Late Winter Date Night Outfit

Good morning, friends! Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day yesterday? It was fun seeing everyone’s pictures on Facebook and Instagram. I spent the evening in an elementary school gymnasium watching my daughter play basketball, and of course I never got around to making a cake. I did pick up some chocolates for the kids, and they were happy with that.

Today’s outfit is pretty basic, but then basic is my jam. LOL! I’m calling this a late winter date night outfit, although it would work for lots of things. The key to making a simple outfit like this look chic and put together is proper fit and fun accessories.

This sweater is probably an inch shorter than ideal with this outfit, but I think it works. Plus, I tend to tug it down as I wear it, although it rode up a bit during our photo shoot. It’s very stretchy.

It was chilly, so I initially was planning to wear a black turtleneck with my jeans and chestnut OTK boots. When I got the outfit on, though, I felt like the turtleneck made me look top heavy, and I realized it wasn’t as cold outside as I’d thought, so I decided I could get away with a thinner top.

This ribbed scoop neck sweater from Banana Republic is a great wardrobe basic because it stands alone with the pretty detail in the knit, but it also makes a nice layering piece. In fact, looking at pictures of this outfit, I’m thinking I probably should have thrown my black moto jacket on with it. I styled it that way with a flannel skirt a few weeks ago, you may remember.

That would certainly work, but it wouldn’t have been warm enough for this past weekend. I needed to wear a winter coat, and since it was Valentine’s Day weekend, I decided to wear my red wool peacoat.

Mine is a few years old, but this one is similar.

You really can’t go wrong with a black top, blue jeans, and chestnut boots, but I pulled it all together with some accessories that combined black and brown. I will use any excuse to carry my leopard clutch. It’s a great accessory that pops almost any outfit.

This choker and my bracelet set are old, but they both bring in the brown tones that pull from the boots and the bag. That’s not necessary to make the outfit work, but I thought it was fun. Another option would be to bring in some color in my jewelry, like the red from my coat, or pink would be fun too for this time of year.

These OTK boots are from last year, but I love this style. They are just casual enough that I don’t feel fussy, and they are super comfortable. I considered wearing my black OTK boots instead, but I like the way these make the look more casual and bring out the brown from the leopard clutch.

Everything is super picked over right now, so I can’t find much to even link to, but for future reference, mine are the Dolce Vita brand, and Vince Camuto made a similar pair this year. Both brands have the same great quality at a mid-range price point. I love how Zappo’s has the video feature so you can really get an idea how shoes and boots look on. I use it all the time.

Simple outfits like this are what I’m all about. It’s fun to experiment and try new things, but at the end of the day, I will always love a black sweater with blue jeans and a pair of great boots. Add a few accessories and a sassy coat, and I’m good to go!

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BR scoop neck sweater // AG skinny jeans // similar OTK boots // leopard clutch // Stella & Dot lace chandeliers // similar choker

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17 Responses

  1. You may say it’s simple, Jo-Lynne, but there’s so much personality to this.
    First the OTK boots show how modern you are.
    And second that leopard clutch gives me a glimpse that you have spunk & fun!!
    What a great, realistic outfit!!
    ps…I can’t leave out that red coat—-I’m a sucker for a bright colored coat–it’s fabulous!!

  2. Love this outfit! What size are you wearing in the sweater? I am similar in size to you. Sometimes I can get away with a small but sometimes I need a medium as my chest is large. Thanks!

    1. It’s a small. I usually wear small in BR but after it was washed, even though I laid it out to dry, I think I might be more comfortable in a medium – especially with jeans and pants. It is a good length for skirts, though. It’s stretchy and form fitting, so keep that in mind. Hope that helps!

  3. Jo-Lynne, if you pull on the bottom of your sweater when it is wet, you should get more length. You will have to hang to dry, though.
    I love the red pea coat!

  4. You wrote: “I love how Zappo’s has the video feature so you can really get an idea how shoes and boots look on. I use it all the time.” What is this feature? Couldn’t find it (easily) on the Zappos website, and hadn’t heard of it before. thanks for your help with this.

    1. Hey Phyllis. So on most (not all) of their products, if you look to the left of the main picture, there is the long list of alternate pictures of the product. At the bottom is one that says VIDEO and it has the little triangle over it that indicates you can play a video. If you see that, click on it, and it will play a video that shows the shoe up close and then someone modeling them. It’s really helpful. 🙂

      1. Wow! Thanks so much! This could be dangerous, though. The booties I chose as an example look wonderful! 🙂 Thanks for your quick response, for your blog, and your fashion photos. Always enjoy reading your advice and comments.

  5. Jo-Lynne – Beautiful, casual outfit! Can you tell me how long the sweater is from shoulder to hem? THANKS so much!

  6. Cute outfit! I don’t comment often, but I always enjoy your daily email and seeing all the cute outfits you put together. Tell your hubby he takes great pictures!! Love the ones where the background is kinda hazy, but you are always in sharp focus. Keep up the good work!

  7. Wow, you look hot, hot, hot in this outfit! And what a simple formula for creating a spectacular look – gives me great inspiration to shop my closet and create this look for myself! Thanks!

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