Spring Trend Alert: Perforated Booties, Shoes, Bags & More

I mentioned the other day how I’m seeing the perforated trend everywhere right now. It’s been around for a while in clothing and handbags, but suddenly it seems to be all the rage with shoes, particularly perforated booties.

It’s really quite clever because this is going to take booties right into spring and summer. The laser cut detail provides some ventilation and makes them more appropriate for warmer weather, plus the texture adds a fun detail to any outfit.

Here are a few that caught my eye. I tried to gather a range of price points.

One of the hottest trends this spring is perforated booties, shoes, and handbags! I rounded up some of my favorites in this post.

#1. Cheslea28 Perforated Shoulder Bag // I’m seeing a lot of perforated totes, but this is one of the only shoulder bags I’ve seen. It comes in several really pretty spring colors including white, tan, and black, as well as the periwinkle shown above. I also love this bucket bag by Stella & Dot.

#2. Payless Perforated Lace-Up Flats // The perforated details give new life to this trend that seem to be petering out. I really love the feminine detail it lends the shoe. I’m also in love with the perforated ballet flats from Sam Edelman. FYI, Payless has a similar version for considerably less.

#3. Steve Madden Open Toe Booties // These are similar to the Vince Camuto ones I picked up last weekend. I’m LOVING the open toe booties with the cut out side detail for spring.

#4. 1.STATE Perforated Bootie // These genuine leather perforated booties come in blush, brown, and black, and I love the pointy toe for elongating the leg. They have a memory foam footbed on a 3″ stacked heel, so they should be more comfortable than most.

#5. Caslon Perforated Slip-On Sneaker // Slip-on sneakers are everywhere this spring, and the perforated leather gives them breathability while also keeping them on trend. These shoes get great reviews. I also really like these and these. Oh, and I just found out that these at LOFT are 40% off!

#6. Vince Camuto Perforated Leather Tote // This is bag leather, and it also comes in a pretty sand color that has a totally different laser cut pattern. it looks super roomy inside, and it has that covered magnetic closure that I love. It is unlined, but there are interior pockets. Zappo’s has this bag in black and bronze.

#7. Perforated Belt // This isn’t really a new look, but I think it’s was a fun way to participate in the trend if you’re not sure you can get on board with the perforated shoes and handbags.

#8. Urban Originals Perforated Tote // This is another roomy tote, but it’s faux leather so less than $100. I love the ring detail. It comes in this taupe as well as a black version. Also, Target has a cute one for less than $20.

Perforated totes are everywhere right now. I was eyeing up this one by Louise et Cie at Nordstrom last weekend. I adore that laser cut design and the tassel detail, and the rose blush color is perfect for spring. I’m also totally crushing on this orange Tory Burch Perforated Hobo. So many bags, so little time… ha!

I’m linking up all of the above plus a few more for your shopping inspiration with the widget below. Hover for the price, and click through if you want to shop.


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15 Responses

  1. Well dang, I donated a gold tote that had a perforated side because I wasn’t crazy about it. Guess I’ll have to buy a replacement that I really like.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. So glad I’m buying the “In” things. I got perforated boot and slip on comfort loafer. Fun and comfy. Thx for sharing good things. BGreen

  3. I bought a perforated tote last year at Fred Meyer of all places. Used it for summer travel. I got more, “where did you get that” & “what a cute tote!” than I ever have. It was cheap. Maybe $40. Made it through the summer & then fell apart, but well worth it! I want to get a better made one this year. You have given some very nice options.

  4. I have a pair of slip on gray suede sneakers I bought last winter that I have worn so much! I am a huge fan of the slip-on sneaker trend and I’m on the hunt for a cute perforated pair. And now you have me wanting a perforated handbag as well! I really need a handbag to have some pockets inside though so it’s going to be a challenge to find one that will work.

  5. I really like the perforated look. Thanks for the tips and different choices. I’m gonna check out those Payless flats. Super cute

  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog – it has meant the world to me! My closet was sooooo outdated! I spent 7 1/2 yrs in “comfy hospital clothes” and then just whatever I had in my closet when I was out the door – trying to hang on to a job to keep a roof over our heads, gas in the car to drive to work & hospital, and buy $800 worth of medicine each month with just my income! (my definition of “rich” or “well off” changed dramatically…..I use to think it was people with lots of money – my idea changed to “if you had coffee in the cabinet & an extra roll of tissue paper” – you were rich! LOL! it’s the simple things in life!!!) A wardrobe was the least of my worries during this time that my husband had 27 surgeries, 82 hospital stays (14 critical care), then hospice care at home until his death. We were truly living what I had heard my grandmother say, when I was very young, “one day at a time” – I never knew what that meant until we faced all of this! Only by the GRACE of God, I’m beginning to pick myself up & dust myself off! Your posts have been a blessing to me-I’m trying to get my closet in the current decade and I truly appreciate you keeping me “in the know” with all of your tidbits! I hope you & your family have a blessed day!

  7. So sorry Susan for your struggles over the years. I’m sure a wardrobe was the least of your worries, but, all woman love to feel good and with Spring coming, maybe choose a few pieces to buy yourself and lift your spirits some. 🙂 I pray you will have better days ahead and have fun updating your closet. As for the perforated look, I like it. Last year I found some really cute slip on sneakers at Target and they still look good and so comfy. Love the totes.

  8. I see those slip on sneakers quite a bit – just not sure how I feel about the big white sole. Are they usually true to size? I worry about them not looking right on me but I might try the pair from Loft as they fit my budget better and I have a $25 coupon to use. Any thoughts?

    1. Hey Carrie, I don’t have a pair, but my daughter does, and she loves them. They are black quilted with the white sole, and I never think they look weird. I think it’s one of those things we notice more on ourselves than on others, ya know? 🙂 The LOFT ones are super cute and a great price.

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