Last Chance: #NSale Styles Still In Stock

Greetings, friends! Can you believe the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends tomorrow? I’m not mad about it. I feel like it’s been going on FOR-EV-ER, but before it ends, I’ve got one more roundup of #NSale styles that are still in stock in case you want to take advantage of the sale prices before they go back up on Monday.

Before we get going, I want to update you on my hunt for slide loafers yesterday. I went right to the store because I wanted to try them on in person, and I’m glad I did because I learned a few things about this style of shoe and discovered a pair I probably would have overlooked on the website.

The sales associate helping me said that he gets tons of requests for this style of shoe, but he kind of hates them because they’re really hard to fit, and he was right. He brought me the Halogen pair and the BP. pair that I included in yesterday’s post, and sure enough, I couldn’t keep them on my feet. I just walked right out of them.

So then he told me that the only pair he carries that really work for narrow feet are the AGLs. I’ve never heard of AGL but of course I asked to see them. He brought them out and I slipped them on, OH MY WORD. It was like putting my feet into slippers. Not only are they gorgeous and comfortable, but I can definitely walk in these. In fact, they felt so good, I didn’t want to take them off.

As I remarked on the incredible comfort and the gorgeous leather, he casually mentioned, Oh, yes, these are hand stitched in Italy.

By that point I was wising up. The quality was evident, and if they are hand-stitched in Italy, there is no way these babies are under $100.

I asked suspiciously, So… how much do these run?

Turns out they’re close to $350.

Womp… womp…

This is pretty much the story of my life. Leave me in a shoe store for 20 minutes and I will fall in love with the most expensive pair on the rack. (Actually, these aren’t even the most expensive pair… Gucci has a pair of loafer mules that cost twice as much so I guess that’s perspective.)

So here’s the thing about these shoes. I’m really warming up to the style, and I value a good pair of shoes, but I will only spend that much on a pair of shoes I absolutely adore and know I’m going to wear A LOT and for a long time.

I’m not quite there yet with this style, but if anything, this pair is making me like the trend even more. Typically I wear a lot of ballet flats in the fall, but that can be a very sweet look. There is something about these slide loafers that strikes me as modern and city chic, and I like that. I can see them with my favorite ankle jeans and a chunky sweater or cardigan… maybe with a blazer or top coat… someone stop me now. Haha!

Before I make up my mind, I’d like to try a few more styles and see if there’s anything else out there that works for narrow feet that’s a little more budget-friendly. And I really had a more minimalistic style in mind, as opposed to the penny loafer style. I actually just ordered this pair to try after seeing them on another blog. The reviews look good, so we’ll see!

Alright, well that was quite a prologue. Let’s get to the meat of the post.

#NSale Styles Still In Stock

I tried to pick things that were stocked in the majority of sizes, but styles are moving fast so if they’re gone by the time you get to reading this post, don’t shoot the messenger. And I promise, this is the last you will have to hear about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale until July of 2018!

Hover prices are the sale prices. Click through to shop!


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