi tub for two and a small sitting area. It’s cozy but very comfortable and even has a gas fireplace that I enjoyed all weekend. The decor borders on kitschy but in a good way. It definitely works.

Cabin Suite at Mountaintop Lodge Lake Naomi

It might look rustic, but it doesn’t feel that way. I particularly loved the towels. I have stayed in many a fine hotel, but I don’t think I’ve ever had towels that were so large and so thick.

All guests of Mountaintop Lodge are given temporary memberships to the Lake Naomi Club community center and resort facilities that includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools; fitness center; tennis, basketball and volleyball courts; golfing, fishing and sailing; 3 lakes and beaches; and their Clubhouse with casual and fine dining.

If that’s not enough for you, there is plenty to see and do outside of Lake Naomi. There are several ski resorts nearby, a huge outlet mall if that is more your speed, and even a few local wineries that are definitely worth a visit.

The community center is gorgeous. One morning we toured the facility and even took a Zumba class! (THAT was an experience for the history books! There is, fortunately, no photographic evidence.)

We ate dinner twice a the main restaurant in the Clubhouse. I thought the quality was good, but a bit inconsistent. The menu offered a nice variety, and the staff was friendly and accommodating. There were many gluten free options to choose from, and gluten free menu items were marked, which is always nice. And the view of the lake is sublime.

There are two residential communities that are part of Lake Naomi Club — Lake Naomi and Timber Trails. Homes are owned privately and many are available for rent. You can rent through one of several local real estate agencies or directly with the owners. This is a great option for families wanting to spend a week or more at Lake Naomi and include membership at the Club.

We visited two local wineries one sunny but chilly afternoon. Mountain View Winery is quite new, and I love how the couple just up and decided to start a winery one day on their private property with no prior knowledge about the process. They plan a lot of fun activities, and I love how they paired each wine with a cheese or chocolate during the tasting.

Poconos Family Vacation | Wine Tasting at Mountain View Winery

Franklin Hill Vineyards is a bit more established, and the owner had a lot to say about how she runs her business and employs only women. I found her totally fascinating.

In addition to indoor tasting rooms, both wineries have scenic outdoor seating if you prefer to sit and enjoy your wine outside in nicer weather.

As you can see, Lake Naomi Club and the surrounding area has a lot to offer families looking for a fun getaway at any time of year. I highly recommend it and would definitely stay at the Mountaintop Lodge again for a short visit. For a longer vacation, I think the rental homes in Lake Naomi and Timber Trails sound ideal.

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  1. OMG… that looked perfect! I would love to do a Girls Weekend there!! Possibly a blogging girls trip!? 🙂

  2. We often visit parts of PA and upstate NY for our close by family getaways and this looks like a nice option. Thanks for sharing about a place I hadn’t heard of until now.

    By the way your photo inside the winery was really pretty. 🙂

  3. This is not far from me. About 45 minutes. I’m definitely going to be looking into this as a possibility for a weekend away for my husband and me, maybe for our anniversary this year. With a five and three year old in just under seven years of marriage, we haven’t been away by ourselves since our honeymoon. Maybe it’s time… Would you say it’s suitable for that? Or is it more in line with a girls weekend?

  4. It was fun joining you on this weekend. Definitely, a great way to experience my first Girl’s weekend away from the kids. Next time, I’m coming over to your hot tub. (lol)

  5. Our family owns a home in Lake Naomi. The Moutaintop Lodge is a great place to go for breakfast, or a coffee, and sit out on the porch. I have never visited the wineries though. I’ll have to try those. Also, there’s the Tannersville Outlets nearby (fabulous!) and the Clubhouse has a great indoor pool, hot tub and sauna as well as a few outdoor pools–perfect for a girls weekend.

  6. I hope you liked the corn muffins and banana nut bread…I’m a coworker at lake naomi and I baked those little treats for you! :] I’m gluten free so when Carolyn found out you were coming she wanted you to be as comfortable and safe at Mountaintop Lodge as possible-she’s an awesome person.

    Check out my blog…I’ll probably be putting the recipe up for those :]

    1. Hi Aimee, yes, I appreciated that SO VERY MUCH!!! I enjoyed both immensely and I’d love to see the recipes. I will definitely link over to them when you post them!! Thank you!

  7. We have a vacation house in Lake Naomi and absolutely love it there!! The Mountain Top Lodge is our first stop on the way to the house, our ritual is to get lattes and the muffins. The muffins are really good.

    We’ve been to the wineries and were surprised how good the wine was! We’d recommend going back to Lake Naomi in the summer, there is TONS of stuff to do in Lake Naomi in the summer.

    Thanks for the article. 🙂

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